It appears that Pete Sheppard has done his final sports flash for WEEI’s Big Show.

From Regan Communications (PR firm for Entercom New England) today:

Statement Regarding Pete Sheppard from Entercom New England Vice President and Market Manager Julie Kahn and Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe

“As we continue to operate in challenging economic times, it is with regret that we announce today that we have eliminated Pete Sheppard’s position as sports anchor on the Big Show. We’d like to thank Pete for his outstanding work with WEEI over the last ten years. He played a major role in our growth, and helped “The Big Show” become one of the top radio shows in the country. We wish Pete the best of luck in his future endeavors and remain extremely grateful for all his contributions over the past decade.”

Too bad for Pete. He was the one guy on that afternoon show who actually had some passion for sports. The elimination of his position also raises the question of what happens to Patriots post game shows next season, and who becomes the standard “fill in” host for Ordway.

If this really is a economic layoff, and I don’t have reason at this time to believe otherwise, what would prevent Sheppard from becoming just another rotating fill-in co-host or flash guy in the future? Or does he surface at 98.5?

Sheppard had signed a multiyear contract with WEEI back in May of 2007, so it doesn’t look like contract negotiations gone bad here.

The Boston Radio Watch fellow says that Curt Schilling called in and said he won’t come back onto the WEEI airwaves until Sheppard is rehired. 

Glen Ordway stated on the air that the company has decided to outsource the flash updates for the Big Show, similiar to what they’ve done to other shows (Dale & Holley) in the past.

Approval Ratings – Pete Sheppard (BSMW)

Sheppard out at WEEI (


97 thoughts on “Pete Sheppard Out At WEEI

  1. The good news is that we’ve eliminated one fat blowhard from WEEI. And maybe we’ll never have to heard Man on the Way Up do an awful accoustic song about “Shep” ever again. Furthermore, since his predictions on PC basketball were never ever accurate, the Friars now have a chance! Keano Davis must be saying novenas.
    The bad news is that he actually liked sports and hockey in particular which means the show will now degenerate into Ordway eating sandwiches, fantasizing about a Scott Brown reach around and insulting callers. Mazz and Felger rejoice!

  2. While Pete could say the wildest and craziest things at times, I believe he was a huge (no pun intended) piece of the success of the station. The Big Show is the number 1 show in the market and on that station and Pete was a bigger part of this than many may think. Even the whiner line which is their highest rated segment, will be watered down a bit without such a polarizing figure. When Glenn Ordway is away, the show continued to thrive and do well with Pete in charge. I think Pete will likely end up being highly visible in the local sports tv market and certainly would do well should he choose to take on WEEI from the other sports station in town. Pete is a great sport who was the butt of all the jokes for many years, but he is a talent and Entercomm made a bad mistake.

    Not a caller, just a long time listener.

  3. I don’t like it at all!
    Also, something fishy going on there.
    Good luck Pete!!!
    I hope you land on your feet, perhaps 98.5.

  4. There are thousands of hard working people who are out of work today. I wont waste a second worrying about some talent free assshole who can no longer steal six figures from submoronic radio “executives”. Time to get a fu*king real job, Pete. Maybe Burger King is hiring. Tell ’em Keith Foulke sent you.

  5. Well now yes its been awhile
    It’s going on 6 years
    But to hear the news that Sheppards gone
    Is music to our ears
    Dye Da Dye
    Dye Da Dye Dye Dye Da Dye
    See ya later Sheppard…

  6. I imagine that 98.5 The Sports Hub has some kind of deal waiting for Pete. If Pete knew his contract was up in February, and knew that cost cutting techniques were being implemented, then I am sure he had some ‘off the record’ chats with execs at 98.5.

    1. But where would Pete fit in at 98.5 now that they’ve brought Gresh on board? They appear to have a full staff of hosts and update guys. Only remote possibility I see is that Toucher & Rich’s contracts are up later this year, but I can’t see Pete being part of a revamped morning show (especially if Wallach is still around).

      Jon, I like your idea of a Pete/Crash show for the humor value alone.

  7. I am personally lauching a boycott of all WEEI sponsors. I am emailing each and telling them that I will not longer do business with them.

    Pete’s salary is a mere pittance compared to what Ordway, Dennis, and Callahan earn. Let’s face it, WEEI save no more than $150K with this move.

    Pete has been a loyal employee for over 15 years. He does a good job of filling in for the Big O’s numerous vacations. Pete’s Patriots Post-Game Real Post-Game Show with Freddie and Steve was must-listen radio through all the glory years. After every Pats home game, I would jump in my car, tune in Pete and get the scoop on the game. Man that was great radio.

    Pete deserved better. He should still be on the radio.

    My plan is to send every sponsor I can find an email to inform them that I am boycotting their products.

    The beautiful thing about this is that it costs me nothing. All I have to do is shop elsewhere.

    1. i am with you Vince, this is all a fat Ordway thing. Pete was getting to big for that !*$^@. i have gone back to WFAN but it’s killing. i will never buy from any sponsor of the big show

  8. I hated Pete in the beginning of his run. However, I found myself emailing WEEI management yesterday informing them that I’m moving over to 98.5 unless Pete is brought back. The guy provided hours of laughter in the last 10 years as I was fighting traffic on the way home. So, Pete is axed…and that little nasley punk Metaperal survives? Huh?

  9. Pete was hilarious at times he really cared.A true fan is rare when it comes to the media,stupid move.I have show on now and it is not the same.

  10. I have to say that at Times Pete would rub me the wrong way, but I feel that he is very passionate about what he though and was a huge asset to the Big Show. I do hope he resurfaces at 98.5. I have been laid off since April so I know about cost cutting measures. Good luck Pete, make us laugh and be your own man and never a Company Man.

  11. I’d empty the wastebaskets at WEEI if I could get on the station, even for a 30 second spot! I always thought Pete must of had dirty pictures of an Entercom executive, especially when I heard he got a big contract in 2007. Dick Robinson didn’t teach him very much at CSB in my estimation. For my ears Shep was too all or nothing and an over reactant to just about any caller who was critical of a hometown pro athlete. These types of responses demonstrated a very unprofessional radio demeanor.

  12. Pete was awful. The tone of his voice in his flashes were annoying, his emphasis on certain words as he ended his flash was annoying. His usage of the English language was no better that an 8th grader. His questioning of guests on the show was redundant. He may have been a great in-house personality, but he was terrible over the airwaves.

  13. I am still so disappointed that Pete is gone. The “Big Show” doesn’t have the same spark without Pete’s passionate views about Boston sports, especially the Patriots. I always listened to Fred and Pete after the games. If WEEI could bring back the “teacher” and the “preacher” on Sat. mornings, they should try to bring Pete back. I have a feeling that Pete will find his niche elsewhere and not look back.

    1. Pete was the voice of the “real” New England sports fan. The true representer for us from Rhode Island. Pete will be back and bigger, er better than ever. I think Ordway could have pulled a power move and saved him, but I don’t think that’s Ordway’s style. He’s all about the “Big O” brand. The show has suffered without Pete.

  14. I thought Pete brought some intelligence to the show, if you want to clear the house of some worthless crap get rid of Ordahog! He’s never there and always talks over veryone else in his I know everything style.

    All of the worthless guests would be another way of saving money, by limiting their useless contibutions. I find very little worth listening to in the afternoon tinme slot. Thank goodness for Howie and Jay!

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