Here’s the top ten Boston sports articles this morning from around the newspaper and web world…

A Ticket to ride – Frank Dell’Apa has Kevin Garnett returning to form as the Celtics beat the Clippers 95-89.

Warriors may offer Ellis for Ray Allen – Comcast SportsNet’s A. Sherrod Blakely reported that the Warriors might be interested in moving Monta Ellis for Ray Allen. He also says that this is not a deal Danny Ainge has given any serious thought to considering. (Don Nelson doesn’t appear to take it serious either…so where did this rumor come from?)

Allen’s first option to stay in Boston – Gary Washburn has Allen hoping to stay right here with the Celtics.

Five questions for the Celtics – Paul Flannery looks at some things that the Celtics need to address in the second half of the season.

Critics bite at Tim Tebow – Ian Rapaport talks to the Florida quarterback and Heisman trophy winner, who admits that he’s talked to Bill Belichick and asked him for advice on the pro game.

Brady always seems at ease – Mike Reiss admires Tom Brady’s polish and genuineness at a charity event yesterday, where he also talked a little football.

Could this be a gift from Saban to Belichick?? In the Extra Points blog, Albert Breer looks at the Patriots possible interest in Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody – all 370 lbs of him.

Opportunity may come knocking for Hermida – Brian MacPherson has Jeremy Hermida OK with being the Red Sox fourth outfielder this season.

Healthy Daisuke Matsuzaka Hungry for Redemption in 2010 – Adam Hirshfield has the Red Sox pitcher telling a Japanese magazine that he injured himself while training for the WBC last year.

Going backward on the blue line – Fluta Shinzawa has the Bruins swirling down the Eastern Conference standings, thanks in no small part to the play of their defensemen.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten

  1. I liked that Matsuzaka article when the Globe actually wrote the original one weeks ago, based off a translation of the Japanese article when it came out.

    Not an ounce of new material or insight in there.


  2. The conspiracy theory in the draft as proposed by Breer happens every year and just isn’t true. Who’s going to give up millions just in the small chance they can play for a good coach? Fact is these are great athletes but they’re young and very immature kids who know better (like Andre Smith last year) but do stupid things that hurt themselves. Most of us had to go through that phase.

    Poor, unnecessary speculative journalism.


  3. “Comcast SportsNet’s A. Sherrod Blakely reported that the Warriors might be interested in moving Monta Ellis for Ray Allen.”

    Might be? I think the Celtics also might be interested in trading Ray Allen for Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant.


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