The postmortems on the 2009 Patriots continue…

Karen Guregian looks at how the Patriots defense might be fixed, position-by-position. She says re-signing Vince Wilfork, and then adding someone like Julius Peppers is the answer. Kerry Byrne says that it is time to dump Randy Moss. And not for the reasons you might think. Tom E. Curran outline the first of his 12-part offseason game plan for the Patriots. Jim Donaldson has a position-by-position autopsy on the 2009 Patriots.

Mark Farinella says that the Patriots dynasty did NOT die on Sunday. No, it died the morning after the Patriots loss to the Colts in the AFC title game after the 2006 season, when he says Bill Belichick abandoned all his coaching roots and decided that to beat the Colts, he needed to become the Colts. Shalise Manza Young has a few questions she’d like to get answered from Belichick.

Glen Farley has a last look at the 2009 Patriots, a team that just couldn’t close out games when they needed to. Rich Garven has a final report card for the Patriots. Mike Reiss has his first offseason Patriots mailbag.

Ron Borges says that the Patriots need a major overhaul if the hope to rejoin the ranks of the contenders. This is the manic depressive Borges, who can be reasonable and sane, even slightly positive in print like today, and over-the-top nasty, snide and condescending at night on the air, as he was on CSN basically claiming that Tom Brady had one foot out the door here in Foxborough. Art Martone has Troy Brown saying that this Patriots team lacked toughness.

Dan Duggan has Darius Butler showing some promise this season, and looking to build on it for next year. Ian R. Rapoport says that the Patriots will be looking for receivers this offseason. Adam Kilgore has Wes Welker saying that he knew he was done right when the injury happened. Curran has Kevin Faulk saying that he thinks he’ll be back next season.

Rapoport’s notebook has Belichick and the Patriots heading for uncharted waters in the uncapped year ahead. The Projo Patriots Journal has Welker still waiting to schedule his ACL surgery.


Steve Bulpett has a look at Brian Scalabrine, and how his teammates value the contributions that he makes to the team. Gary Washburn says that Kendrick Perkins in earning respect around the league as one of the top dirty-work centers in the game. Liam Martin says that if the Celtics are going to make a championship run, their best hope might lie in the play of Rajon Rondo. Jessica Camerato talks to Rondo about the art of passing the ball.

Jim Fenton has the team still struggling to get back to full strength. Chris Forsberg thinks that all these injuries could be a bad sign for the future. Robert Lee says that all the injuries have prevented the Celtics from being able to separate themselves in the tough Eastern Conference. A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics injuries reminding him of a soap opera.

Red Sox/MLB

Amalie Benjamin has a feature on new Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, giving us an idea of the type of person he is, and what we can expect from him as a member of the Red Sox. Alex Speier looks at whether moving Jacoby Ellsbury to left will affect his offense. Sean McAdam looks at offseason winners and losers.

Jon Couture says that Mark McGwire is still only a very small part of the steroid story. Scott Coen looks at the irony that Roger Maris once had an asterisk attached to his home run record. Steve Buckley isn’t moved by McGwire’s confession. Neither is Dan Shaughnessy.


Steve Conroy has the Bruins hoping to heal out on the road. Kevin Paul Dupont says that they could be in for a bumpy ride out West. James Murphy has Mark Recchi’s offensive techniques are rubbing off on his teammates. Mike Loftus has Milan Lucic hoping to return to the lineup sometime on this trip. Fluto Shinzawa looks at just how shorthanded the Bruins are.


3 thoughts on “Disappointment Still Lingering

  1. On this site the coverage of the Pats gets ripped often but the articles and columns today were exactly what Im looking for. Unbiased, thoughtful looks at what this teams needs, without the pot-shots, clearly laying out that this team has a very big offseason ahead and these should be the priorities. As Bruce mentions, Borges does a nice job laying out what is needed while not saying the sky is falling. Shows that the potential is there and I guess makes some of the coverage we’ve seen more disappointing. Ultimately in terms of media coverage we, like with the team we follow, are still in much better shape than so many other cities.


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