It’s another Patriots Day, AKA Marathon Monday here in New England.

The Red Sox are slumping, and the Bruins and Celtics are coming off weekend playoff wins. Kevin Garnett will be suspended for tomorrow night’s game two, after planting an elbow in the face of a yapping Quentin Richardson near the end of the Celtics game one victory.

This morning (NESN, 11:00am) the Red Sox look to salvage a game in this series, while tonight the Bruins look to take the lead in their first round playoff series. (NESN, 7:00pm)

If you want coverage of the Boston Marathon, I recommend’s Boston Marathan Special page. WBZ TV will have complete marathon coverage. They will also be filing race updates via @bostonmarathon .

With so much going on, I’ve selected 20 great articles to get you going today:

Taking stock of the Sox’ predicament – Alex Speier with a solid look at a team and defense  that has been less than advertised to this point in the young season.

It’s early, but so far, the Red Sox look like a machine whose parts don’t fit – Ron Chimelis notes that at this point there is no doubt that the Tampa Rays are a much better team than your Boston Red Sox.

April slump has a different feel – Jon Couture notes that “every throwing gaffe and dropped pop comes with a snicker from somewhere in the corner pub or the press box.” Glad our objective media members are enjoying themselves in the early going here.

Red Sox toil through another ‘unacceptable’ outing – Mike Fine notes that the Red Sox have used that word so much early on that it might become one of those t-shirts the players seem to adopt every year.

Cameron still hasn’t found comfort zone – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook catches us up on the rest of the Red Sox news.

Bruins’ Recchi knows how to win – Joe McDonald has the 22-year NHL veteran stepping up his game in the postseason and sharing his experience with his younger teammates.

Boychuk coming into his own with the Bruins – Joe Haggerty notes that sticking with the young defenseman has paid off for both Johnny Boychuk and the Bruins.

Best offense is an offensive defense – Mick Colageo says that a new-found confidence the defensemen have with the puck is giving the Bruins a lift.

Claude Julien, team seize leadership role – Stephen Harris grabs you with the first line of his column today, and then examines whether the statement is true or not.

Adam McQuaid green, but solid on blue line – Steve Conroy’s notebook has the rookie defenseman holding his own on the defense.

Garnett to miss Game 2, but tone is set – Tim Weisberg says that the impact of the Garnett elbow will be felt for the rest of this series.

Davis ready to reprise role – Chris Forsberg has Glen Davis looking forward to another chance to fill in for KG in the postseason.

Heat now realize they’re in for a fight – Gary Washburn says that the Heat “have to prove they can do more than berate defenseless players.”

Paul Pierce not lured in by Richardson’s tough talk – Steve Bulpett says that Pierce says he isn’t taking the bait, but given the strong personalities involved, this series hasn’t seen its last incident.

Memories of draft day for local players – David Pevear with a very cool column, talking to guys like Lowell’s 90-year-old Ed Murphy, who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1943, and other locals who were draft long before the Mel Kipers and Todd McShays took over the event.

Are Patriots thinking QB in draft? – Hector Longo with a fairly comprehensive look at the QB prospects in the draft, and looks at the Patriots’ experiments at that position in the Bill Belichick era. Tom E. Curran also looks at the QB prospects.

Tebow may be out of Patriots’ range – Mike Reiss says that Tim Tebow may have moved up and out of the Patriots draft range.

Jared Odrick sure he’d succeed in Pats defense – Karen Guregian has the Penn St defensive end feeling like he’s to guy to fill the shoes of Richard Seymour in New England.

Big void exists for Patriots at defensive end – Ian Rapoport has more on the need at the DE position for the Patriots.

Q&A With USC DE Everson Griffen – Chris Warner talks to another guy who has been mentioned as a possible Patriots selection at defensive end.


10 thoughts on “2010 Season Already A Marathon For Sox

    1. and the Sox are getting pounded 8-0…..too early to push the panic button but I gotta say, they do look LIKE CRAP


      1. I knew this was going to be a bad weekend when Tim Bogar went all Dale Sveum on us Friday night and got Youk gunned down at home with nobody out in that inning.

        I wouldn’t mind the 4-10 start so much if they didn’t look so totally clueless and helpless in these games.

        Man, this is ugly.


      1. lol….to tell ya the truth I put 99% of my sports passion into the Patriots so I’m not really in a panic… (sorry, Shank Shaugnessy but to me baseball is just something to kill time with until Football season gets here)


  1. I watched the Boston Marathon on WBZ today and I have a couple of observations.

    The good:

    1)Lisa Hughes – She does an outstanding job with play by play. She does not get overly excited. She asks good questions for the analysts. She is a pros pro. It is an amazing job considering this is the only time she does sports.

    2)Karen Anderson and Tim Kilduff – They were in the cars following the leaders. Both gave good information on split times and how runners were fairing. Kilduff made one boo-boo when he said American Meb Keflezighi was stuck in the pack around the 45 minute mark only to be corrected by analyst Toni Reavis who told him he was letting other runners run through the wind.

    The Bad:

    1)Kathrine Switzer – I know she is the first lady of marathon running but she adds nothing to the broadcast. She kept calling a Japanese runner Chinese. She would step on Lisa Hughes and other reporters. There is not enough info on the runners. Although she did bring up one interesting point when she said Title IX being the reason there are not a lot of female American marathoners. Title IX gave more options.

    2)Toni Reavis – He did have the one good moment above, but most of what he said was inane. He also had a terrible habit of trying to interrupt Lisa Hughes instead of waiting for her to throw it to him. He is much better when an event is taped, which is when he normally calls races.

    3) David Robichaud and Ken Macleod – There was absolutely no reason for either one to be out there period. MacLeod who was on Heartbreak Hill was on hand as the men’s wheelchair division came by. “Here are four of the wheelchair athletes. I do not know who has the lead.” Thanks Ken. Robichaud who was at Cleveland Circle talked about how strong female winner Teyba Erkesso looked when five seconds earlier was holding her stomach and trying to prevent from vomiting. Good eye Robi.

    The Ugly:

    1)Steve Burton – Can we please have Alice Cook back? Why was he there? WBZ obviously does not trust him with play-by-play. His interviews are so bad that Kate Merrill, who was no great shakes, (“Ernst, when did you know had the race won? Kate, he knew it when he crossed the finish line first in an all out sprint.) did the interviews with the winners. He makes you cringe whenever he opens his mouth. I had to keep changing it whenever he had something to say.

    2)The director – Why this person, I do not know if this was a man or a woman, could not just keep the picture in picture going for the whole race was mind-boggling. Every time the director stopped the picture in picture, you guessed it a break occurred and we never saw it. I know covering a sporting event does not occur often at WBZ but as Mark Jackson would say, “Director you are better than that.”


      1. Thanks Bruce, I hope you get a chance to read my post on the nominees for the Boston Sports Media Moron Hall of Fame. I know the title is a bit harsh but when you read the post you may think I was too easy. It was on your post titled. Bruins Come Up Short In Game One.



    1. For all the knocks Bob Lobel has received around these parts, his presence is truly missed on marathon coverage. For someone who was far from a running expert, he made sitting in the host’s chair on Marathon Monday look easy. What he didn’t know he was able to coax out of his analysts. Just look how Ch. 4 has to scramble these days to assemble a broadcast team.

      Uta Pippig must have appeared as a courtesy to Bob when he was part of the coverage, because it sounds like she’s no longer there.


      1. Jason I will disagree with you on this one. Lobel was terrible the last couple of marathons. He would go way off topic when an analyst were trying to bring a point across to the viewer. He would interrupt and honestly he seemingly had no clue as to what was going on. I will take Lisa Hughes any day of the week over Lobel.


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