The Celtics won their sixth straight game with a 90-83 win in San Antonio over the Spurs. Kevin Garnett had 20 points, while Rajon Rondo had 12 points and 12 assists in the victory.

Here’s your top 10 this morning:

Tiger can’t outrun these hounds – Chad Finn’s media column on the endless pursuit of the Tiger Woods story.

November ratings: WEEI vs. The Sports Hub – Jessica Heslam breaks down the latest in the ratings war between the two sports radio stations.

Five Half-Witted Things Tony Massarotti Managed to Cram Into One Column – The blog Fenway Pastoral takes aim at the columnist.

Spurs become Celtics’ sixth straight victim – A. Sherrod Blakely reports on the Celtics win in San Antonio.

Spurs playing a game of bridge – Gary Washburn notes that the Spurs are facing many of the same issues that the Celtics face with respect to their aging stars.

For Patriots, Miami’s never a vacation – Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi look ahead to Sunday’s game in Miami.

Jaworski: Taking away Welker crippled Pats – Bill Burt talks to Ron Jaworski about how the Saints were able to take Wes Welker away from Tom Brady.

Tom Brady adds star power to off-field negotiations – Ron Borges looks at the impact of Tom Brady getting involved more with the NFLPA this season, serving as the team’s assistant player rep – a very rare move for a star QB.

The Marco Effect: How Scutaro Could Improve the Red Sox – Alex Speier with the only article you need to read this morning about the Red Sox signing of shortstop Marco Scutaro. (OK, maybe you can check this one out too: Marco Scutaro?! Let’s Be Reasonable.)

Next ND coach in no-win situation – Bob Ryan explains why being coach of the Notre Dame football team is one of the two toughest jobs in college sports – the other being head coach of the Kentucky basketball team.

Also head over to Patriots Daily to check out First (Second?) Impressions – the Miami Dolphins by Greg Doyle.

 Note: I’ll be away next week, but Bob Ekstrom and others will be here to take care of you…


One thought on “Friday 10 Spot – Celtics Come Through in San Antonio

  1. I’m not surprised by this. Lately T&R have been pretty unlistenable. They talked about a practical joke they did on John Wallach which was in my opinion was not funny, not mean, but not funny. While D&C had two very good interviews with Tom Brady and Brad Faxon. I also believe the Jon Gruden schtick is starting to get boring.

    As far as F&G goes, they have been too inconsistent. Sometimes their show can be great radio and other times just a total scream fest that makes your ears bleed. As an aside, is there anyone in the media with less of a spine than Tony Massarotti. He will write outrageous articles about fans and sports teams but when challenged will always back down. Jerry Thornton, of Barstool Sports, who is F&M’s best guest will hammer Maz and he will almost always go into the fetal position during the interview. He used to do the same thing on Ordway’s show. He reminds me a little bit of Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star. Whitlock has more talent on his pinky finger then Maz but is also very sensitive to being called out. On Whitlock’s twitter account someone from Philadelphia question his taste when talking about the Tiger Woods incident. Whitlock did not back down but was very defensive and then immediately blocked the account. i thought it was pretty week.


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