The Bruins looked to be coming together in their prior two games, but last night they reverted to old habits and fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3 at the Garden.

A control issue with Woods – Chad Finn examines Tiger Woods’ recent interviews, and says that the disgraced golf star still isn’t being totally candid.

Bruins take another step back against Lightning – Joe Haggerty has the wrap from the Garden.

Bruins ripe for pickings – Stephen Harris says that the Bruins really need to get the #2 pick in the draft (via Toronto’s pick) and get themselves a pure goalscorer – and several will be available.

Opposite night in B’s loss to Lightning – Dan Rowinski says that everything was backward for the Bruins last night.

Bruins’ special teams anything but – Joe McDonald looks at another lifeless series of power plays for the Bruins.

Shawn Crable may be Patriots’ missing piece – Ian Rapoport talks to the former Michigan star, who has yet to play a regular season snap for the Patriots after being drafted two years ago.

Rocket scientist finds his space – In a piece that must’ve been in the works for awhile, Adam Kilgore (who has been on the Nationals beat for the Washington Post for a few weeks now) has a feature on Patriots linebacker coach Matt Patricia.

Patriots’ offensive line hopes to build upon last season’s success – Robert Lee  talks to center Dan Koppen about how his unit can get better than they were last season.

Matsuzaka starts his comeback – Sean McAdam has Daisuke Matsuzaka making his Grapefruit League debut yesterday.

For new Red Sox third-base coach Tim Bogar, success will mean no one notices him – Brian MacPherson looks at how the new coach is preparing for his first season at the hot corner.

Padres slugger could still find his way to Boston – Mike Fine thinks Adrian Gonzalez is still a good possibility for the Red Sox, though the end of the Globe notebook seems to indicate otherwise.

Journey to the D-League, Part 4: The game – Paul Flannery wraps up his four part series on the NBA Development League.

Rough Celtics begin to smooth out – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics making some progress.

Celtics small lineup comes up big – A. Sherrod Blakely looks at the small lineup employed by Doc Rivers against the Nuggets on Wednesday night, and why he might need to use it more over the coming weeks.

Differences between grid & diamond – In a blog entry, Mike Reiss cites access as the main difference between covering football and baseball.

And sort of media-related (For WEEI, anyway):

Congressman Fred Smerlas? It just may happen this fall – The Sun (Hamburg, NY) says that Fred Smerlas is thinking about moving his family to Western NY and making a run at Congress.

WEEI appears to be holding off WBZ-FM in the latest ratings. 98.5’s ratings have gone downhill since the start of the year (though ‘EEI’s have as well). Maybe the WEEI-lite strategy isn’t working.


11 thoughts on “Bruins Step Back After Two Steps Forward

  1. Where can I contribute to his campaign? Talk about addition by subtraction. And the ratings numbers for 98.5 arent suprising considering insistance on forcing Gresh on us and 2 weeks of Olympic hockey talk between 2 – 6.


  2. I think the main story should be the continuing decline of TSH. What started out as a potential savior from having to listen to the dregs has turned into exactly what Bruce states – WEEI lite. T & R is a decent show, but the shows of Queer Guy and the One Eye and Los Dos Douchos, has been a big letdown. From the continuing “sky is falling” attitudes to talking down to fans, they have alienated an extremely large % of the population. If I was a “fanboy”, and had to chose between the 2 stations, would I pick the one that $h!t$ all over the home teams(usually for no/little reason), or the one that triumphs everything they do? Add in the fact that Grimace makes daily appearances as a fill-in does not help matters in the least bit.


    1. No one should be WEEI-lite. Most of us were happy with an alternative to what has basically been the same weekday lineup for the past 20 years.


  3. I don’t think T&R were ever a threat to D&C. It sounds like T&R are trying to be Opie & Anthony. It’s not the same kind of show, unless they changed from the first couple of weeks. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for Felger’s act to wear thin. His ‘hey look at me’ crap is predictable and has been for years. I always liked Tony Mazz. I miss him on ‘EEI.

    The weekends on both stations are horrible, especially ‘EEI. First they brought back Mustard and Johnson. That one baffled me, the worst show ever. None of the weekend shows police the calls. All of the callers who get blown up during the week, Steve from Fall River, Danny from Quincy, etc. are given 15 minutes. And they call two and three times a day. I just turn on Oldies 103 for the weekend.


  4. Hey, How did Smerlas and DeOssie ever make out with those, “bite-sized chocolates” that promised to help you lose weigh??….I don’t hear too much about them anymore…..did the FDA come down on them?


  5. Unfortunately, not a surprise that 98.5 has fallen back. I listened to both T&R’s and D&C’s interviews with Joslyn James one of Tiger’s mistresses. I was stunned by how much better D&C were compared to T&R. D&C acted fairly professional with good questions and no name calling. Callahan was leaning towards scolding James for having an abortion but suddenly stopped. My guess is Dennis may have had a look of “don’t go there.” T&R were two wacky FM DJ buffoons who seemed to be acting like Howard Stern wannabees. Rich Shirtenlieb(sic?) came off as a total jackass. D&H are still head and shoulders better than Chicken Little and Zolak. I have given up on F&M. It is one guy who is a blowhard and the other guy who is total wuss when cornered after saying something idiotic folds like a cheap suit. The only weekday show worth listening to is D.A. It is funny, interesting, with no shouting. He does not insult his callers. It boggles my mind how Mike Adams is doing a number on D.A. in the ratings. What is great about the Planet Mikey show is when Mikey is not there the show becomes immediately listenable. John Ryder, Lenny Megliola, Jerry Thornton are just far more interesting to listen to. If I am WEEI and I want a show that is sports related that could be really funny, try Jerry Thornton who has more humor on his pinky finger than Adams will ever have.


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