Tim Wakefield gave up six runs in the first inning last night and the Red Sox never recovered, falling to the Texas Rangers 7-2at Fenway Park to open the post-All Star Game part of the schedule.

Casting NESN in a new light – Chad Finn’s media column has more on NESN Daily, and ESPN’s World Cup Ratings.

ESPN steals ABC’s show – Bill Doyle looks at the British Open becoming the first of the four majors to be exclusively broadcast on ESPN.

The Boss, the bully – My Metro column this week looks at the lionization in the media of a man who probably didn’t deserve it.

How The Boston Globe Crowdsourced Its World Cup Coverage – I thought this was an interesting piece on Poynter Online.

Bowden will get chance to pitch in – Peter Abraham’s minor league notebook has Michael Bowden looking to return the majors as a reliever.

Ortiz, Guerrero continue similar paths – Joe McDonald has two aging sluggers still getting it done.

Red Sox notes: Martinez takes some swings – The CSNNE.com notebook touches on a number of Red Sox items.

Logan Mankins still waiting – Ian Rapoport has the agent for the guard still hoping to patch things up with the Patriots.

Pierce’s simple math: Additions must come – Julian Benbow has the Celtics captain making his signing official, and urging Danny Ainge to add more pieces. The Celtics did add former Nets coach Lawrence Frank to Doc Rivers’ staff.

Positional Previews – Safeties – Patriots Daily with a look at the safeties on the New England roster.

3 thoughts on “Wakefield, Sox Start Second Half On Wrong Foot

  1. I'm a little confused with Pierce's comments because one day he says there are "slim pickings" for free agents in the NBA, the next day he's crying about Ainge not doing anything. There is nothing out there, but maybe, Paul, if you didn't take 15 million a year, David Lee would have been playing here.


  2. Bruce,
    I'm surprised (or maybe I'm not) that you didn't at least comment on this piece of garbage Tony Mazz put out, in which he takes comments from his readers (all directed at him, not at the new england sports teams) and proceeds to make snarky remarks. I think he's in the Keith Hernandez zone.


  3. A couple of items on my mind.

    1) I was going to rip apart John Clayton for stating the possibility that Tom Brady could hold out. Clayton is someone who makes no sense most of the time he speaks. He must be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame for longevity but not quality. But, I listened to Felger and Maz today (I know I am a glutton for punishment). Bert Breer, another writer who has been continually fallen in quality of reporting, actually had some interesting insight today. He talked to numerous agents who all said the same thing, if Brady was their client they would recommend holding out. The reason was pretty simple. Even though Manning and Brady are in the last year of their contracts, Manning is going to make $15.3 million this year while Brady will make only $3.75 million, with the possibility of a lock-out. It looks like now that both Brady and Manning are waiting to see what Sam Bradford is going to sign for before they speak up. As The Big Lead so aptly put it, Bradford is asking for Elin Nordgren money. This means Manning and Brady will want a little more than Elin money. Breer also went on to say that Brady is too much of team guy to hold out. I think it is very unlikely that Brady will hold out but I do not think it is impossible anymore.

    2) If you need anymore proof of why Butch Stearns has no credibility all you had to do was listen to five to ten minutes from The Big Show today. Here are a couple of samples

    a) Caller Tony – “I think the next two weeks with Texas and the west coast trip could be the season for the Red Sox.”
    Butch Stearns (in a mocking tone) – “Mark this down. This is what Tony thinks. The Red Sox could be done by the end of July.”
    Rob Bradford – “Tony’s correct.”

    b) Butch Stearns – “Jimy Williams was infamous for taking out starters too early.”
    Steve Buckley and Rob Bradford (almost in unison) – “Never heard that one before.”
    Butch Stearns -“Oh yeah, it was always a big topic. Jeff Fassero always claimed it was the case.
    Steve Buckley -“But, Jeff Fassero sucked.”
    Butch Stearns – “It’s time for a break.”

    I’ll ask again. How does Stearns, who maybe a good guy, keep getting jobs in sports? It’s baffling.


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