So did the Patriots win yesterday?


Did they remain in first place in the AFC East?


Did they show some good balance on offense, and make more than a few plays on defense in holding down the dynamic rushing combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart?


But all you’re going to hear this week is Randy Moss, Randy Moss, Randy Moss. I’m just preparing you.

Moss had a terrible afternoon, catching one pass for 16 yards, and losing it after a fumble. He also seemed to either pull off or lose track of the ball, resulting in a Tom Brady interception in the first half. His effort was questioned by media, and even by the opposing Carolina Panthers. This will continue either for the rest of the week, or until he has a big game. The eagerness to pile on the guy is pretty nauseating. Here’s a sample of your Moss columns today:

Fade pattern from Moss – Albert Breer, Globe.

Randy Moss a no-show in win – Ron Borges, Herald. Borges has his old Raiders pal Art Shell weigh in on Moss, calling him “easily daunted.” Overall though, not a bad piece from Borges.

Welker Shows Heart; Moss? No Pulse – Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant.

A dog day afternoon – Michael Felger,

After awful showing, some question Moss’ desire – Shalise Manza Young, Projo.

It’s worse nationally, with the despicable Mike Freeman taking a victory lap on Twitter yesterday afternoon, and Michael Silver thinks that Moss is on his way out in New England. There’s plenty more out there if you’re eager to join this pile-on. Have fun, if that’s what you’re into.

Let’s get to the game, shall we?

Chris Warner says that this is the type of game that the Patriots should just be happy that they got the win. Mike Reiss has the spirited play of Wes Welker proving to be the difference in this one. Tom E. Curran says that the result of this game means nothing, this is still a team with too many problems. Mark Farinella has a missed 53-yard field goal attempt by the Panthers proving to be the spark the Patriots needed. Tim Weisberg says that yesterday was not the statement that the Patriots wanted to make.

Among the ten things Christopher Price learned yesterday was that we shouldn’t write off James Sanders and Shawn Springs just yet. Rich Garven has the Patriots proving to be just good enough yesterday. Bob Ryan says that we should be prepared to have all Patriots games be like this from here on out. Andy Vogt says that winning ugly is the best the Patriots could do yesterday.

Steve Buckley has Kevin Faulk sparking his teammates with his play yesterday. Robert Lee has Faulk stepping up to be a leader yesterday. Jonathan Comey and his Monday Morning Fullback are doing a blog-a-thon today.

Hector Longo has the Patriots riding their mighty mites to the win. Zuri Berry has Wes Welker’s teammates lauding his heart and talent. Karen Guregian has Welker challenging his teammates and then going out and setting the example on the field. Jim Donaldson has Welker producing on the field and inspiring his teammates. Farinella says that Welker’s got heart.

Dan Duggan says that this was an old-school performance from Tom Brady. Brian MacPherson has the Patriots still down, but not yet out. David Willis says that it wasn’t a masterpiece for the Patriots defense, but it was good enough. Chris Forsberg looks at the simplified defense. Farinella has Stephen Gostkowski continuing to move out from under Adam Vinatieri’s shadow. Duggan has Shawn Springs and James Sanders getting back into action for the Patriots.

 The Globe notebook has a shuffled secondary getting the job done. Vogt’s notebook has the Patriots defense presenting a new look yesterday.

I’m sick as a dog this morning, so I’m heading back to bed…enjoy your Monday.


10 thoughts on “Patriots….win?

  1. This couldn’t have worked out any better for the typical Boston media person and fan. Always better to have a white over-achiever (Welker) at the same time the over-achiever (usually a person of color) can be attacked. Don’t get me wrong, Moss clearly laid down on the team. But, this week he’ll get attacked and most likely run out of town. Media/Fans in Boston live for these moments. They’ll discount everything Moss has done as a pro, including being one of the top five WR of all-time. It’s the same way they ripped Manny/Nomar while fawning over Trot Nixon (one of the biggest under-achievers in Sox history) because he was a “dirt dog”.


    1. Moss mailed it in yesterday and is deserving of criticism for it, but I don’t think the criticism is racially motivated as you imply. He has been one of the best receivers in the game throughout his career but has also mentally checked out on more than one occasion as well. This week was probably the worst time for him to do that given that they had lost three of the last four and were at a key point in the season (nevermind the Wednesday lateness). Yesterday was a game where as a veteran and a leader (Belichick had him go out for the coin flip as a captain), he needed to step up and lead by example and he didn’t do it. Faulk and Welker were both solid yesterday and set the tone when the game was flat, and Moss needed to do the same. I do agree with Bruce’s sentiment and yours that the story will take on a life of it’s own this week (right or wrong) but I think it’s a stretch to say that it is because of race.


      1. I think Seawall is on to something. Maybe it’s more subconscious than intentional, but New England sports fans are predominately white in nature, specifically Boston with it’s lunch pail reputation. If you don’t believe me, go to the games, it’s a white out at the Garden, Fenway, and Foxboro.

        When an athlete like Wes Welker, who more reflects the majority of fans (white, small in stature, hard working, big heart) is juxtaposed with an athlete like Moss (black, tall, freak of an athlete, distant, enigma, appears lazy) it’s easy to see why Welker is an infalible fan favorite.

        On the other hand, a guy like Troy Brown (who was better than Welker in every way plus did more than him) blows this theory out of the water.


  2. Seawall: I have one response to your “argument”: Troy Brown. Guy was worshipped here, and GASP he wasn’t white. People loved his effort and versatility, even more than they are loving Welker now.


    1. Good point. I don’t think it’s a black/white thing either.

      What the Boston media IS good at is beating a dead horse until it’s flayed into nothingness. Time to go back into a media blackout.


      1. It is also true that the apocalyptic meltdown in media (layoffs, belt-tightening) puts these cretins in a foul mood to begin with. There is only one side of the bed for them, and it’s always the wrong one. So start with that. Add the (mostly deserved) ridicule we heap upon these people, and you have a recipe for utter filth coming from their little laptop keyboards and ceiling-hanging microphones. You’re talking about people for whom a high-school diploma is cause for chest-thumping.


        1. Chris: You sound bitter, not to mention envious, that these “cretins” do what you wish you could do. Why so much hatred, pal? I suggest you seek counselling, and pronto.


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