There’s something about the two-year period between Olympic games. It sneaks up on me, I get excited for the events, then I never watch enough of them and they’re gone. Suddenly, two years feels like a long time when it lies ahead until the next games.

Well, today we’ll start with one final look back at the games of the XXI Winter Olympics because – well, two years is a long time.


The action closed out on Sunday with the U.S. taking 37 total medals to lead all nations for the first time in 78 years. The games left We’re Just Saying with much to feel patriotic about, as America earned medals in both traditional and X Game-type events. Postcards From Vancouver found a lot of emerging patriotism in Canadians too, not to mention an abundance of politeness. Time’s World agrees they were the perfect hosts, but if public intoxication were an Olympic event Vancouver would take the gold. On Olympics Blog, Connecticut luger Megan Sweeney didn’t want to part Vancouver, nor part with her Ralph Lauren outfit.

Around The Oval has the highs and lows of speed skating, while Free Time reviews the incredible highs of freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Forget things skyward says And Another Thing . . ., because the 50K cross-country commands Bob Ryan’s greatest respect.

And ESPN’s Vancouver 2010 looks to Sochi, where 2014’s Team USA will have a hard time surpassing the accomplishments of Vancouver.

Olympic Hockey

This one aspect of the XXI Winter Olympics was so riveting that it needs a section unto itself. Fourth Place Medal captures all the superlatives of the fortnight, including Mittkini Girl getting the nod as Best Fan Of The Games.

On Sports Central, I admit to an indifference toward ice hockey 30 years ago but now see it today as one of many sources of national pride. The Sporting Blog says the gold medal game was one of those occasions where sports has the power to sear memories into history. NESN’s Olympics blog has the U.S. loss setting President Obama back a case of Yuengling. Olympic Hockey Blog fell in love with Ryan Miller’s play, not to mention his big, brown puppy-dog eyes.

Bingo Bar Blog‘s love of watching hockey has been reawakened after the Olympics to the point where they’re going to give the NHL another chance. Jerry Thornton had fun fooling around with hockey in her foxy Olympic days, then awoke this week to the tired and unsightful hag that is the NHL. I’m Just Sayin . . . understands Commissioner Gary Bettman’s public fence-sitting on the impact of the Olympics on the NHL, but says he should be more concerned about securing a legitimate network that will broadcast his games.


Boston Sports Then And Now has many B’s returning from the Olympic break disappointed with their homelands’ performances but needing to get in focus quick, as there’s no room for further error. Enough with the somehows says Kathryn Tappen, who wants answers and in a hurry.

Don’t look the way of outsourced help for those answers, as Joe Haggerty has GM Peter Chiarelli’s conservatism like shackles binding him as yesterday’s trade deadline passed. The B’s did land defenseman Dennis Seidenberg and, although the ESPN Boston Bruins jury is still out on the question of value to the B’s, they ruled it a good move for Seidenberg. Bruins Blog brings the inside scoop on Derek Morris waiving his no movement clause, a move that led to his return to Phoenix. With Seidenberg, a left shot, coming and Morris, a right shot, going, Rink Rap figured another shoe would drop. It never did. Bruins 2010 Draft Watch hates Chiarelli’s moves and wants him out of the way if he’s not going to lead. Hockey Independent says the acquisition of rights to Steve Kampfer is nothing in the now and only compounds fans’ ire with Chiarelli.

Boston Sports Blog thinks the only way to cure the hiccup that is Boston’s depressing season is for fans to start wearing bags over their heads.


After a disaster of epic proportions against the NJ Nets last weekend, it was back-to-back wins for the C’s in mid-week. North Station Sports suggests that beauty could be found in the 105-100 win in Detroit . . . if you switched off your lights. Maybe your TV, too. Last night was more like what Green Street was looking for, as the C’s won both at home and on the back half of consecutive night games, crushing the Bobcats, 104-80. ESPN Boston Celtics Blog thinks that Gino may have been just what the C’s needed to dance off some inconsistent play of late. CelticsBlog has Nate Robinson joining Gino as fan favorites after each sparked the crowd last night.

Hardwood Houdini says it’s about time Doc Rivers takes some of the blame for the C’s lack of focus and chemistry. Celtics Stuff Live questions Doc on his use of Sheed to close games. And it’s a Baby step forward and a giant one back for Glen Davis, as Red’s Army says nothing is going his way this year.

Red Sox

Yesterday was the first day of actual competition down in Florida, if you call 15-0 and 6-1 wins over college kids competition. Sawxblog is happy to have his old friend Baseball back. Against Northeastern, Adam Hirshfield has Casey Kelly making a decent pitching debut . . . for a shortstop. Against Boston College, it was a rite of spring as Sean McAdam has BP pitcher Ino Guerrero getting in his annual ABs.

Utility Lou is worried about Jonathan Papelbon’s inability to put another pitch in the back of hitters’ minds last year. Peter’s Red Sox Forever‘s mind is on what goes on down under Sox players’ belts.

With the Chilean earthquake shortening our days by something in the order of milliseconds, Masshole Sports wonders if there’s enough time for the Sox to win another World Series. The days are too short for Toeing The Rubber to ever forgive Johnny Damon – pinstripes or not. It looks like the Yankees will lose one Damon and gain another, as Soxy Lady has Matt and buddy Ben Affleck turning to the Evil side. The Mighty Quinn Media Machine eulogizes the career of Rhode Island’s Rocco Baldelli.

Thanks to all you Olympics bloggers who gave us a little extra color and variety over these past three weeks – not that we needed it! I’ve got your cards, and we’ll see you again in the summer of 2012. As for the rest of you, we’ll see you next Thursday.


One thought on “Week Log: Winter Cedes To Spring

  1. God, Gaspar is becoming the very embodiment of the cliched Boston sportswriter right before our eyes. From his latest blog entry:

    “. . . yours truly is as amped about [Casey] Kelly as anyone”

    Because it’s all about you, Chris, isn’t it? Oh, excuse me, “yours truly.”

    “. . . but to paraphrase Bill Parcells, let’s not start clearing space for him in Cooperstown yet because he mowed down the Northeastern Huskies.”

    Gag me with a spoon.

    Loathing of Gaspar . . . increasing daily. And I confess, I never saw it coming.


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