I’ve been somewhat bemused this week as I’ve seen columns and heard radio announcers warning Patriots fans not to be overconfident heading into this weekend, and not to overlook how dangerous this Ravens team is.

Talk about not knowing your audience. I don’t think any Patriots fan is overconfident about this team. I think most think they have a decent chance to advance this weekend, but that is no sure thing. If anything, Patriots fans are pretty pessimistic about this team, and any wins from this point out are just playing with house money.

ESPN gets 3-D picture in focus – Chad Finn looks at ESPN’s announcement earlier this week of the formation of an entire sports network to launch later this year dedicated to 3D programming.

NESN’s Caron set to call a college winter classic – Bill Doyle looks at NESN and Fenway Park getting ready to host more outdoor hockey, this time of the college variety.

Can Patriots overcome loss of Welker? – Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi check the matchups between the Patriots and Ravens.

How they match up: Patriots vs. Ravens – Karen Guregian with a position-by-position look at this Sunday’s playoff matchups.

Can Tom Brady Be Trusted in the Fourth Quarter? – Michael Hurley asks a question no one would’ve even thought to ask prior to this season.

Ex-QB known to shine in spotlight – Chris Forsberg provides the daily (for this week) obligatory story on Julian Edelman. Still pretty good though.

Patriots Must Resort to Age-Old ‘Us Against the World’ Mentality in Playoffs – Kristen Merrill thinks the Patriots need to turn back the clock a bit this weekend.

Derrick Burgess the man! Huh? – From purely a trainwreck perspective, this column from Ron Borges needs to be mentioned. So Bill Belichick tries to motivate a player and increase his confidence  by praising him publicly. Borges takes this and makes it an insult to Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Andre Tippett and every other player to suit up on defense for the Patriots. He then runs in and whispers Belichick’s praise of Burgess to various Patriots players, no doubt blowing it way out of proportion and context. Or is Borges just defensive that Burgess ended up with more sacks this season (5.0) then Seymour (4.0) or Vrabel (2.0) this season, and trying, as usual, to discredit Belichick? I don’t think anyone (Belichick included) thinks that Burgess has been everything the Patriots envisioned to be this season, and I’m pretty sure Belichick was just trying to boost the confidence of a player he’s going to need if the Patriots hope to make any noise this postseason.

Wallace, Perkins working well together – With Kevin Garnett out, Mike Fine looks at how Kendrick Perkins and Rasheed Wallace have used the opportunity to learn to mesh their games.

Lowell just a victim of the business – Lenny Megliola has Mike Lowell in an awkward position with the Red Sox.

Also see the weekly Worry Wart from Chris Warner and our Trading Places feature on Patriots Daily.

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready For the Playoffs Top Ten

  1. Bruce,

    You just don’t get it, do you?

    Belichick is EVIL!
    Belichick is a LIAR!

    Belichick treats his players like crap and doesn’t pay ANYONE what they’re worth (Felger, by the way, actually tried to claim that as the reason why Charlie Weis signed with the Chiefs instead of the Patriots on TV last night–I kid you not)!

    Belichick is wrong about EVERYTHING!

    Belichick may even be responsible for 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination and Pearl Harbor–we just don’t know the depths to which this spawn of Satan will stoop.

    Borges has been trying to warn us, the unenlightened, mouth-breathing trogolodytes in the non-media world for years about horrors of the one they call Bill Belichick, but we were all too blinded and “drunk” on three Super Bowl trophies–which Belichick had little-to-nothing to do with–to see it.

    When are you going to realize that Ronnie is just trying to make us see the light about this guy, for once and for all?


  2. I’d just like to know why Burgess doesn’t get use of the alibi Ronnie often trotted out there that the Patriots defensive “system” holds down the numbers, but Seymour did? Seems like selective defense from Ronnie to me. An, typically, inconsistency from the old plagiarist Ron Borges.


  3. Tony forgot BB is responsible for global warming – which smart Monday morning QB’s say is just a sham, just like BB’s supposed talent.

    I for one embrace the grand ideas and scribblings of our great overlord Borges.


  4. Wrong leaves out the fact that those three had the most snaps amoung linemen. Kind of defeats his ‘argument’.

    Whats the matter Wrong? Didn’t think anyone else reads Mike Reiss’ notebook?


  5. I think the media hacks warning Pats fans against being ‘overconfident’ come from the same school as TV news reporters who stand alongside highways during snow storms while they solemnly tell you ‘If you don’t need to be on the road, stay home.’


  6. That Borges column was an abortion.

    Nice numbers, Bruce. I had no idea Seymour and Vrabel were more inept than Burgess this year. I DID know Seymour has been walking around for 3 years with a 42 cent stamp on his head.


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