Dennis Wideman(!) scored the game-winner for the Bruins in the third period, as they defeated the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 at the Garden. The Bruins sit tied with Montreal for sixth place in the conference with one game to play. They are one point ahead of eighth-place Philadelphia and three points ahead of the ninth-place Rangers.

For complete Bruins coverage, check Otherwise, here are the best stories of the morning:

ESPN kept its balance – Chad Finn says that the network resisted going overboard in its coverage of Tiger Woods at the Masters.

Wideman redeems himself in B’s victory – Joe Haggerty says that the Dennis Wideman bipolar roller-coaster experience at the TD Garden may take a turn for the better after Thursday night.

B’s count on team defense – Down to four regular defenseman, Joe McDonald says that the Bruins are going to need flexibility from their offense.

More potential for B’s in draft than postseason – Stephen Harris says that the Bruins best hope for the future lies in the draft lottery on Tuesday night.

Defense doesn’t rest – Mick Colageo has Mike Milbury remembering getting a chance in the 1976 playoffs with the Bruins, and how it was a springboard for his career. He says there is a similiar opportunity for the young Bruins defensemen on this squad.

Mind the Gap: Rivera continues to pace Papelbon – Alex Speier has the Red Sox closer still trying to catch up with his Yankees counterpart.

Red Sox pitcher overcomes a mountain of adversity – Despite seeing his team endure a tough opening series to the season, Scott Schoeneweis is smiling. Mike Fine explains why.

Bonser satisfied with outing; Embree gets a scare – Danny Picard has some notes from Pawtucket, where a couple of veterans try to get ready to join the big club.

Getting his game together, and head together – Kevin Thomas has Portland Seadogs pitcher Ryne Miller moving up the ranks after overcoming a bad attitude early in his sports career.

Michael Finley fits right in  – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics appreciating the wisdom and professionalism that the veteran has brought to the team, and Bulpett dubs him (P.J.) “Brown at guard scale” for the “all-knowing role player” that Finley is for them.

Allen polishing his inside moves – Gary Washburn’s Celtics notebook has Ray Allen trying to make an effort to drive to the basket more often.

Rout to the final – Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has Boston College breezing past Miami 7-1 to land in tomorrow night’s NCAA championship game.

This 68 anything but a sorry effort – Bob Ryan has Tiger Woods all business at Augusta, shooting his best-ever opening day round at the Masters.

Pats draft party video: Analysts talk pick 22 – Mike Reiss was part of a panel that addressed Patriots season ticket holders last night, and talked about the upcoming draft.

Bryant visit could be a persona check for Patriots – Tom E. Curran has the Patriots meeting with the top receiving prospect in the draft, perhaps more to judge his head than his talent.

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Seeing The Masters in 3-D – Ken Fang checks out what it was like to view the Masters using the latest TV technology.

Q&A With Murray State DE Austen Lane – Chris Warner with the latest in his series of interviews with NFL prospects.

On the downside, the sheer panic-mongering and negative regarding the Red Sox in the media is nothing less than astounding

The normally even-keeled Michael Silverman opens his column today by stating that a three game “sample size is laughably small.” I’m not sure why he issued that disclaimer, because he then launched into all the reasons that the Red Sox “still don’t stack up to their archrivals.” He notes that they came up short in several key areas.

Just what were those key areas?

How about Starting Pitching, Bullpen, Defense, and Offense.

So basically this team was bad in every aspect of the game. He closes things out by telling us that “The fun is just beginning.”

Is this how it is going to be for the entire season? Just shoot me now.


8 thoughts on “Bruins Rattle Sabres, Move Closer To Playoff Berth

  1. The Shaughnessys and Felgers of the media-and sadly those of their ilk have become predominant-are ruining Boston sports for me. I can’t pick up a paper, read a website, or listen to sports radio in this town without becoming disgusted. They’ve become laughable in their quest to play the contrarian, stir the pot, bring attention to themselves. It’s all gotten so pathetic.


    1. Pathetic, but effective. I can’t stand Felger. I hated this guy from the first time I ever heard his voice as did most people I know. That was over ten years ago and the DB is still around. His knowledge of sports, especially baseball and basketball is very weak, yet he hosts a sports show.

      His M.O. is to always go against the home team and the consensus; make outrageous statements and wait for the reaction. It seems to work. His current show is starting to bomb, but he’ll end up somewhere else.


  2. I remember sometime back in the early 1990s being in Dallas for business and was able to attend the home opener of the Cowboys, who lost in OT to the Lions. It was a very good and exciting game. Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders were immense.

    Two things stood out to me in the aftermath of that game: (1) the fans tailgating in the parking lot bitching and moaning about the FIRST offensive play the Cowboys ran in the entire game — and season — (WTF?!?!?), and (2) the sheer dismissive, sneering, and pessimistic tone of the stories in the Dallas print media (pre-Internet days) about the team — again, after only ONE game. I said to my friend, “these guys are all out of their effin’ minds.”

    Fast-forward to 2010 and it’s exactly what we have going on here. The best remedy: don’t listen to 850-AM or 98.5 FM, steer clear of the print hacks (we all know who they are), and just enjoy the journey. The Sox aren’t going to go 162-0. And they may not even win their annual 95 games. So what?


    1. I have to agree….these days to me it’s ALL ABOUT THE ACTUAL GAMES…..not TALKING about the games, not READING about the games, not listening to the Blowhards DISSECT the games….it’s all about just WATCHING the games, making my own judgements and then going on to the next game…..when you get right down to it, all the other stuff is just useless noise pollution that means nothing.


      1. AOB, it’s only useless to us because our job isn’t to fill air time on the radio. But if we were talk station owners we’d likely be grateful for every blowhard we knew.


  3. now that the Bruins and Celtics carcasses have been picked clean, the vultures are devouring even a TASTE of failure from the Red Sox.

    I think the Patriots should just forfeit the season so we can avoid an entire year of this.


    1. You CAN avoid an entire year of this. Just stop listening to sports radio and stop reading those crap articles. In my little world people like Andy Gresh, Mike Felger, Dan Shaugnessy and Glenn Ordway don’t exist. It’s awesome. Following sports has never been more fun.


  4. bruce, it seems you’ve run into a bit of a roadblock in the way you ‘cover’ the sports media scene. you should maybe look beyond the same old storylines, retread critiques of writers and blithering idiot talk shows if you’re going to keep doing this.

    otherwise it’s ‘box 3 spool 5’ ad infinitum.


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