The Celtics did something rather unusual last night. Most of the season they have struggled at home, especially against quality teams. Last night however, they took care of business, wiping out the Denver Nuggets 113-99 for their fourth straight home victory – astonishingly, their first such streak of the season.

Celtics take care of Nuggets, 113-99 – Bill Doyle says that there is no doubt that this was the most impressive home victory of the season for the Celtics.

Tony Allen provides winning spark – Steve Bulpett has Tony Allen providing an unlikely spark off the bench for the Celtics, putting in 13 points and tough defense in 20 minutes of play.

Dantley gets more knocks than opportunity – Gary Washburn checks in with Adrian Dantley, who has been coaching the Nuggets in George Karl’s absence. Dantley in his playing days was one of the more unique players in NBA history, a 6-5 230-pound low-post machine.

Celts improving their board scores – A. Sherrod Blakely feeds us an assortment of notes from the game last night.

Paul Flannery is in the midst of a four-part series on the NBA D-League, which is definitely worth a read. Here are the first three parts:

Journey to the D-League, Part 1: The ‘D’

Journey to the D-League, Part 2: The Red Claws

Journey to the D-League, Part 3: The players

Lowell’s mobility limited . . . in more ways than one – Sean McAdam has Mike Lowell finding his options limited, both with the Red Sox and with other teams as well.

With Red Sox thin at shortstop, Bill Hall could be a key player – Brian MacPherson looks at a backup who could end up playing a big role for the Sox this season.

Relief for an anxious pitcher – The Globe notebook has Alan Embree looking sharp in a minor league game yesterday.

Carroll admits mistakes with Pats – Mike Reiss has the former Patriots coach talking about his time in New England. Was there any tension in talking to Ron Borges?

Re-signing Ference is a defensible move – Fluto Shinzawa tries to explain why in the world the Bruins gave Andrew Ference a three-year extension.

In the Metro, I’ve got What I’m looking forward to this Red Sox season.

Check Patriots Daily this afternoon for another draft prospect interview.

The bad? Two words. Buddy Thomas.


4 thoughts on “Celtics Pan Out Nuggets

  1. “Today, Carroll realizes what it takes to win is a not always-benevolent dictatorship. It requires a head coach, not a camp counselor. It requires one rope with everyone pulling on the same end, not an atmosphere in which some are free to creep up the back stairs to management in order to undercut his authority.”

    Did Borges actually write these words in his article today? I mean, isn’t that EXACTLY the type of behavior that Belichick has exhibited since taking over in Foxboro–behavior that Borges has always abhorred? Also, how deliciously ironic is the line about some being “free to creep up the backstairs to management in order to undercut his authority”? I mean, wasn’t that the very thing that Borges’ pal Drew Bledsoe was accused of doing after Belichick was mean to him? (And if it wasn’t management, Bledsoe was going behind Belichick’s back to Borges and Carfado–when Drew was traded, that was the last straw for those two, and they both declared open warfare on the coach.)

    I swear, does Borges even remember some of the things he’s said and written over the past decade that were deeply critical of the type of conduct that he now appears to be advocating for Pete Carroll in Seattle?

    I guess Carroll isn’t Belichick, so in Borges’ mind, it’s OK now.


    1. Well, in Borges’ defense, how is he supposed to remember if he probably did not write most of what was in his articles?


    2. Is it a surprise a plagiarist and borderline libelous writer would write such an article? No. Garbage in, garbage out.


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