I was ready.

After watching Peyton Manning shred the tough defenses of Baltimore and the Jets in theirs last two games, and seeing how the Colts had been a machine in every game they had tried to win this season, I was ready to join the group-think that had Peyton whipping past Tom Brady and the Colts joining the Patriots as team of the decade.

One killer pick-six in the fourth quarter put an end to all that. That play was more Peyton Manning of 2004 than it was the QB we’ve seen since the AFC title game in 2006. The interception sealed the game for the Saints, who rallied from a 10-0 first quarter deficit to beat the Colts, 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV.

I’m sure Manning wishes his former coach had kept quiet. This was Tony Dungy’s prediction of the game:

“I think they’re going to be so far ahead that people are going to say, ‘Oh, ho-hum, he played a good game, they won by two scores, the Colts won their second championship,’ ” Dungy said of Manning on Thursday. “He’s going to have those rings Sunday night. I don’t think it’s going to be close.”

Whoops. (It wasn’t the only dumb thing Dungy said either, as he also took a shot at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as well.) The media pack is quick to change direction, now even Ron Borges says that Peyton just a .500 QB when it counts. Hector Longo says Manning doesn’t belong to be mentioned with Tom Brady or Joe Montana. Jonathan Comey offers up some thoughts on the Saints victory. Karen Guregian can’t forgive the Colts for laying down the final two weeks of the season. Dan Shaughnessy takes a shot at himself for his Saturday column stating that Manning was definitively better than Brady. Christopher Price bangs out 10 things we learned last night. Tom E. Curran says that Peyton, Polian and the Colts were afraid of the pressure.

Here are the top links from this morning’s papers and websites around New England:

The Celtics Forced To Face Reality – Paul Flannery assesses the Celtics after a 19-0 Magic third quarter run doomed the Celtics on national television yesterday.

Celtics show the good, bad and ugly against Orlando – Tim Weisberg has the Celtics blowing their ninth double-digit lead since Christmas.

Problem on the parquet – Scott Souza says that only the Celtics can fix what’s wrong with this team.

Their effort not hard to categorize – Gary Washburn explains that the Celtics are just not an elite team right now.

Relaxing the cause of tension – Frank Dell’Apa’s notebook has the Celtics getting too comfortable in the second half of games.

Rask and B’s back in winning ways – Yes, the Bruins actually won a game yesterday. Joe Haggerty gives us the details from Montreal.

Bruins kick ugly Hab-it – Steve Conroy says that the Bruins flirtation with ignominy is over.

Lowrie working very hard to get back on radar screen – Actually from yesterday, but a good Red Sox notes column from Joe McDonald and Daniel Barbarisi.

Gay rings up another – Adam Kilgore has Randall Gay using his experience in New England to benefit his hometown Saints.

A strong sense of entitlement is at play – Ready for another BU-BC Beanpot final tonight?


24 thoughts on “Celtics Don’t Have Magic, Saints Do

  1. I’d be feeling a much bigger sense of Schadenfreude today over the Boston mediots all jumping on the “Manning is better than Brady” bandwagon BEFORE he’d even won a second Super Bowl if I didn’t know that most of them just wrote what they did in order to annoy Pats fans and engender a lot of angry responses (Tony Miserable-otti and Shank being examples 1 and 1A).

    Still, it does feel good this morning to know that it’s still 3 rings to 1; it’s still 4 AFC titles to 2; and it’s still 4 post-season losses to 9.


    1. Yeah and anytime Borges is sad then I’m just a little bit happier. Glad to see a very entertaining game.

      The only thing now is we’re going to have the hacks telling the Patriots to draft Tim Tebow and other things Belichick doesn’t have a clue about. Can’t wait.


  2. I found it laughable to hear the media, or anyone for that matter, to proclaim that Manning could go down as THE greatest quarterback in NFL history if the Colts won.

    First of all, some old-time fans would argue whether the Colts won or lost, Manning isn’t even the greatest QB in franchise history. That honor goes to some guy who wore No. 19 named Unitas. Johnny U led the Baltimore Colts to two NFL championships and one Super Bowl title over Dallas. Clearly, Manning has better individual statistics than Unitas. But as Belichick famously said, stats are for losers. Not that Manning is a loser. Hardly. He did win a Super Bowl, which brings me to my next point.

    ESPN’s pseudo hip-hop guy Stuart Scott made the dumbest comment about Manning last night after the game. Scott said something to the effect of, “But the stat that sticks out is Manning has won JUST one Super Bowl” and pointed out Ben Roethlisberger has won more. To quote Arnold Jackson from Different Strokes, “What you talkin’ ’bout, Stu?”

    Manning’s one Super Bowl victory is also less than Jim Plunkett, Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr, and the same number of Super Bowls won by Doug Williams, Joe Namath, Trent Dilfer, Joe Theissman, Brad Johnson, Len Dawson, Jim McMahon, Mark Rypien and Ken Stabler. But anyone with half a brain would tell you that Manning is better than all those QBs. Well, anybody except maybe Stuart Scott, who forgot to mention Manning has more Super Bowl rings than Marino, Kelly, Tarkenton, Fouts, Moon. I’m guessing all of them wish they had won JUST one Super Bowl.


    1. Fine. Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback ever. yet in these situation, I’ll take pre-injury Tom Brady. The end. Why does CHB and the rest of these clowns not grasp this?


  3. also shows how RAZOR THIN it is from being a genius to a dummy….Today Sean Peyton is the new “genius” coach……if that onsides kick bounces in another direction and the Colts get a short field,score and win the game, the media would be KILLING Sean Peyton today……think they thought of that when Belichick went for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts?


    1. Well, if the Pats had been awarded the first down on that play and won the game, the media narrative would have been about his “arrogance,” like it was earlier in the year when he went for it on 4th down deep in his own territory against Atlanta (and made it).

      Belichick can never win with (most of) these media jackals.


      1. Here’s the thing about the Atlanta game 4th down call. It wasn’t in the fourth quarter for one and the picked up first down decisively instead of possibly like in the Colts game.

        Those two situations were dissimilar in just about every way except for field position.


    2. Very true. It is a thin line between genius and foolishness. Now the Colts know how it feels to be a juggernaut ALL YEAR (they could argue they never lost a game in which they tried) and suddenly make a flaming mistake (the INT) and it all comes crashing down.


      1. For some reason (well,the Super Bowl I guess) I watched “Around The Horn” today even though I hate the show. So, that Jay Marrioti clown is gushing over the onsides kick call. The host dude says, “but if it didn’t work you would be bashing Sean Peyton today,right Jay?”…..and Marrioti says, “no I wouldn’t!…no I wouldn’t!…you got to make gutsy calls like that to beat the Colts!!!”……LMAO…what a load of Bullcrap. no doubt in my mind he would have been saying it was a stupid call……and these guys wonder why people hate their guts.


  4. Haven’t seen much on Peyton’s walk-off with no handshake (good piece about it on FoxSports.com), Belichick got ripped for doing it two years ago.


    1. The hypocrisy in the media is amazing.
      They take more bizarre turns than the puck Sturm shot in the third period that somehow beat Halak. (THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER!)


    2. Now we’re showing too much sensitivity. Belichick got ripped because he walked off the field before the game was over. He shook hands with Coughlin while being pulled back by the referee who was saying we still have seconds left yet the Coach decided the game was over and walked off. He got ripped, rightly so. Brady didnt shake hands – like Manning – and no one said a word. We really need to relax around here, go home and watch the DVDs, do something to reassure yourself the Pats were still the best 5 years ago.


      1. Curtis, with all due respect, Belichick also has been ripped for shaking hands NOT FORCEFULLY ENOUGH with Eric Mangini after a game, and he’s also been flat-out lied about for “not shaking hands with Peyton Manning” after the 2006 AFC title game defeat–never mind that a wire service photo that went all around the country showed BB shaking Manning’s hand, quite warmly, on the field after that game.

        The Coughlin Super Bowl handshake thing was just one of MANY issues the media has taken with Darth Belichick’s alleged “snubbing” of his opponent’s in defeat. If Super Bowl 42 was an isolated incident of the media doing that to Belichick, then I think it would be easier to let it go, but it wasn’t an isolated incident–they do that crap to him all the time.


      2. Also Curtis, when Belichick went to shake hands with Coughlin the clock he was looking at showed no time. The ref told Belichick their was still one second left when BB had already made it to Coughlin.


          1. Not a problem.

            We are thinking the same thing. The Coughlin hand shake “issue” from Super Bowl 42 was just one of MANY “issues” the media has had with Belichick’s post-game handshakes. It was not an isolated incident. Hence, that’s why Pats fans have a right to point out the media’s hypocrisy over Manning fleeing the field without shaking hands on Sunday night.


  5. I have to chuckle at Dungy making a fool out of himself. This guy was canonized for some reason and I’ve never quite seen it. Maybe now the network will reduce his role and he can go away.


  6. Please be sure to reprint all the stupid media comments, along with full credit, in webpage sidebar like you used to.

    I will take hours to read through all the idiocy even if you put them in a pretty fast loop but we would enjoy that.

    They go on and on,with faulty prognostications, always against the Pats, and have the gall to proclaim themselves experts… that’s not really “reporting” is it? Because that would require research.

    “Pfffttt Rodney, the Chargers have no chance against the Colts… don’t even go there… So tell me, how are the Patriots going to handle the Colts?” M Felger days before the Chargers trounce the Colts in the (2004) playoffs.


  7. A couple of quick items.

    1)When Tom E. Curran picked the Saints I thought for sure the Colts would win. He usually cannot pick his nose even with a mirror. He is usually worse from Eddie Mush from A Bronx Tale.

    2) There is a slight difference in Payton going for the onside kick and Belichick going for it on forth and two in that there was a lot of time when the Saints made the attempt. But the point is well taken by everyone on the board. That is, if Belickick went for it and was successful, Borges, Shaugnessy and the like would be hammering Belichick for being too arrogant and giving a bunch of “What if it failed?” garbage as their reasoning for saying it was such a bad decision.

    3)Finally, I was listening to F & M (I know, I’m not to bright). Mazz was talking about how classy Peyton Manning was, saying that he gave all credit to the Saints. Really, the press conference I heard Manning very ninja-like made sure to say his defense did not make enough plays. I guess Dwight Freeney must have thrown that pass that turned out the lights. Stay classy Peyton.


  8. One more thing, after having my ears bleed from F & M, I did the unthinkable and listened to Ordway. Glen, we get it, the Who are old and not as good, in fact half the band is dead I know already. Now go back to flip-flopping and telling us why you know so much more than the rest of us.


    1. I’m glad they were able to take a break from their busy schedule of Fred and Steve’s steakhouse and how much they love Scott Brown to discuss popular music. Anything to avoid babbling endlessly about the same Patriots/Red Sox topic.
      Did the Giant Forehead bash the Beanpot this morning or was it just more idiotic liberal bashing and talk about their golf games?


    1. Wrong. There’s nothing idiotic about me changing the station to listen to people actually discuss sports. When Fred Toucher makes more sense than anyone on that entire station, you know you have a problem.


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