As suggested by “Guest” this morning, I thought it was a good idea to open things up to you to get your input on where you’ve been going to get information for the office water cooler, or new outlets, places, websites, podcasts or blogs that you’ve discovered recently – or have been going to for some time – that you think should be mentioned.

Bob Ekstrom on the Thursday Week Log does a great job in linking to new and different blogs out there dealing with Boston sports, and there are plenty more still to be discovered.

Perhaps there are other outlets that you think need to be mentioned more often. Now’s your chance to speak up.

Post a comment below and let your fellow readers in on your sources.

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One more link today, from Ken Fang: 33rd Annual Boston/New England Sports Emmy Award Winnners

10 thoughts on “Your Sports Media/Blog “Finds”

  1. Given the opportunity, I have to shamelessly plug our sports podcast – Steve Gorman Sports – hosted by the drummer from the Black Crowes. We talk a little sports, a little music and a whole lot of nonsense. Hope you like it.


    1. I should’ve made the point…plugging your own stuff is welcome in this thread…

      Thanks for the link, Mitch!


  2. Bruce,

    I enjoy checking out deadspin. There are some pretty quirky things that fall outside of mainstream media.


  3. This will also qualify as shameless self-promotion…

    My name is Alex Reimer, and I have been hosting my Red Sox podcast, “Without a Curse,” since July of 2005. I am currently 17 years-old, so I have been hosting it since I was 12 (and I did have the high-pitched squeal to match).

    The link can be found here: I have been profiled in The Boston Globe, and been a guest on “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show.”

    I always strive to provide interesting and entertaining content that is not presented in the same fashion anywhere else. I also frequently conduct interviews with members of the sports media and sports figures themselves. For example, on my latest episode, I conducted an interview with former MLB outfielder and author of “The Game From Where I Stand,” Doug Glanville.

    Thanks for the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote, Bruce!


  4. I promoted a guy who normally blogs here Sportsjuke. I hope I spelled it right sports. It is a very good read. Also I know it rubs some people the wrong way but I love Barstool Sports. Jerry Thornton may only be behind Mike Reiss in reading value on the Patriots. I’m being totally serious.


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