It was a lost weekend in Baltimore for the Red Sox, who were swept by the lowly Orioles, including two walk-off wins by the home team. Yesterday’s 3-2 loss in 10 innings might’ve just been the low point to the season thus far. Something needs to be changed and fast. It doesn’t get any easier this week with the Angels and Yankees coming to town.

It’s another Boston sports tripleheader tonight with the Red Sox taking on the Angels at Fenway, (NESN, 7:00pm) the Bruins taking on the Flyers at the Garden (VERSUS, 7:00pm) in game two, up 1-0 in the series, and the Celtics in Cleveland for game two (TNT, 8:00pm) against the Cavaliers, down in the series 1-0.

No mistaking it: He loves Cleveland –  The headline of this Dan Shaughnessy column might have you believe that the columnist is rooting for the Cavaliers simply to tweak Boston fans. If you can get past the line about Cleveland being a great city because the cab drivers speak english, you might actually enjoy this column about the history of futility in Cleveland sports, and the fans who continue to support them. I liked it.

This series all about Rajon Rondo – Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics point guard holds the key to the series.

Celtics are on the ropes – Tim Weisberg is full of boxing analogies this morning.

An open invitation – Julian Benbow’s notebook has the Celtics looking to get Ray Allen more involved.

Big changes looming after Sox swept by lowly O’s – John Tomase has the Red Sox scrambling for answers following the weekend in Baltimore.

Problems piling up -Gordon Edes says that the Sox have no answers right now.

The Red Sox’ road only gets tougher – Alex Speier notes that we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up for a quick turnaround by the Sox.

A rare start for Lowell – Brian MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal has Mike Lowell getting the call at first base yesterday.

Good stretch for Recchi – Kevin Paul Dupont has Mark Recchi’s success this season with the Bruins making the veteran think he might still have more in the tank beyond this season.

Bruins finally fulfill their promise – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins have come a long way from the disheartening Matt Cooke Massacre at TD Garden.

Cunningham could be facing a rush job with Patriots – Glen Farley has a look at the Patriots second round pick.

Another Ventrone for Pats – Mark Farinella has a look at the younger brother of former Patriot Ray Ventrone getting a shot with the Patriots.

Because the Bruins are on Versus tonight, there will not be a Bruins post-game show on NESN, since the Red Sox game will still be in progress, followed by their postgame show. Comcast Sports Net is taking advantage of this opening by scheduling SportsNet Central Hockey Postgame pres. by TD Bank which will air immediately following the game (around 9:40 or so) on CSN. Guests will include: Michael Felger with Ted Donato at ACE Ticket Studio, Joe Haggerty at TD Garden, Versus’ Joe Beninati, and former Bruins goaldtender Reggie Lemelin at TD Garden


33 thoughts on “Red Sox Hit Rock Bottom in Baltimore

  1. Bruce,
    I didn’t see it mentioned here, but Farinella had another “defend the media while attacking the Patriots & their fans” piece in Sunday’s Sun Chronicle:

    More or less, he’s comparing multiple sexual assaults (Christian Peter) with smoking pot (Aaron Hernandez), and how the Patriots these days are all about the bottom line and have no morals at all.

    After that, he then calls all Patriot fans that most vile of journalistic labels, the absolute worst thing a reporter like Mark can call someone… Yep, he called them homers. Why? because some of them dared criticize the all-knowing media for bringing up the misdemeanors of draft picks.

    To top it off, he then brings up “Spygate” to show that Patriot fans are hopeless homers for continually supporting Belichick and the team even though the rest of the country thinks every Super Bowl win is now “tainted”.

    Mark, we get it. You’re bitter about Belichick, Kraft, and Patriots for making you have to work harder by closing off access to players & personnel. You’re upset that the fans don’t seem to care about your plight. But bringing up Spygate? Stupid. Comparing misdemeanors to felonies? Ignorant. Attacking the fans that pay to read your stories just because they are fans? Mind boggling…


    1. Wasn’t it Dan Shaughnessy who penned a column on last week saying that Boston was ‘America’s best Sports City?’ And wasn’t it Dan Shaughnessy who penned a column a few days later listing all the ways the Celtics were ‘so much better’ than Cleveland? Yes, I think it was! And is Dan a member of the ‘sports media?’ Yes! I think he is! Imagine that. Dan Shaughnessy acting like a ‘Homer’ after building a career ridiculing that sort of behavior.


  2. Would it be foolish for me, at this juncture, to point out that if the “rest of the country” thinks that the Pats’ Super Bowl wins are “tainted,” it’s because they got the entire idea about “tainted” Super Bowls from the Belichick-hating media in the first place?

    They’re the ones (along with Goodell) who turned a misdemeanor for jaywalking into carjacking, and they’re the ones who first through out the word “tainted” in the first place.

    People who actually understand football know damn well that there was nothing illegitimate about any of the Pats’ success–then again, Farinella clearly understands nothing about football.


    1. What has truly been tainted was how the rest of the football-loving universe now views the Patriots. Good luck trying to convince them otherwise.


  3. I love how Shaughnessy writes a glowing column about Cleveland and half the comments are people from Cleveland whining about Boston provincialism. The city might be nice, but the reading comprehension is abyssmal.


  4. Just noting that Paul glossed over my mentions of other lawbreakers among the Patriots’ picks (Deaderick, Cunningham), as well as the fact that marijuana is still a banned substance in the NFL, regardless of the possession decriminalization in Massachusetts.

    The fact remains that those who complain the loudest about media reporting of such transgressions are those who would cheer the loudest if that happened to a Jets’ draft pick. Had Eric Mangini been doing the videotaping, too, many of you would have been calling for his head to this day — even though what he did may have been no more or no less a violation than Belichick’s.

    I’ve long since learned not to judge the entire fan base by what a few repetitive posters on web sites have to say. Your displeasure with my failure to be a cheerleader is noted.


    1. Oh jeez dude, you still don’t get it do you? No one on this site has ever asked for a media person to be a cheerleader. Can you provide any proof anyone wants a cheerleader?

      What we (I only speak for myself) don’t want is lazy journalism where you reprint stuff you wrote years ago. A little bit of effort there guy. Or do you consider Reiss (and Rappaport) to be mere unofficial spokesmen for the Patriots instead of guys who work hard to provide real football information? They’re talking what these guys bring on the field (you know the fun stuff and the reason we’re fans in the first place) and you seem to be content to rehash tired old sound bites.

      Did you really mention Spygate?

      Rappaport is proving Reiss isn’t the only writer who can cover the team but I know he works his tail off researching a story. What have you done lately (you know, work hard for a story)?


    2. Um…Eric Mangini WAS videotaping: 2006 regular season game at Foxboro. He claimed he had permission; the Patriots said he didn’tJust like the Lions and Packers asked the Patriots to stop during the same 2006 season, and they did. The Patriots asked him to stop, and he did.

      That was the protocol in the NFL among coaches, because they all know what chicanery like that goes on all the time. Mangini broke the protocol when he turned in Belichick.

      I’m not saying that Belichick ignoring the memo from Goodell was right (which was, in the end, why Goodell penalized the Patriots so harshly–he was ticked off about the memo being ignored); however, to ignore the fact that the same, similar and much worse things went on (and still go on) in the NFL besides taping defensive signals that weren’t watched until days and weeks later, smacks of just another media agenda. Never mind the fact that every single NFL coach, present and former, who was asked about the videotaping (including guys with Super Bowl rings, like Jimmy Johnson, Dick Vermeil, Shanahan and Ditka) said that it was no big deal and provided no competitive advantage.

      In the end, sir, the media is responsible for, as you say, “most of the country” thinking that the Pats’ Super Bowls are “tainted.”

      People with common sense and even the slightest knowledge of football know that none of their accomplishments are tainted.

      And like Lance said….we’re not looking for cheerleaders; we’re looking for fairness, without agendas.


      1. My first paragraph was messed up, but in summation:

        1-Mangini was “caught” videotaping during the 2006 regular season game at Foxboro. He claimed he had permission; the Pats said he didn’t, so they asked him to stop.

        2–The Pats were “caught” that same year by Detroit and Green Bay. They were asked to stop.

        3–Mangnini’s turning in of Belichick in 2007 was a breach of longstanding protocol among NFL coaches, because they all know what goes on, and they all take precautions against such goings on.


    3. See Mark – you’re supposed to be a journalist. Once upon a time “facts” meant something to people in your chosen line of work. What you say in your second paragraph has nothing to do with facts. It’s your opinion.

      See? See what you’re doing there? You’re missing the point entirely. Not surprising of course, considering you’re still working for a paper in frickin’ Attleboro, but it is what it is.


    4. Mark, why are you a sportswriter again? You hate the coach, hate the team, hate the fans, and hate a process that’s ever changing to require proficiency on new mediums like Twitter. When you’re not complaining about lack of access, about fans being homers, or about the team Tweeting in picks (as if fans waited breathlessly for your middleman report that they took Patrick Chung last year), you’re filing reports on how rookie camp was “about what you’d expect.”

      Meanwhile, Reiss, Rapaport and Curran are actually offering insightful observations that have meaning to the fans, like where the team’s playing Cunningham in drills, or Spikes failing a drill then cutting back in line so he can get it right. While they’re doing their jobs, your writing is, well, about what we’d expect.

      So you seemingly hate everything about the job, except maybe when you got to flex your humor muscles on not one but two draftee nickname columns (astonishingly Sicko-free). First thought after those offerings was the old bad comedian putdown: “Don’t give up your day job.”

      I’ve since changed my mind. Give up your day job.


      1. There is a very persistent misconception, created on this site, that I was the one who complained to the Patriots about their use of Twitter during the 2009 draft. I can say without a shadow of doubt that I was absolutely not the one who complained. In fact, I use the technology and have since before the 2009 draft. I know who the complaining individual was, but I have no need to “out” the person here.


          1. You all have your opinions. So do I. Twice a week, I express my opinions on what I cover in clearly-marked opinion columns, such as the piece which is being discussed here. I keep the opinions separate from the daily coverage of the team or the game coverage. Bruce rarely links to that, although he did today.

            You are all welcome to forward your comments or complaints to me at, and I will endeavor to answer your questions personally.


          2. Mark here is the problem. You say that rape, smoking weed or throwing a cup is apples and apples. I have no idea how you can come up with that. Rape can send you to big boy prison, the other a ten dollar fine. Maybe in Florida you can face the chair for throwing a cup. Even if Hernandez gets suspended for having marijuana in his bloodstream and is suspended, it make him dumb and irresponsible but not public enemy number one like Peter was.
            As far as Deaderick goes, you are correct 2007 was not good but then you continue on with him being shot by a robber in 2009 like that was his fault. How is getting shot by a robber a red flag that this guy is trouble? Mark, the reader thinks your opinions are contrived and lazy. As was said before, we do not want cheerleaders. We want an opinion that makes a little bit of sense. Why do you think you are still at a paper called the Sun Chronicle?


          3. Well, maybe because 20 years ago or so, I turned down a job at a metro elsewhere in the country because I had family and friends and a great job in my home area, and I’ve never felt an obsessive need to move on. My paper apparently believes it has valid reasons to continue to pay me well, display my work prominently, and to restore the budget that will send me back on the road to cover the Patriots (which I had done for more than 20 years before last year), which some of the larger papers don’t do any more.

            You have several choices for coverage of the Patriots and you’re certainly welcome to choose any of them for whatever reason fuels your decision. You’re not likely to agree with any or all of my opinions and I don’t expect that. But if it comes down to a choice between you thinking I’m “lazy” or what my bosses think, I’ll have to accept their opinion first.


          4. Well, after your snarky remarks here validating what you have already proven in print, I think I’ll pass. I patiently wait the demise of your paper, or whatever it’s call now.


          5. You mean like the column mandb97 linked to above:

            In which you write loaded faux letters from Belichick (“Remember, I’m a genius”), “Basement blogger” (Is this supposed to be Bruce?) bitching about reporter negativity, and “Real fans” praising you for your HS basketball coverage.

            Projection, insecurity, jealousy, the need for validation. You’re a Freudian poster child.


    5. Cunningham’s “lawbreaking”?? Are you shiiting me? An alleged chew and screw over a bag of potato chips that they didnt prosecute. Yeah, the Krafts are turning that place into a real cesspool.

      Also your use of “rap sheet” in describing Hernandez’ drug use was sloppy, either intentionally or not. I wasnt aware that he was charged with any crime, let alone convicted of anything that would generate a rap sheet.


    6. Mark:

      Just for the record, Cunningham was never charged with anything and Deaderick’s offense was dismissed under youthful offender laws for community service. Hernandez obviously was never charged with anything either. Yet you label them as having “rap sheets” Ridiculous. Almost as pathetic as your reporting which thankfully the vast, vast majority of the public is not subjected to by not reading it.


  5. A couple of quick hits:

    1) Steve Buckley is not a big fan of being told he is wrong. He was on CSNNE last night with Felger and Dale Arnold. Terry Francona was questioned on two fronts yesterday. One, why did he not pinch run Bill Hall for Jason Varitek? Both agreed Francona should have. Two, why did Tim Bogar send Varitek home on the single later on. Dale said it was a bad mistake. Buckley became incensed that someone would question the “rules” of the game. Supposedly, you always send the runner with two outs on the road? ALWAYS? Huh? What “rule” is this? Would Francona be fined by MLB if he did not send Varitek? Buck, there is another “rule”. If the runner has not reached third by the time the out fielder has the ball you do not send him. It was a terrible call by Bogar and Buckley makes himself look foolish in defending it. Buckley said, You can’t win this one.” Well Steve Dale did. Score one for Arnold.

    2) Now we can take that point away from Arnold. Theo Epstein was pretty irate about the loses to Baltimore and had this quote which I found in the American Chronicle.

    “Things haven’t really changed,” he said. “We talked about this last week. We’re still playing bad baseball. Unintelligent, undisciplined, uninspired baseball. It’s got to change. “It either changes itself or we have to do something to change it.”

    Michael Holley tried to lead Dale and a caller as to who he thinks Theo is putting the blame on. Dale somehow believes he is talking about most of the players but to me and other people who called, it seems like Francona maybe public enemy number one in Theo’s eyes. Does it seem like that to you? By the way I do not think it is fair if Francona gets the blame. Yes he had a bad day yesterday but that lineup is mediocre at best.

    3) Come on Kevin Paul Dupont, give Marc Savard some credit. Last night on CSSNE Dupont said that the Savard blast should have been an easy save for Brian Boucher. Really? Savard had a rocket that was hit by a defenders stick and got through a space large enough for those old score-o games where someone wins a car if they can make a 150 ft. shot through a hole just large enough for a puck. Ed Olczyk and Pierre McGuire didn’t blame Boucher and they had many a replay to look at.


  6. Caqn’t comment on Farinella’s article on his website, but he can take his battle against the homers here? Touche, brave man, touche.


  7. Re: Abraham’s “rap sheet”. A poor use of terms.To my knowledge, he hasn’t been charged with a crime. I’d like to see the police report, but I don’t think there is one.
    I think we’re a bit tired of hearing how the Pats are some kind of haven for evildoers. Remember the initial assessment of Brendan Meriweather? Out-of-control punk. That hasn’t seemed to work out, has it?
    As for whether or not the rest of the NFL sees the Pats’ Super Bowls as “tainted”? Dude, I could care less what the rest of the frickin’ NFL thinks. I hope they seethe with resentment. I hope fans in Philly, Carolina and St. Louis cry on their pillows every night, man, ’cause we got those trophies and I promise you, they ain’t going anywhere.
    And if someone thinks that calling me a “homer” is somehow insulting, well, what am I supposed to be? They’re my team. I’m not a ref, I’m a fan.
    But to get to my main point, the Pats carry out their due diligence, try to make good draft picks and if they do it right, they’re successful. And I’d like to see them get credit, someday, for doing it right, because no NFL franchise has been as successful as they have in this decade.


  8. In response to Mark Farinella:

    “But if it comes down to a choice between you thinking I’m “lazy” or what my bosses think, I’ll have to accept their opinion first.”

    Mark this is where you don’t get it. You see I am your boss. Anybody who purchases your purchases your newspaper at a newsstand or through a subscription is your boss. It something that a lot of writers do not seem to get. I would hope your superiors at the newspaper think a little differently than you do. I hope the Sun Chronicle has a hell of news, opinion or business section because if they have the same attitude as you there will be no Sun Chronicle.


    1. And that’s where you “don’t get it.” Reader interest and opinions can be invaluable in guiding a publication in its decisions about how the product is packaged, but purchasing a newspaper or buying an ad is not an entitlement for you or anyone else to dictate content.


      1. Wrong. If your paper has a decline in sales or subscriptions and marketing finds out that people surveyed feel the quality of the sports section is bad, you do not think there will be a change? You are living in a dream world if you do not think so. Since you mentioned ad revenue, if sales are in a decline do you think a company will pay the same rate when sales were higher. If so, then you think the majority of businesses are run by chimps.


      2. I’m tempted to email you but feel it’ll only fan your flames of importance. You didn’t answer one basic question you raised – where have you read on this site a desire for homerism?

        Give details about Hernandez’s rap sheet. Have you seen it or are you just magnifying Albert Breer’s unconfirmed junk?

        Have the Patriots lowered their “standards” by drafting Zoltan Mesko? Devin McCourty? Rob Gronkowski? Bad guys all three?

        Have you ever written anything about Tyrone McKenzie? You might know him, his collegiate career was with three different universities. Scandal too with him? Let’s see if you know his story.

        How about Pat Chung? Guy’s of Jamaican descent (420 anyone?) and his mother was/is a professional singer. There’s got to be something bad about him.

        To tell you the truth Mark, I want guys on the Patriots D that are so scary that if one of them is following me on a dark street I want to be so scared I soil myself. Is it bad I want my favorite team to be better than other teams? Is it wrong I want mean guys on the Patriots defense?

        Before you got your current gig did you hope you would write something pseudo-moralistic that’s been beaten to death? Or did you become a sportswriter because you like(d) sports.

        Back to Belichick. I know people who know him. Know what they unanimously say? He’s a great guy, driven to be the best, winningest coach in NFL history. How about something original highlighting what he really is instead of the lazy “Coach Grouch” stuff that just isn’t true. Or is it easier to perpetuate the myth he’s evil incarnate?

        The onus is on Mark Farinella now. Personally I’ll never read another article of yours again although I give you props for coming on this site. But you opened a can of worms and they can’t be put back.


  9. All of this aside, I’m glad that the SC will be sending Mark out on road games once again. That’s good news.


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