When Randy Moss hauled in a long TD pass from Tom Brady while Darrelle Revis simultaneously grabbed his hamstring near the end of the first half, things were looking good for the Patriots at the new Meadowlands. Unfortunately it was to be the last highlight of the day for the Patriots, who were dominated by the Jets the rest of the way en route to a 28-14 loss that dropped New England to 1-1 on the season.

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Tom Brady, Bill Belichick big part of New England Patriots’ problem in loss – ESPN Boston – Mike Reiss has the Patriots leaders without any anwers for this one.

Bad habits return – The Sun Chronicle Online – Sports – Mark Farinella has things looking a lot like 2009.

Jim Donaldson: Bad as it seemed, let’s keep it in perspective -The Providence Journal – You know things are bad if Jim Donaldson is your voice of reason.

patriots – Ten Things We Learned Sunday: We’ve been here before – WEEI.com – Christopher Price has the Jets and Mark Sanchez making a statement with this one.

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Darius Butler, New England Patriots DBs didn’t have things covered against New York Jets – ESPN Boston – Mike Rodak looks at a rough afternoon for the second year cornerback.

Faulk injured in fourth quarter – The Boston Globe – Monique Walker’s notebook has Kevin Faulk’s status a bit of a concern after he was unable to return to the game yesterday.

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Jon Lester, with 18 wins, a steadying force for Boston Red Sox – ESPN Boston – Joe McDonald says that Lester still has a goal of getting to 20 wins this season.

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Bruins area of concern brought up – puck movement by D-men – The Boston Globe – Fluto Shinzawa says that this is one area where Dennis Wideman will actually be missed.

Bruins’ Lucic looks to bounce back – Mike Loftus has the bruising forward looking for stay healthy this season.


10 thoughts on “Jet Dominate Patriots In Second Half, Earn Right To Yap

  1. Fight on my men, Sir Andrew says,
    A little I'm hurt, but yet not slain;
    I'll but lie down and bleed awhile,
    And then I'll rise and fight again.

    –Ballad of Sir Andrew Barton


  2. I'm with you Lance.

    I hate to say it but Little Ricky Pitino was right when he said the negativity in this town s……

    I can't believe some of the things I've been reading on message boards today (I'm in my usual media blackout mode following a Pats' loss–except for Reiss). Of course, these are some of the same people who a week ago were back on the Belichick bandwagon and were predicting another 16-0 season after the Bengals game.

    It's the NFL and things change from week to week.

    Young team. Good speed and athleticism on defense. They WILL get better as the season progresses.

    The playcalling on offense was frustrating yesterday. After that delightful mixed bag they threw at Cincinnati last week, watching them revert back to 2009 playcalling mode in the second half yesterday was a bit disheartening.


    1. Did you just move here? You're "shocked" at the stuff you're reading? It was vs. the Jets, the self crowned Super Bowl champs. Of course you're gonna read asinine stuff today.


    2. same old stuff……media (and SOME fans) overreact to the last thing they saw……Pats beat Bengals…..Ravens beat Jets…..so alot of people started thinking it's a lock the Pats will beat the Jets……now opinion will go in the other direction because the Pats lost….it's quite comical, really………..(annoying, but comical at the same time)


      1. Absolutely.

        The thing that probably annoys me the most (and the media doesn't even do this) are these fans who think they know what "scheme" the Pats should be running on defense, and who think Belichick's scheme is "outdated for the modern NFL."

        Well, I've been watching the NFL for a long time, and the one thing I know for a fact is that schemes are only as good as the players running them. Remember it was just a few short years ago when EVERY team was adopting the 3-4 because the Pats had so much success with it.

        It's about the players, not the scheme. Defensively, the players are young and raw and they are going to have bad days; but it's clear that this is the fastest defense the Pats have had perhaps since Belichick has been the coach. There is potential there.


  3. The new "real post-game show" on WEEI was a total disaster. I know Fred and Steve (and Pete as well) had their detractors but they were, at least for me, fun to listen to and served as a form of therapy after a bad loss. After several seconds of Bob Neumeyer doing his shtick and him asking Joe Andruzzi a question, which was followed by Andruzzi going "ummmmm……….aaahhhhhhhhhh…………..ummmmmmmmmmmmmm," I tuned over to the 98.5 Pats post-game. Even Gresh and Zo are infinitely better than Neumy, Andruzzi and Troy Brown (in the "he'll join us later" role).

    What a bust. EEI might as well shut it down, it was totally unlistenable.


    1. All I had to hear was that Neumy was hosting and I didn't bother turning it on. I never really heard too much of Neumy when he was on with Dale. This past summer he came across as a condescending know-it-all every time I heard him. Has he always been like that?


  4. I'd call it patience more than optimism.

    There clearly is a lot of young talent on the defense—lots of speed, for one thing, which is actually something that the championship defenses didn't even have.

    But young players will make mistakes–it's on the job training.

    I am, however, frustrated with the offensive playcalling. Where was the balanced attack they used against Cincinnati? Belichick may have to hire a true O.C. for next season (and NOT Bill O'Brien).


  5. I agree with the sentiment I've heard that Brady himself ought to do a better job running this offense from a play calling standpoint. At this point in his career he's been around long enough, and frankly he seems bright enough, to if not be calling his own plays, then figuring out with Belichick and O'Brien what they SHOULD be running. That seems to be the least that he should be doing right now.

    These 2nd half meltdowns are just bizarre — it be one thing if they had problems off the bat, but the fact that they continuously gets leads and play better as a 1st half team is so weird.


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