The Celtics had a quick turnaround after their loss in Cleveland, playing the Pistons at the Garden last night. They came out strong and sustained it for a 119-93 win over Detroit.

Celts needed a laugher and got it – Mike Fine has the Celtics making some progress with the blowout win.

Pierce, Celtics come together – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics captain getting on track early last night.

A boost from the bench helps the C’s pass the Pistons – Rich Levine analyzes the bench play for the Celtics, both last night and recently.

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Shaken after a rough ride – Julian Benbow’s notebook has a tough plane ride shaking up the Celtics on Sunday night.

Musings on Bill Walker, Dice-K n’ more – Lenny Megliola clears out the Rolodex of the mind.

Watson never caught on with Patriots – Michael Felger says that the Patriots made the right move cutting ties with Benjamin Watson.

Pats’ Adalius Thomas not yet set on Jets – Karen Guregian has the Patriots linebacker denying he ever said he wanted to go play for the Jets.

Words don’t match Patriots’ actions – Tom E. Curran hits on a number of Patriots topics, including Asante Samuel’s charge that the team doesn’t care about its players.

Bruins floored early – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins unable to overcome a three-goal first period by the New Jersey Devils.

GM backs proposed rule – Dupont’s notebook wraps up the rest of the news from last night.

For Lowell, the test begins – Alex Speier marks yesterday as the first day of the rest of Mike Lowell’s life.

David Ortiz takes stance – John Tomase has the Red Sox DH saying that he doesn’t have to prove anything in Spring Training.

Quick hits: Orioles 8, Red Sox 4 – Gordon Edes wraps up the action from yesterday.

Nelson always ready to throw an inning in relief –– and sign autographs – Daniel Barbarisi with a look at the 35-year-old Joe Nelson, who is trying to win a spot in the Red Sox bullpen.


I checked out some of the ESPN broadcast of  last night’s Celtics game. For the second straight game, it was Mike Breen calling the action. I have to say I couldn’t believe it was the same guy. Totally different when paired with Hubie Brown and Jon Barry than he is when he’s with Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy, more subdued, not over-the-top. Of course, neither LeBron or Kobe were playing in the game, but still, it was an amazing transformation.

The New England Revolution are coming to Comcast SportsNet. CSN has announced that they will be the new TV home for the MLS club, airing 27 games (out of 30) this season, all in High Definition. Veteran soccer broadcaster Brad Feldman returns for his 10th season with the Revolution and will handle play-by-play duties for all matches airing on Comcast SportsNet. He will be joined in the booth by Revolution legend and Longmeadow, Mass., product Jay Heaps, who begins his first season as color analyst after retiring from the Revolution in December following an 11-year MLS career.

The telecasts are produced by Kraft Sports Productions. The first game of the season for CSN is the team’s April 3 match at D.C. United.

I’ve actually missed Pete Sheppard the last few days, as WEEI has moved Mike Adams into the Big Show slot while Glenn Ordway takes time off. Nice move, Jason Wolfe, just hand the time slot for those times to 98.5 and Mike Felger – who has been dead-on about how Colin Campbell will be responsible for anything that happens when the Bruins and Penguins play on Thursday. Felger and Massarotti has been all over Campbell and how by saying that he’s going to be at the game on Thursday and addressing the teams prior to the game, Campbell is admitting that he screwed up by not issuing a suspension to Matt Cooke when he ended Marc Savard’s season with an elbow.


8 thoughts on “Celtics Bounce Back Against Pistons

  1. Agree with you about Pete Sheppard…I don’t care what anybody says, when he filled in for Ordway he was pretty good… least he seemed to like sports and kept things moving….Mike Adams is just too much of a CLOWN for me, I know some people think he’s funny and once in awhile he hits on something that will make me laugh but it’s FAR AND FEW BETWEEN….most of his humor is just lame….don’t really see what WEEI sees in this guy.


    1. I agree about Adams. I makes me mad he has that great job and so many others don’t.

      Yet, I don’t get the Sheppard love because clearly I’ve seen you bash him back in the “rate the media people” thing a year ago.


  2. I actually like Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson but Sunday was not their finest couple of hours. They seemed bored and distracted, hence all the talk about Jackson’s wardrobe. But I think part of the reason was the game itself. It never seemed at any point in the game that I felt the Celtics would win. I know it was close in the third, but other than Glen Davis nobody seemed to lay it on the line. It had a fait a compli feeling to it and I think it came across in the broadcast.

    I will say that Hubie Brown will make any broadcaster sound better. I really believe there is no one better in the NBA than him. He is as thorough as it gets. If you had never seen an NBA game before, you would have pretty good understanding of the game thanks to him. At 76 he is tremendous. The only one who comes close is Dr. Jack Ramsey who is pushing 90!. Just like Brown, only on the radio, he gives you a clear picture of what is happening in the game.

    One last thing, I would suggest everyone go to to see what Don Cherry had to say about the Matt Cooke hit. As you can well imagine Grapes pulls no punches and you will see just how amazingly dirty Cooke is and he has been barely punished for it. At 75 Cherry still brings it every Saturday night.


  3. If Campbell wants to apologize, do so to Cooke and the Penguins for waiting until now to suspend him. It’s the only way he can stop what should be a bloodbath no one wants to see happen, but will now have to because of his inept leadership.

    Thanks Colin,

    John Blutarsky
    “Wormer Dead!….Cooke Dead!……Crosby, he’s a dead man!…… Niedermeyer…..Dead!”


    1. ….I don’t know, Clinton…..seen stuff like this happen before. Everybody expects all hell to break loose and then NOTHING happens. ….as far as TV goes though, It will probably be the highest rated Bruins game of the season…..NESN will be happy.


      1. “It will probably be the highest rated Bruins game of the season…..NESN will be happy.”

        I was going to say the same thing. I’m not a hockey fan but I plan on watching the game to see what happens. I bet a lot of other fringe and non-fans will be watching too.


      2. I gotta agree with AOB on this one; I don’t think this Bruins team has the “Grapes” to do anything other than go for the win. The irony of having the Big, Bad Bruins from the 1970’s in attendance will be lost on this team, IMHO. That Cooke got away with it in the first place is damning evidence against this team’s character.

        I’m hoping I’m wrong. It’s hard to be a fan of a hockey team that’s gone soft *and* can’t win it all. But in this day and age of Bruins hockey, seeing them turn turtle is more the norm than seeing them kick some ass. Remember that Montreal series from a couple years ago? Ick.


  4. Totally agree about about Mike Adams. Because he was subbing on The Big Show, I checked out Felger and Mazz for the 1st time, and will continue to do so for as long as Adams subs. Adams is an unfunny clown. What’s worse is, that aside from knowing baseball trivia, he really doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of sports.


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