The first dominoes have yet to fall, but this is a huge few days for the future of the Boston Celtics. In some form or another, we’ll find out the immediate future of Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers and Ray Allen.

Here’s your top ten articles this morning:

Hey Danny Ainge, time to be bold – Gerry Callahan tells the Celtics executive that should Pierce choose to opt out of his contract, the Celtics should let him walk and go pursue a younger option.

 Rivers’ future headlines busy week – Chris Forsberg looks at the four items that we need to keep an eye on with the Celtics.

Free agent preview: Small forwards and shooting guards – Rich Levine looks at some of the wing players that will be available on the market.

A good ‘weather’ report – Peter Abraham looks at how the Red Sox weathered an early storm this season, and are now comfortable as a unit.

Drew needs to earn his $14M for ailing Sox – Bill Ballou says that the Red Sox need J.D. Drew more than ever right now.

How Adrian Beltre helped to change the baseball landscape – Alex Speier looks at the Red Sox third baseman’s spot in MLB history.

Martinez is headed to DL – Abraham’s notebook says that the Red Sox catcher is expected to avoid surgery, but will need a stint on the disabled list.

Bo knows – Stan Grossfeld has a feature on Mike Greenwell’s son, Bo, and his dream to someday play the same Fenway Park outfield that his dad played.

Boston Bruins do well to re-sign Mark Recchi, but should think twice if they’re considering trading Marc Savard – Mike Loftus wonders why the Bruins seem eager to trade Marc Savard.

Reese is key man at the table for Patriots – Christopher Price looks at why July is Floyd Reese’s month with the Patriots.

Idle thought: When you saw the highlights of the heated Evan Longoria/B.J. Upton exchange in the Tampa Rays dugout last weeekend, did you immediately think of how Dennis & Callahan would easily get a week’s worth of shows from that incident, and which side they would take?

Idle thought # 2: I’ve enjoyed the segments I’ve heard today and yesterday of Damon Amendolara and Jon Wallach in the mornings filling in for Toucher & Rich (who I generally enjoy as well).

8 thoughts on “Big Week For The Future Of The Boston Celtics

  1. DA is for real. Hiring him was the Sports Hubs best decision. He is passionate, intelligent, but not belligerent, angry or negative. He's just honest and mellow. Such a contrast for sports Radio. This guy won't be on the Sports Hub much longer before he gets a bigger stage.

    He could be the TUFTiest TUFT that every existed but he'll still get his TV shot.


  2. Bruce – long time reader and big fan of the site. The thinly veiled racism knocks on D&C is getting sad. You're better than that. Keep it above board. Just because you're not writing it doesn't mean you're not saying it.


  3. Their own company suspended them for racially insensitive comments and it was splashed over every media outlets for weeks*, so it's pretty much the backdrop of a hard news story Bruce was referencing.

    * Glenn Ordway has still yet to hear the tape of the remarks and remains unavailable for comment.


  4. DA and Wallach have been on in the mornings? I missed that … mostly because I would never bother to tune in at that time of day. Although I have tried a few times to listen to Toucher and Rich, their juvenile humor and their pre-teen girl-like giggling is an insult to any serious sports fan. Let's hope that this is a trial replacement.


    1. They sound like any number of throwaway shows that used to be on WAAF back in the mid to late 90's.


  5. "did you immediately think of how Dennis & Callahan would easily get a week’s worth of shows from that incident, and which side they would take?"

    No, because I don't get hung up on stuff like that and don't paint someone as a racist for life if they make one off-color comment years ago.


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