Some interesting links out there this morning, as we get ready for championship weekend.

What happened with Jason Bay and the Red Sox – Rob Bradford has Jason Bay breaking his silence on what went wrong with his negotiations with the Red Sox. He and the Red Sox did reach agreement on a new contract back in July, but the team backed out after his physical.

‘Big’ support for ex-WEEI yakker – Jessica Heslam has Pete Sheppard getting plenty of support, and hoping that a gig on 98.5FM might be in his future. The Curt Schilling/WEEI falling out has to be more than just about Sheppard, doesn’t it? Jason Wolfe takes a shot at the ex-Red Sox pitcher in this piece.

Burns sends Sox to extra innings – Chad Finn has filmmaker Ken Burns asking fans to send in their photos and memories of the Red Sox 2004 run to the World Series to him for his sequel to his 1994 PBS documentary “Baseball.”

Herzlich back at BC practice – Jimmy Golen of the AP has the heartwarming account of Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich getting back on the football field after battling Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Blue Jackets stick it to Bruins – Danny Picard reports on the Bruins 3-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets last night at the Garden.

Savard plays waiting game – Fluto Shinzawa’s notebook has Marc Savard getting closer to a return.

Season of intrigue for Beckett – Gordon Edes says that Josh Beckett could have a new deal this spring, or he could be trade fodder by midseason.

Garnett being counted on to inject life in listless Celtics – Robert Lee has the Celtics eagerly anticipating the return of Kevin Garnett, scheduled for tonight.

New England Ties Run Rampant Through Remaning Super Bowl Contenders – Jeff Howe looks at the numerous area connections on each of the four remaining playoff teams.

NFL prospect keeps eye on homeland – Mike Reiss with a piece on UMass offensive lineman Vladimir Ducasse, a native of Haiti, who is living a dream in the U.S., but hasn’t forgotten where his journey began.


4 thoughts on “Jason Bay Speaks – And Other Top Links

  1. Fascinating story on Bay. Theo blew it. The Sox should rethink their strategy of leaking things to the Globe (and CHB). It always backfires and never does them any long term good.

    Then maybe they could consider selling edible food at Fenway that doesn’t cost a mortgage payment.


    1. If the Bay story is correct, and I have every reason to believe it is, Theo and the Red Sox stooped to a new low. It’s one thing for a GM to say the team has medical concerns about the player. It’s quite another thing for a GM to concoct a bogus injury about a player as a negotiating tactic.

      Somebody should ask Theo: How is it the Sox determined that Bay needed surgery when THREE other doctors who examined Bay said he didn’t need surgery?

      Theo won’t answer it. He’ll probably say that he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about a player on another team, then say the Red Sox have a policy that forbids the team from publicly discussing medical issues of players.

      The reporter should then say, “Is there anything in that policy that forbids the team from discussing medical conditions privately? And have you ever leaked information to your lapdog friends in the media about a player’s medical condition?”

      I’d love to see Theo’s face when he hears that. Sorry, Theo, your arrogance got the best of you again.


  2. Very interesting stuff about Bay.

    The Sox should have just been honest and said they were having second thoughts about signing a guy who’s going to be 35 at the end of the contract to a four-year guaranteed deal, especially a guy who’s a nice player, but hardly a superstar (too many strikeouts; batting average not high enough; too many hot and cold streaks, etc.).

    I believe in the long run the Sox can do better than Bay in LF (not this year, but in the long run), so it probably was wise to let some other team overpay for him. But this story today definitely does not place them in a very favorable light.

    Can anyone here imagine what the press coverage of this story would be like, especially in the Globe, if Dan Duquette, the Boston baseball writers’ favorite whipping boy, had pulled a stunt like this and let a player walk? After all, they never let Duquette forget his letting that fraud Clemens walk after four fat and mediocre years in Boston. And they loved rubbing the Texas Con Man’s post-Boston success–now proven to be the fraudulent product of PED use–in Duquette’s face.


  3. If there were no concerns whatsoever about the knee/shoulder in the second and third tests… then why didn’t Bay take the contract with medical stipulations that he apparently fully believed would never come into play? Drew did, and he’s getting his full money (as I believe the stipulations in his contract can no longer can apply under their terms).

    I think there’s a bit of spin here.


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