The Red Sox got to .500 on the season at 3-3 yesterday with an 8-6 win over the Kansas City Royals. This afternoon at 4:00, the Red Sox open up the new outdoor Target Field in Minneapolis as they take on the Twins.

The Bruins are set for a first round playoff matchup with the Buffalo Sabres, starting on Thursday night.

Had an early morning appointment today, so I’m running a bit tardy…here are your top sports stories from around New England:

Red Sox Reloaded – Game 6 (Sox 8, @KC 6) – Jon Couture brings you the coverage from yesterday’s win.

Five Things We Learned: How important is David Ortiz? – With the Red Sox DH now 2-18 on the season, Rob Bradford examines whether the Red Sox need to make a decision right now on Ortiz. He also looks at the bullpen, Dustin Pedroia, Adrian Beltre and Clay Buchholz.

Varitek keeps game in perspective – Gordon Edes has the Red Sox catcher dealing with an ill father as he attempts to make the transition to being a backup player.

’Pen right play for Clay Buchholz – John Tomase says that when Daisuke Matsuzaka is ready to return, the right move for the Red Sox is to put Buchholz into the bullpen and keep Tim Wakefield in the starting rotation.

Pedroia flexes muscles early – Sean McAdam’s notebook ties of a number of other items.

Buffalo is the perfect opponent for Bruins – Joe Haggerty tells us why the Bruins are a good matchup for the Sabres.

Thomas shows he’s not done yet – Joe McDonald has Tim Thomas playing with something to prove in the regular season finale.

Pats are still kings of the draft – From yesterday, Jonathan Comey states that those who have been harshly critical of the Patriots drafts of the last few years are “either not really paying attention, misinformed, disingenuous or outright biased.”

Paul Pierce still likes Celtics’ chances – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics captain still optimistic that his club can put thing together in the postseason.

Ainge still has high hopes – Gary Washburn has the Celtics’ president of basketball operations also with high hopes for the playoffs.

Also see Chris Warner’s Q&A With Notre Dame OT Sam Young.

Other notes:

  • Saturday night’s CSN teaming of Mike Gorman and Bill Raftery on the Celtics broadcast from Milwaukee was a treat that left viewers wishing for more. The pair had worked together in the past calling a lot of Big East college basketball.
  • I wish NESN would tell me the actual starting times of the games in their promos, especially on the weekends, rather than just the time their pregame show starts. Give us both, please.
  • Andy Gresh on 98.5 this morning, in saying that station colleague Michael Felger (or, “the DB in the afternoon” as he referred to him) is biased against the Patriots, stating that Felger was a suck-up for the first five years, then turned against the team when Tom Brady stopped talking to him.

And finally….

Three popular Red Sox bloggers have combined forces to create the new “Talking Sox Show.”  Jared Carrabis from, Matt O’Donnell from and Craig Leger from 4SportBoston.comwill co-host a weekly audio show focusing on the Red Sox.

The “Talking Sox” show will take place on Sunday Nights at 10 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Pacific) and can be listened to online at, and on Ustream. The shows will also be available as a podcast on iTunes and can be listened to on demand on Ustream. 

Each episode will feature special guests who give insight into teams the Red Sox will be facing in the week ahead. Guests will include beat writers from the mainstream media as well as authors of popular blogs while occasionally checking in on the Red Sox minor league system.  The show also features a live chat where the audience can ask questions for the hosts and the guest.  Guests who have agreed to appear on future shows include Chad Finn of the Boston Globe, Sean McAdam of Comcast Sportsnet New England, Howard Sinker of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times, and Dan Hoard, radio voice of the Pawtucket Red Sox.


12 thoughts on “Sox Even Up The Season, Set To Open Target Field

  1. I knew it, I just knew somebody put sand in Felger’s maxipad. Maybe he needs a fresh start somewhere else if he’s incapable of covering the Patriots without being stupid.


    1. I would have thought Fred “infected boil” Toucher or Zolak be a more likely antagonist – especially with Tanguay out of the way. Tell me, did I miss Gresh and his 3 hour Tiger soliloquy this morning?


    2. I figured something like this happened. Felger was so pro-Belichick at a time when everyone from Borges to Lobel and everyone else was anti-Patriot, that to see him now being buddy-buddy with Borges and frequently railing AGAINST the team is just plain bizarre. Something must’ve happened to his massive ego and I bet Gresh was telling the truth with that anecdote.


  2. This reeks of a bogus, staged radio feud in an attempt by my hero Greshy to draw attention to himself and the Crosseeyed Clipboard Holder.


  3. OK, I guess the logical follow-up question would be: “Why did Brady stop talking to Felger?”

    I’m not buying Gresh’s “explanation” here.

    Felger, when he was just “Mike Felger of the Boston Herald, Patriots beat writer,” was very fair at the beginning of the decade and he was the first prominent media voice to come out unequivocally and say that Brady should be the QB over Bledsoe. He defended the Pats’ “controversial” moves against the naysayers from the Globe (Borges, et al) and all other corners of the media for a good two or three years. Calling him a “suck up” is ridiculous–he was critical back then when criticism was warranted; he just wasn’t a constant negative voice like Borges was.

    Then something changed, and I don’t think it was Brady not talking to him.

    What I think changed is the fact that Felger went from being a Herald beat writer to Mr. Mass Media….his mug and his voice were EVERYWHERE, and he took on a different persona at that point: Mr. Contrarian.

    He’s unlistenable and unwatchable now, to be sure, because that loudmouth, contrarian-for-the-sake-of-being-contrarian act just gets old really, really fast, and it’s not much of a stretch to say that half of it is just fake b.s. designed to generate “outraged” fan reaction and “buzz.”


  4. Just a quick shout out to the National Champion Boston College Eagles Hockey Team with resounding victories on Thursday and Saturday nights against favored Miami (Ohio) and Wisconsin!


    1. That had to be the worst set of hockey games in human history:
      BC 7 Miami 1
      Wisconsin 8 RIT 1
      BC 5 Wisconsin 0

      Ugh. Jerry York is good at coaching.


      1. You forgot to mention that this year’s FF was in Detroit, probably one of the worst tourist-destination cities that has ever hosted the event.


          1. It wasn’t the best ice they could have had, but all in all it wasn’t bad either. They had to do a few repairs on it during the game, but it was good enough. The BC players seemed to have no problem whizzing up and down the rink on that ice, I can tell you that. Great speed on that team.


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