So, I realize that my timing is not great here, what with the Celtics and the Bruins right in the middle of second round playoff series and the Yankees in town this weekend, but I’m taking a few days off here. I actually left last night, and will be away all of next week as well. Hey, it’s my wedding anniversary, so we’re taking a few days away. We were actually supposed to go away in February, but it was one of those storm days when Logan cancelled almost all flights, and we couldn’t get another one, so we’re going now instead.

I haven’t left you totally high and dry, however, as there will be something scheduled each day that I’m gone, and Ken Fang and Bob Ekstrom will be around to post a few things as well.

The Celtics pick up their playoff series with the Cleveland Cavaliers with tonight’s game three at the TD Garden. The series is tied at 1-1, and the Celtics look to take control of the series in the next two games. Get all the coverage at

The Bruins also are in action tonight, looking to close out their series with the Flyers in game four tonight in Philadelphia, hoping to move onto the conference finals for the first time in 18 years. Check in at for the latest there.

The Yankees are in town, giving the Red Sox another test. has you covered, although if you’re interested in checking out what they’re saying down in New York about this series, there is also

That should get you through the morning, I’ll see you when I get back.


3 thoughts on “Headed Out

  1. C’mon Bruce – certainly you could provide links and insight while celebrating your anniversary on vacation. That’s why there’s 24 hours in a day. I’ll admit you’re being very selfish here.
    (have a great time, dude)


  2. The Bruceman with the little lady (and probably the not so baby) in paradise…enjoy your time off Bruce…its well deserved. I am sure we can all navigate a few days without you (well those of us who aren't critical when you make your blog post after 10:00am and who realize you do that you do this as a hobby)…it will just mean having to get to work an extra hour early and being less productive. No worries.


  3. If she loved you, she’d realize that we don’t allow you to take a day off. 😉 J/k I’m married too and I understand. Congrats and enjoy.

    I was smart and married a sports fan so Pats tickets are an acceptable part of any anniversary gift.


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