Whenever the Red Sox have a down year (and by “down year” we might mean 90 wins) there will always be over-analysis and blame handed out for the fate of the team. The media assigns themselves this job, and it is on display today.

I’ll sum it up for you so that you don’t need to read the pieces. Gerry Callahan blames the highly paid Texas duo of Josh Beckett and John Lackey for the Red Sox failure. John Tomase points to an early season sweep in Baltimore as a sign of a bad year to come. Dan Shaughnessy says that the team never had a chance because they weren’t built for winning, they were built as a bridge year team. Bill Burt calls the Red Sox fans quitters. Jim Donaldson wants to declare them dead, but is a little gun shy since 2004.

You get the drift.

On the plus side, there is now time to look at the future. There are some good articles this morning as well:

Alternative energy – Amalie Benjamin has a feature on Ryan Kalish, who many feel will be a fixture in the Red Sox outfield for years to come.

Rehabbing Westmoreland set for major personal milestone on Tuesday in Lowell – Daniel Barbarisi has Ryan Westmoreland continuing to make amazing progress.

Brian MacPherson checks in with three Red Sox prospects:

Power-hitting Anthony Rizzo climbing the ladder among Red Sox’ prospects

Jason Rice among those looking to make impact in Arizona Fall League

(Luis) Exposito still searching for his place in pecking order of Red Sox’ catching prospects

Five reasons to watch the Red Sox in September – Sean McAdam says there are still reasons to watch the Red Sox.

Owner touts Terry Francona, Theo Epstein – Scott Lauber has John Henry standing behind his manager and GM.

Patriots hurting for healthy bodies – Mike Reiss has the Patriots already dealing with injuries.

Reel world sets in after unsightly loss – Shalise Manza Young’s notebook has the Patriots getting served more humble pie while reviewing the film from the Rams game.

One thought on “Plenty Of Blame, Moments To Point To For Sox

  1. While Lackey (to a certain degree) and Beckett have been disappointing, I have to admit that this Sox team was better than I thought it would be back in March. It's easy to forget now, but that LOST WEEKEND in San Francisco in late June, when they lost Pedroia, Martinez and Buchholz (and then lost Varitek two days later), saw them leave the Bay Area just a half-game out of first place, I believe, and in the Wild Card standings lead. After that, the injuries just became too much to overcome. I actually enjoyed watching guys like Bill Hall and Darnell McDonald help them win games for a good chunk of the season. My biggest concern going forward is the apparent lack of power in the minor leagues–particularly righthanded power (I think lefties are going to eat them alive next season unless they go out and acquire an established RH power bat this winter). I'll still watch them over the last month, because in some ways it's easier for me to watch them when nothing is at stake–it's more enjoyable and less nerve-wracking.


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