A power outage and a few other obstacles had me running behind this morning, but here’s the top stories from this morning. There was more quality then usual this morning, so there are 15 links, plus two bonus ones:

After 30 years, Michaels still believes – Chad Finn has Al Michaels recalling his broadcast of the 1980 U.S. Hockey win over the Soviet Union. Finn also says that the Boston media is making more out of Mike Milbury’s “Eurotrash” comment than the Vancouver media is. Big surprise there.

Documentary offers new view of Bird – Bill Doyle takes a peek at the new HBO Magic/Bird Documentary.

Cavs run away from Celtics in second half – Julian Benbow has the Celtics once again falling short down the stretch.

Where adjustments happen – Paul Flannery says that the Cavs made second-half adjustments last night, while the Celtics didn’t.

Celtics follow path of least resistance to defeat – Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics simply backed down and stopped being aggressive.

Rondo inching toward the elite – Sherrod Blakely’s notebook has LeBron James talking about how far Rajon Rondo has come in his career.

To Powe, there was no question about it – Benbow’s notebook says that the former Celtics had last night circle on his calendar for while.

Matt Cassel, Logan Mankins Highlight Patriots’ Brilliant 2005 Draft Class – Jeff Howe approves of the 2005 draft.

Scott Pioli tuned in – Karen Guregian has the former Patriots VP of Player Personnel talking about his club, and his old club.

Alabama product may fit TE-happy Patriots – Ian Rapoport has prospect Colin Peek saying that he’ll “translate seamlessly into Bill Belichick’s system.”

Mike Cameron used to center stage – Gordon Edes says that replacing Jacoby Ellsbury in centerfield is nothing for the man who once replaced Ken Griffey Jr at the same position.

Sox tell pitchers: ‘If it hurts, tell us’ – Daniel Barbarisi has the Red Sox hoping their pitchers won’t hesitate to tell them when something is wrong.

Fabled Fenway moves south – ESPNBoston with a quick look at the plans for the Red Sox new spring training facility scheduled to open in 2012.

Sox counting on thievery – The Red Sox place a great value on not making outs, Peter Abraham looks at how they allow Jacoby Ellsbury to run despite their own leanings against the stolen base.

Victor Martinez: Stats dish out truth – John Tomase has the Red Sox catcher feeling that he doesn’t have to prove himself behind the plate.

Bonus Links:

Over on Patriots Daily, Chris Warner has a  Q&A With Rutgers OL Kevin Haslam.

Also check out my Metro column from earlier in the week – Is perception reality for the 2010 Sox?.

WEEI’s Big Show had one of their better programs yesterday, and it was because they actually had a couple of guests. Harry Sinden was one guest (as noted by commenter mandb97) and the other was Tom E. Curran calling from the combine in Indy.

Curran expanded on his post from Wednesday dispelling the notion that the Patriots are cheap, and warning about the comments from former players like Asante Samuel. He noted that Samuel and others complain about how the Patriots move on from players that have done so much for them. Curran observed that  in the last two offseasons, the Eagles have said goodbye to franchise stalwarts Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook, yet you’re not going to hear a peep from Samuel, because he got his money – money which may well have contributed to the Eagles having to release those two players who had done so much for the franchise over the past decade.

 So what was the deal with 98.5 this morning talking about evening host Damon Amendolara receiving incessant texts from a producer at a rival station? It was strongly hinted that the station was WEEI and the show was the Big Show.

Interesting note from Mike Reiss this morning about the media contingent covering the Patriots at the combine out in Indy. He notes that while most teams have one or two reporters covering them, the Patriots have at least 12 reporters from various outlets covering their every move. He links to a piece in the Kansas City Star where a reporter noted how popular Scott Pioli was yesterday among the Boston media group, and that Pioli seemed slightly irritated at all the negative talk aimed at the Patriots supposed decline.


5 thoughts on “Celtics Fade Badly Once Again

  1. I think T and R were punchy from Scalabrine’s tan and the return of the Chili Guy. I missed the part about DA’s show, but I’ll have to listen to the podcast. I thought WEEI wasn’t worried about 98.5 at all?


    1. According to Toucher and Rich, the D.A. show was receiving a bunch of nasty text messages from the same number. Since it’s a text message, the phone number of the sender shows up and because of the large amounts of texts that had been showing up over the course of the past few weeks, the producer of the D.A. show decided to call the number and see what the deal was. He reached the person’s voicemail and the guy recognized the name and voice as one of the producer’s of the big show (whom he used to work with). Pretty funny stuff.


      1. DA’s flash guy Perks used to do production on Entercom. He was the calm sounding voice guy you sometimes heard on their commercials. The texter was ripping him apart with texts about being a glorified dj in p-town or something. When they called the number, Perks immediately recognized the name.


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