Even though WEEI maintains a ratings lead in the local sports radio wars, they’re not comfortable. They’re feeling the need to manipulate, exaggerate, whatever it takes to appear even more imposing.

As Chad Finn points out this morning:

While certain WEEI hosts refuse to acknowledge that the station no longer has a sports-talk monopoly, there are occasionally subtle clues that the old familiar hubris is now accompanied by humility. There’s now an emphasis on including Boston listeners to 103.7, WEEI’s FM outlet in Providence, in the local ratings…

Evidence of this can be seen in what happened to Jessica Heslam’s report on the ratings in yesterday’s Herald. When I originally linked the article, this is what it said about the ratings:

During the spring ratings period, WEEI was No.1 among men in the coveted 25- to 54-year-old demographic with a weeklong overall 8.3 share. The Sports Hub, WBZ-FM, wasn’t far behind, scoring a 5.0 share and fifth place. The spring ratings run from April 1 to June 23.

“I’m really proud of our guys,” said program director Jason Wolfe. “The spring was chock full of great content, highlighted by the playoff runs of the Celtics [team stats] and Bruins [team stats]. They belted out great shows, and the listeners responded.”

In morning-drive, WEEI duo John Dennis and Gerry Callahan were first with an 8.9 share while the Sports Hub’s Fred “Toucher” Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb were fifth with a 6.2.

WEEI midday pair Dale Arnold and Michael Holley came in second with a 6.5 share while the Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak were sixth with a 4.4.

The race was close in afternoon-drive. Glenn Ordway’s “Big Show” on WEEI was second with a 7.9 share while rival Sports Hub duo Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti were third with a 6.4.

From 7 p.m. to midnight, Mike Adams and WEEI were first with a 13.3 share, while the Sports Hub’s Damon Amendolara was 14th with a 2.6.

Then sometime yesterday, without any note of the changes, the above text changed to the following:

During the spring ratings period, WEEI was No.2 among men in the coveted 25- to 54-year-old demographic with a weeklong overall 6.8 share. The Sports Hub, WBZ-FM, wasn’t far behind, scoring a 5.0 share and fifth place. The spring ratings run from April 1 to June 23.

“I’m really proud of our guys,” said program director Jason Wolfe. “The spring was chock full of great content, highlighted by the playoff runs of the Celtics [team stats] and Bruins [team stats]. They belted out great shows, and the listeners responded.”

In morning-drive, WEEI duo John Dennis and Gerry Callahan were tied for second with WZLX-FM (100.7) and WBUR-FM (90.9) with a 7.1 share while the Sports Hub’s Fred “Toucher” Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb were sixth with a 6.2.

WEEI midday pair Dale Arnold and Michael Holley came in third with a 5.1 share while the Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak were sixth with a 4.4.

The race was close in afternoon-drive. Glenn Ordway’s “Big Show” on WEEI was second with a 6.7 share while rival Sports Hub duo Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti were third with a 6.4.

From 7 p.m. to midnight, Mike Adams and WEEI were first with a 11.3 share, while the Sports Hub’s Damon Amendolara was 4th with a 5.6.

WEEI clearly fed Heslam the first set of numbers, which are a combination of the Boston and Providence numbers. I’m not sure of the reason for the descrepancy in the WBZ-FM numbers for Damon Amendolara, but the article was apparently changed after WBZ-FM spoke up about it. I heard Toucher & Rich say something about D&C lying about the ratings numbers, and apparently it was brought up later in the day as well.

One huge thing to note about the (apparently) gaudy numbers of Mike Adams – they reflect Red Sox and Celtics games aired in his time slot. The ratings slot is 7:00-12:00 PM- regardless of what programming airs in that slot. I felt much better after confirming that, as I was afraid for the future of mankind if people were actually tuning in to hear Planey Mikey in those numbers.

Also interesting in that Finn article is that Tony Massarotti’s Baseball Reporters show from 6:00 to 7:00pm is beating the official WEEI Red Sox pregame show, prompting WEEI to change up their pregame show, as outlined in Finn’s article. (and how much of a sleaze does Jason Wolfe come off as in the Finn piece?)

Clearly, WEEI is feeling the heat from their first legitimate ratings challenge, and is pulling out all the stops, (and more) in order to try and come out ahead. They’re desperate.


John Lackey carried a no-hitter in the eighth inning before former Sox catcher Josh Bard broke it up. Leading 6-1, the Red Sox actually allowed the Mariners to tie things up in the ninth before scoring two runs in the 13th to pull out an 8-6 win.

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Increased Leadership Across Entire Patriots Roster Essential for 2010 Success – Jeff Howe examines the way the Patriots have address the leadership issue.

Robinson ready to bring energy next season – A. Sherrod Blakely has the guard looking forward to an entire season with the Celtics. The Celtics also re-signed Marquis Daniels last night.

Avery Bradley can’t wait to play – Dan Duggan has the Celtics first round pick eager to get back on the court.

And finally:

What To Do When The News Is Slow? Just Make It Up – I’m going to be doing a new weekly media post over at SBNation’s Boston site. The first one looks at a few topics this week on sports radio.


74 thoughts on “WEEI’s Desperate Attempts To Spin The Ratings

  1. Great take on the ratings battle Bruce. Anyway to dig up Callahan's snarky remark from before the new stations debut? I'm paraphrasing but I believe it was something along the lines of "Never heard of them."

    I generally do enjoy the Mazz 6-7 baseball effort on the train ride home – it's mostly straight baseball and no schtick.

    Hate to drop a Seinfeld reference, but whenever Jason Wolfe opens his mouth I'm reminded of George Costanza. "Remember Jerry, It's not a lie, if you believe it."

  2. Seinfeld referance? You should be posting in the forum. If the forum was a power plant, seinfeld referances would be their natural gas, or coal if thats how you roll…

      1. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
        I think hockey posts would be the forum's solar power equivalent.

  3. it's great that 98.5 is gaining steam after less than a year on the air. T & R are much better than D & C and Felger and Mazz are a huge upgrade over the blowhards at EEI. In the afternoon though, i wouldn't listen to Gresh ( the worst ever ) & Zo ( booooring ) if my life depended on it. They carry some of the T & R crowd in their ratings because no one would listen to them on purpose. Dale & Holley aren't much better, but, Gresh needs to be banned form the airwaves, he simply blows.

  4. Hey Bruce why you allways Rip Mikey Adams? let me guess your not going to answer my comment and be like a girl and whimp out?

    "cryin" CraigFrom Rockland of the Planet Mikey show & Ben Maller show Top Caller!

    1. Craig, I think you’re just mad I wouldn’t be your Facebook friend, even though you said you were “a big fan of the site.”

      It goes both ways with Adams. He rips me plenty too. I just don’t like his show, it’s not funny, and he doesn’t know all that much about sports beyond the 1970’s Red Sox.

    2. Bruce nailed it. Plus, how sad of a person do you have to be if you qualify yourself as "top caller" on 2 garbage radio shows? You know they make fun of people like you, right Craig?

    3. If you are actually THE Craig from Rockland, why would you be a fan of Planet Mikey? Are you that desperate for attention? Adams thinks you’re an idiot, he cuts you off when you call him and then proceeds to mock you mercilessly (not unlike what the BSMW forum folks have done to a certain Boston Sports blogger for the last week).

  5. Planet Morrie just out and out blows. You've got real problems with your life if you choose to listen to old Bill Lee stories and sports commentary from Lenny Megliola. I'll never step foot in a Halfway Cafe again simply because I now associate the place with him.

      1. The fact that you willingly admit you're from Rockland tells me all I need to know about you. Dude.

      2. Craig,
        You call the sports hub like 3 times a day, and no matter how many times you call you still can't get the words out of your mouth. Looks like the same applies on the web.

  6. 1st i requested so i can get this answer! And hhe dont know Sports? Dude your and idiot he knows sports and yet your failed to see that!!! your just a Mad Bloger who just hate good edgey shows and enjoys Morning Zoo shows just DA who has good talent but Perks and the Kid Callers is killing his show! p.s. Whats your thoughts on Maller i love to hear tham

          1. Is it possible Craig was trying to send out a fast text and that’s why it looks the way it does? Or as I suggested earlier, this might not be the same guy?

    1. Seriously dude, until you pick up some grammar skills any point you make is lost. I don't understand what point you're making. Try again but in English.

      1. I heard someone call in yesterday who said he was Craig from Rockland, the guy was a moron. I wonder if this is the same guy.

  7. I find it hard to believe that D&C would knowingly lie about their ratings on the air. They know that a lot of other people receive the ratings book. They may be arrogant, but they're not that stupid. I think they were given incorrect information by someone. I think I'd have a tendency to believe it. Toucher and Rich simply isn't a sports show, but I guess they do talk about hockey sometimes where D&C and 'EEI generally don't., and hockey season ended several weeks ago.

  8. Oh, great — more WEEI callers on the air. Just what we need.

    Here's an example of what to expect on the "new" "more-user-friendly" pregame show: the other night (at the Football at Fenway game) they had Adams' show on the piped-in radios at the park. A caller was arguing that if the Sox had just gone and gotten "a real outfielder" like Kosuke Fukudome, they wouldn't be having these problems.

    Listen, pinhead — Fukudome is getting $14M to hit .250 with 8 home runs. Yeah, that's a GREAT way to run a team — pay thirty-five times as much for basically the same production you've gotten out of McDonald/Nava. Thanks for the input — I'm so much more knowledgable now.

    EEI's business model is to pander to its core audience, i.e. people who are too stupid to realize how f–ing stupid they are (and the people who enjoy listening to them be stupid). Pardon me for wanting some actual knowledge and good discussion in my radio.

    1. "EEI's business model is to pander to its core audience, i.e. people who are too stupid to realize how f–ing stupid they are (and the people who enjoy listening to them be stupid). Pardon me for wanting some actual knowledge and good discussion in my radio"

      lol……Pimp, you nailed it right there

    1. That's a smart marketing idea for your blog. Insult all those who follow another blog. I'm sure that people here can't wait to see what you have to say. BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. 7/23/10 Boston-
    The greatest radio station in history,WEEI, has announced today that because many people want to simply hear themselves bloviate in an echo chamber, all game announcers for the Red Sox and Celtics have been let go and will be replaced each night by different WEEI callers with wacky nicknames. "This is all about our amazing listeners," said WEEI Program Director Genius Jason Wolfe. "Why pay for high-priced talent to have informed play-by-play, commentary,discussion and interviews when we can have WEEI listeners off the street who talk about sports at the water cooler every day do it? Hey, their opinion is just as valuable as anyone else's, right? There's never, ever too much of hearing ill-informed idiots, that's our poilcy!"

  10. Jessica Heslam's credibility has to take a bit of a hit after this. It looks as though she only used one source for the ratings and that was WEEI. She did not even check with WBZ. As Bruce stated as soon as WBZ started speaking up Heslam had to do some serious backtracking. She comes across as a WEEI honk.

    Two items stuck out with regards to the ratings.
    1) I am stunned at how close Gresh and Zolak are to Dale and Holley. I thought Gresh would be a wash when replacing Gary Tanguay but it looks like for some reason there are some people actually listening. This has to do with the fact the signal from WEEI is terrible when Dale and Holley are on. (by the way, it is.)
    2) Even though Bruce was able to figure out that WEEI conveniently added Celtics and Red Sox games to Mike Adams ratings, I would still believe that Adams, for some reason, still leads over D.A. which disappoints and baffles me. Adams seems to know less and less about sports today. It has gotten to the point where he will not talk about it anymore. His shtick consists of partying with Bill Lee or Manny not hitting enough triples. He is just dreadful. I remember when D.A. hit the scene. There were people on this blog who stated they would not give his show a chance because he was from New York. I hope that this is still not the case, if it is then grow up. The show is so much better with terrific content and sound knowledge. It is a rare jewel in what is a lackluster sports radio radio market.

    P.S. 1) How can Jason Wolfe say with a straight face that he has been considering changing the format of the Red Sox Pre-Game show for some time? Everyone knows that the change was done the first moment he looked at the ratings book and noticed The Baseball Reporters Show was waxing the pre-game. Jason, do not be afraid to admit that you were trying for some counter programming to go up against what the other station was doing. We would have more respect for you because you would be doing something rarely seen, being honest.

    P.S. 2) Craig from Rockland I wouldn't say too much about kids calling D.A. when they bring five times more to the table than you or Mike Adams. In fact, a fetus would have better insight than you two. I know one thing is for sure. They can speak and write a helluva lot better than you.

    P.S. 3) My guess is that this has already happened, but I'll ask anyways. Bruce has Mike Adams sent you another picture of him flipping you the bird? LOL

    1. WEEI doesn’t add Red Sox ratings to Mike Adams ratings. Arbitron provides one rating for the 7-12 Midnight time slot. Whatever is on during that slot for the spring period is counted. There is nothing underhanded about what WEEI did.

      1. Rick I do not disagree with you at all. But if you look at Heslam's article she says the following:
        "From 7 p.m. to midnight, Mike Adams and WEEI were first with a 11.3 share, while the Sports Hub’s Damon Amendolara was 4th with a 5.6."
        She says they are Mike Adams ratings. Her information was fed to her by WEEI. If it is true that it represents all of the programing from 7pm-12Mid then why not just state that. That is why it looks underhanded by WEEI.

        1. That's on Heslam. Either her writing was sloppy and factually inaccurate or she should have known how Arbitron works.

          1. That's true on Heslam, which is why her credibility takes a hit. She comes off as a bit lazy in her reporting. But please do not tell me that Jason Wolfe is some great bastion of integrity. If he can get away with a lie about the numbers and have a reporter buy it then my guess is that he would do it.

    2. I’m amazed that Jessica Heslam used either station as a source. I would think that the Herald would have access to the ratings book and that alone would be their source.. That’s like calling a pizza parlor and asking who’s the number 1 pizza parlor in town…….We are!!!

      While on the subject……..isn’t WEEI broadcast on a bunch of stations? Any idea what their total listenership is?

      1. The Herald does not have independent access to Arbitron ratings. They cost a lot of money and are useful to only stations so they can sell ads. Newspapers have to rely on stations to get the information.

    3. As usual mandb97, you're on spot with most of your points. But regarding Gresh & Zo vs. Tanguay & Zo, I would say the former have much more on-air chemistry, and I think the average listener picks up on that, resulting in their improved ratings.

      Regarding Adams vs. DA, as has been said elsewhere it's the time slot that is being rated, not necessarily who presides over it. Obviously on most weeknights in May & June it was the Sox or Celtics airing at that time and not Adams. And although DA has been a relative breath of fresh radio air 'round these parts, I think his show has gotten a bit stagnant. He needs to get more quality guests (whether in-studio or by phone) and could stand an upgrade over the likes of update guys Chuck Perks and Rich Keefe as sidekicks.

      Finally, I wouldn't expect my namesake to be honest anytime soon. The Wolfe is Boston radio's King of Spin.

      1. Jason, I’m heartbroken. How can you have an issue with Perks? He is the new King of All Media after all?

      2. Jason seriously though, I am going to disagree with you views of G&Z and D.A.. I'm going to go back to Chad Finn's article with the globe when he talked about the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately I think 98.5 in a lot of ways is no different than WEEI. It is not what you have to say but how loud you say it. Gresh is louder than Tanguay. He says things that are just as asinine as Tanguay but somehow people find what he says more interesting. It's because he shouts his points and Zo has increased his volume as well. Dale and Holley discuss things intelligently. I know Dale gets on some people's nerves but more than D&C or T&R or Ordway I don't think so. D.A. is the same way. There is no screaming or name calling. His thoughts are thorough and complete. I don't always agree with him but his arguments are well put together. Shecky Adams on the other hand has absolutely nothing to offer. He has come to the point where he has no clue about any sport at all. If WEEI wants to go with comedy at night then hire Jerry Thornton to host the show who is only behind Reiss when it comes to writing about the Patriots. Read his preview of the Pats on Barstoolsports.com. It is great. Jerry also is an actual comedian who is pretty damn funny as well.

        1. None of them are Steve Sommers, that's the problem. I agree with you on Dale and Holley. It's by far the best show on WEEI and I have no use to Gresh. Felger and Mazz vs the Big Show is a toss up. DA is fantastic.

        2. To be honest mandb97, I don't think we really disagree by very much. While you're right that Gresh does shout/screech much more than Tanguay, I still think the fact that he and Zo previously co-hosted a show in Providence (and the fact they both played football, up thru college anyway) gives them a little more chemistry than the prior Tang & Zo pairing. I also agree with you on D&H – by far the best show on EEI.

          Side note: Chad Finn has recently referenced in his last couple of online chats that one of the sportsradio hosts in town could be changing stations and it made wonder if Holley's contract is up because I think most of the other hosts have already been locked up to long-term deals with their stations.

          As for D.A., I don't necessarily disagree with you about him. I guess I'm a little frustrated with him because I thought he was real strong out of the chute but then his show started to sound a bit repetitive so I stopped regularly listening to sports radio at night.

  11. Bruce, did I read your SBN article correctly, did you call John Clayton an alien? You get an automatic +3 for that one.

  12. How can anyone take a station seriously when you have Butch Sterns and Larry Johnson on afternoon drive. It was painful to listen for the few minutes that I did. It amazes me the numbers the Big Show gets with such awful talent, with and without Glenn. i can not listen anymore.

  13. Let’s try to get real here. This is solely about advertising dollars. Nothing more, nothing less. All companies that survive on advertising do this kind of stuff including your own, Bruce. Is WEEI worried about the new kid on the block? Of course. Are they trying to project themselves in the best possible light? Of course. Are some shows better than others? Of course. But try not to express moral indignation when you are as quilty as the next guy.

    For instance, when tiqIQ came calling (or was it the other way around) I’m quite sure that you put the best possible spin on your enterprise. Only natural. I’m sure you told them about how many members you have, the number of posts per day etc. When the reality is more like this. You have an inflated member base because no one quits they just go away. The number of posts and posters is down considerably from the boards’ heyday of a few years ago. You have about twelve regulars who post every day and that’s it. The vast majority of your members haven’t posted in a year or more. Further your bleeding members to other boards where the air is, let’s just say, a little more friendly.

    1. I think you're forgetting about the oft rumored front page, which generates a lot of traffic, while weaving that tale and completely misunderstanding what drives and creates revenue in the process . You're also apparently unfamiliar with the concept of unique page views, which is a pretty standard metric.

      Still, good to know that you and the rest of the staff definitely aren't concerned with what "12 people" on some niche messageboard are thinking and writing. You're definitely not squatting on there all day witing breathlessly for them to post something about you.

      That said, how about coming down to The Razor on Saturday 8/7 when the Revolution take on DC United. It's the most fun you can have on two feet.


      Stacey James
      New England patriots

      1. Didn't you play this game a couple of weeks ago. Pretending to be a Pats official. Now that's what I tune in for. Heady stuff. I know it's hard for you to believe that anyone could be as smart as you, but i understand the concept of unique page views. I also understand that the ratio between page views and sales are what counts. I stand by my opinion that it seems like the pot calling the kettle black. But your master will be proud you have his back.

        1. First of all **** for brains, no one in their right mind would call that impersonation. The only thing that separates you from the likes of Joe Gill is the ability to write three sentences without breaking down and hitting the return key after each one. If you understand the concept of unique page views then why do you refuse to apply it? Your original post is completely oblivious to the concept as you attempt to assert that Bruce is trying to sell member count on a niche messageboard while ignoring the existence of the high profile front page that's far more heavily trafficked. I'll save you the time; it's so you could take a run at them for being so mean back there, because no one's making a dime off messageboard traffic unless you're running a national mainstream board. And you know that if you have even a modicum of a clue. So boo-****ing-hoo, someone wounded your inner child with a throwaway post at some point. You should be happy that someone cared, if for only about 3 seconds, that you exist.

        2. That said, I'm willing to extend an olive branch and let bygones be bygones. Come visit us this summer and you can walk away with a free baseball cap from Baskin Robbins at Patriots Place with the purchase of a 2 scoop sundae and a water! That's not only a delicious treat on a hot summer day, it's also a fantastic value during these difficult economic times.


          Stacey James
          New England Patriots

    2. I just wanted to say if tiqIQ wants to do business with me I wish they'd come directly to me instead of going through the front page guy. Nobody's dialing up this page for a middle man who isn't even One of the Twelve. I find it ironic that a company with IQ in its name can't master something as elementary as that.

      Lastly, Bereal……..BOO! I'm trying to hurt your feelings!

  14. I love how all you losers, especially the "criitic" the fat turd Allen can rip WEEI every day, but can recite exactly what was said on a given day. WEEI is a great station that does a ton for charity unlike the FM station which you jerks always fail to acknowledge. If you don't like it, don't listen! The ratings speak for themselves. You people are so perfect that you have nothing better to do all day than rip a succcessful radio station you don't like. Get lives you tools.

    1. In general, a “criitic” has to actually watch or listen to that which he is critiquing in order to have an opinion. Not a hard concept. Try and keep up.

      1. Allen, you were the last kid picked for hoops in your gym class. You claim to be a “critic” (though you couldn’t carry Jack Craig’s or Jim Baker’s jock) but clearly have personal issues with WEEI. You have never said a positive thing about them in your life, yet have your hand down your drawers listening to every word they say, day in and day out. The only time you ever said anything positive about Glenn Ordway, for instance, is when he almost lost his wife and daughter to a tragic medical condition. WEEI has given millions of dollars to charity through the Jimmy Fund Radiothon, Junior Jocks Program, Champions in the Community, etc, yet all you do is slam the station and its callers despite the fact that the ratings continue to excel. It’s sports radio for God’s sake. Entertainment. If you don’t like it, again DON’T LISTEN!!! If you continue to stick a needle into an electrical socket, I would think you would know not to do it again. I’m sure ‘EEI will not miss your business you fat turd. You are a no talent hack who was stuffed into lockers when you were in high school you puke.

        1. You're a bit of a sheep. WEEI has not given millions of dollars for charity. What they have done is to promote fundraising so that others could give to charity. Then they claim the commerical time for things like the Jimmy Fund Radio drive and PSAs as charitable donations to claim on their tax returns. At the same time they use the air time they donate to the charities as a way to promote the station, which is why you're talking about the millions of dollars in donations that they don't make instead of the quality of their programming.


        2. "Paul Dickhat" — what an appropriate name. Go back to being on hold with EEI, you brain-damaged piece of trash.

          1. Hey Dave R, anytime you want to square off, name the time and place. And it's "Dickhaut" not "Dickhat" you illiterate POS. Nice to see you stick up for your boyfriend.

          2. Awesome! "name the time and the place."

            Pick the second Wednesday after the first full moon in August, at 3:14 am, in the middle of the Zakim bridge.

          3. Hey guys, I think I found another one!

            Hey Paul (or should we call you by your Christian name, Pete?), maybe you should follow your own advice.

            "It's a blog for God's sake. Entertainment. If you don't like it, again DON'T READ!!! If you continue to stick a needle into an electrical socket, I would think you would know not to do it again."

          4. Actually, I did some google research. Paul Dickhaut is a master pipefitter in Norwell apparently.

            A real winner it seems.

    2. I know he told you the mocking would stop once you perfected your W's, Paul, but your A/V Club advisor was just selling you a bill of goods. Everybody's still laughing at you, and that speaks for itself.

    3. If the ratings did 'speak for themselves' ,there would be no need to include the numbers from the FM station in Providence, nor to include the caveat that WEEI's seven to midnight ratings earned their high share thanks to the broadcasts of Red Sox and Celtics games, and not solely on Mr. Adams' drawing power.

  15. Paul does a lot of talking about what happened in high school and being shoved in lockers and fat turds and what not. I am sure that's just a coincidence though.

  16. Always better to flee than have to stand around while they administer you the breathalyzer. Seems to fit EEI's demographic.

    "XXXX X XXXXXXXX, 43, of XX XXXXXXX Terrace, XXXXXXXXXX, charged with leaving an accident scene after property damage, continued without a finding to Aug. 19 with probation, fined $500; driving an uninsured vehicle, continued without a finding to Aug. 18 with probation; driving with a suspended registration, dismissed. "

  17. Paul Dickhaut meet Craig from Rockland. Craig from Rockland meet Paul Dickhaut. You guys I’m sure have a lot of catching up to do. Make sure you wear your helmets though so you do not bang your heads against the table too hard.

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