We’ll lead off this Saturday with the news that Brian MacPherson, who has covered the Patriots and Red Sox for the New Hampshire Union Leader for the last 1 1/2 years, will be leaving to join the Providence Journal staff as a Red Sox reporter, replacing Joe McDonald, who left for ESPNBoston recently.

While the Patriots may not have been as active as some would have liked on the first day of free agency yesterday, they did get some things done, inking Tully Banta-Cain, Vince Wilfork and Stephen Neal to new deals. Wilfork’s 5-year, $40 million deal makes him the highest paid nose tackle in the game.

Before the news broke, Mike Felger could be heard screaming on 98.5 about the Patriots being cheap and stating that they only got into the Julius Peppers sweepstakes as a PR move. Tony Massarotti agreed. “You’re absolutely right, Mike.” (Shocker there, I know.)

Patriots do the right thing in signing Wilfork – Tom E Curran explains why the Patriots needed to reward Wilfork.

Pats ’Fork over dough – Karen Guregian has the team coming up big for Wilfork.

Pats’ moves are smart, not splashy – Mike Reiss likes what the Patriots did yesterday.

Tully Banta-Cain cashes in– Ian Rapoport with a look at the new deal for the Patriots linebacker.

Sox hopeful pitches with special motivation – Daniel Barbarisi with a look at Red Sox pitcher Scott Atchison, who has an ill daughter, and gave up millions in Japan to get her help here.

Tim Wakefield wows ’em – Michael Silverman has the knucklerballer looking strong in his spring debut yesterday.

Please shake this behavior – Gary Washburn looks at how no one in the NBA hates each other any more, and has Doc Rivers wishing it was more like the old days.

It was Rondo to the rescue for Celtics – Jessica Camerato has Rondo and KG leading the Celtics to victory over the 76ers last night.

Celtics not perfect, but making strides late – Mark Murphy has the Celtics perhaps getting their finishing act in order.

Seidenberg shows lift in Bruins’ debut – Fluto Shinzawa looks back at the first game as a Bruins for Dennis Seidenberg.


9 thoughts on “Wilfork Signs, Brian MacPherson To Join ProJo

  1. Felger and his little lap dog Massarotti have reached full fledged CLOWN status…..anybody who takes them seriously needs their head examined……It’s all an act and a tired one at that.


    1. Full concurrence on Dorothy and Toto. To save everyone a lot of time (and from needlessly killing brain cells by listening to their doom-and-gloom analysis of the Patriots), here are their drum-beat talking points about the team:

      1) Randy Moss is a dog. (You’re right, Mike.)
      2) The Patriots are cheap. (You’re right, Mike.)
      3) The Jets do things the right way. (You’re right, Mike.)
      4) The Pats have NO TIGHT ENDS!!! (You’re right, Mike.)
      5) Randy Moss is a dog. (You’re right, Mike.)
      6) The league has passed the Pats by. (You’re absolutely right, Mike.)

      Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Every day. Monday-Friday from 2:00-6:00 pm.


      1. Felger actually claimed last night on his Sunday night TV show that the Pats basically don’t have a #1 receiver either–because he doesn’t agree that Moss is a #1 receiver anymore.

        Well, say what you will about the “effort” that Moss gave last year, but if those are the kind of numbers he’s going to put up without giving 100% all the time, then how does that make him not a #1 receiver.

        True, he’s not the Randy Moss of Minnesota or the Randy Moss of 2007, but to say he’s not a #1 receiver in the NFL just because you (Felger) have a bug up your buttocks about him is just utterly ridiculous.


    2. I wonder why we don’t hear anything about the declining ratings of TSH since Los Dos Douchos started their “Boston teams >”?
      I had high hopes for the station when it started, but my hopes were ultimately dashed. T & R are okay, but I can’t listen to them enough to feel great about them. Tanguay and Cyclops – unbearable. Los Dos Douchos – enough said. D.A. started out great, but even he has started with the doom and gloom(he is still light years ahead of Mike Adams). Gresh, an abomination. Pete Sheppard must be kicking himself. The weekend programming leaves a lot to be desired. The only decent one I can think of is Trupiano, and it’s not like he’s lighting it up.


      1. George, I actually like Zolak a lot more than chicken
        little, but you calling him Cyclops has me LMAO. I
        have tears streaming down my eyes as I type. Well done.


  2. Weekends on both stations are pretty bad. I can’t think of their names but the two on 98.5 on Saturday AM are bad, however, they are up against the worst show in the history of all media…….Mustard and Johnson. Oddly enough Shank’s show isn’t bad. Butch Stearns’ IQ hasn’t gone up any since he left TV. Mutt and Bradford used to be decent, but someone, incorrectly, told them that they are comedians.

    The weekend is also a haven for all of the callers that are routinely ridiculed during the week, Steve from Fall River, Danny from Quincy, Ray from Lynn et al make appearances on every show on ‘EEI and the hosts give them ten or more minutes. All things considered I usually end up listening to Oldies 103.


  3. I listen to 88.9 or 90.9 in the afternoons and just check in with various websites for my sports updates. It seems I am not cut out to be a drive time sports radio listener.


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