The only thing better than watching the NYJ take a beating on an autumn Sunday afternoon is watching the Patriots give it to them. After nine weeks out of alignment, the football world has righted itself again as the Pats redeemed their Week 2 loss to the Jets with a 31-14 win in Foxborough on Sunday. Patriots Gab has nine weeks making a huge difference as the tables have turned again in the Border War. The Patriot Act stops just short of saying Wes Welker made all the difference in this one. First And Ten From Foxborough has CB Leigh Bodden and the Pats’ D knowing Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez was good for a few turnovers.

Hey, what yaps more than a Jets team after winning a Week 2 Super Bowl? The answer, of course, is a Jets team that got their arses handed to them on Week 11. CB Donald Strickland might want to get himself a publicist, as Jessica Isner thinks he would do better to sweep the hit he took from LT Mark LeVoir under the rug rather than crying out about it. Rex Ryan did his share of crying after Tom Brady and Randy Moss took that deep shot on him inside of a minute to go, but The Crowe’s Nest liked the call because he needed the fantasy points.

There’s a freshness in Pats Chowder‘s air on days following a Pats win-Steelers loss combo. But even three rows removed from the parking lot, Pats Pulpit can see the Pats don’t have the look of a team that will go far in January.

Forget January, because Boston Sports Blog is looking to February when the New Orleans Saints and Pats next meet after this Monday night’s showdown in the Superdome. Rich Levine has Bill Belichick seeing similarities between these Saints and the Rams team he beat on his last trip to the Superdome back in 2002. The Rap Sheet has New Orleans dear in Robert Kraft’s heart.

Blaug and his cat Charlie are happy the Pats don’t have to play tomorrow. PatsFans have plenty to be thankful for this Turkey Day, not the least of which is a cream puff December.


Last week, one blogger foresaw a resurrection on this road trip and now that their prophecy has been fulfilled, View From 311 earns opening honors and the chance to gloat about the B’s newfound winning ways. The Hockey Blog Adventure isn’t sure whether it’s the play of Patrice Bergeron or their own lack of publishing, but something has set the B’s right again. CSNNE’s Bruins Blog has the once-hibernating B’s back at full strength with the return of Marc Savard. Eric Ortiz has the Black & Gold re-establishing their identity, but if he sees two aces between the pipes I’d sure like to play him in a hand of poker.

Something’s Bruin has a couple of 60 year-olds putting the puck in the net in St. Louis Monday night. I guess hockey years must be kind of like dog years. Milan Lucic’s five hits against the Blues earned him a Hub Hockey game recap bullet.

Stanley Cup of Chowder thinks hockey coverage is being denied its freedom of the press, while According To Cameron Frye celebrates her right to bear arms.


Rooting for the C’s of late is a lot like buying a penny stock: you don’t know if you’ll be up or down by the end of the day, but you know the ride will kill you. LOSCY starts us off with 34 questions about this team and thinks he can handle The Truth. This season started out for Celtics Stuff Live with the same level of anticipation they had for Lethal Weapon 2, and has so far been equally as disappointing.

Evans Clinchy has Paul Pierce filling the void created by slacking teammates. Lex Nihil Novi is unofficially on the KG retirement watch. Loy’s Place has Kendrick Perkins as one of the few bright spots in Sunday’s win over the Knicks, and one of the most consistent C’s this season. Green Street goes inside the mind of Perk for their portrait of a serial blocker.

Red’s Army debunks the myth that the C’s are shooting too many threes. Nuggetpalooza has the C’s ending their worst eight-game stretch from beyond the arc in the Ray Allen era with a breakout game at MSG on Sunday. It’s sure easier to settle for the outside shot than to work inside.

CSNNE’s Celtics Blog has the old guys taking on Philly’s youth tonight at the TD Garden.


UConn Sports Blog has Huskies’ coach Randy Edsall schooling his backfield duo of Jordan Todman and Andre Dixon on proper celebration etiquette after what he calls the program’s biggest win ever over Notre Dame last Saturday. Ex-Huskie Rob Lunn learned that UConn doesn’t have a lot of quit in them. UConnFootball is still feeling LB Greg “The Finisher” Lloyd’s goalline hit that kept the Irish’s Armando Allen out of the end zone. Sox & Dawgs suggests Irish QB Jimmy Clausen should know better than to get into a post-game bar brawl given the Jasper Howard tragedy.

That you can’t turn the ball over six times and win tops five things learned by The BC Blog, who have the Eagles wilting under another top-tier defense last Saturday. Despite the six turnovers, Eagle in Atlanta gives the offense a C-. The View From Section X gives a thumbs-down to QB David Shinskie, but a big thumbs-up to RB Montel Harris, who racked up 132 rushing yards against North Carolina’s 7th-ranked run defense. Soaring To Glory has the Eagles playing for nothing this weekend at Maryland. Eagle Insider wraps up their ten observations by concluding the Eagles are headed to SF and the Emerald Bowl.

BC Interruption has the demise of Northeastern’s program opening up a home date for the Eagles in 2013, but don’t look for USC to be coming to The Heights. College Sports Blog has Northeastern AD Peter Roby blindsiding coaches and players with last weekend’s decision to pull the plug on Huskies football. New Hampshire Football Report has the UNH Wildcats drawing McNeese State in the first round of the FCS playoff after beating Maine on Saturday.

And finally, the last weekend of Ivy League football is always a somber time for me. When this most pristine of all football associations in America clears its gridirons for the last time, winter has made its most lethal advance on the New England autumn to date. But Portal 31 is going out with guns a-blazing, ripping Yale Bulldogs’ coach Tom Williams for his Bellichickian decision to go for it on fourth-and-long late in their Saturday loss to Harvard. Dr. Saturday doesn’t think Williams’ call will inspire the same stimulating discussion that Belichick’s did. The Harvard Crimson says the game was just an excuse for keg-laced tailgate parties anyway.

Hot Stove

We’re not going to do the Sox or MLB much justice today, but the Hot Stove is beginning to simmer and demands some attention.

Surviving Grady says a Roy Halladay addition would stick it to Canada and make the Sox rotation better than a forest full of porn-bearing trees. Boston Dirt Dogs says the Halladay pursuit is Theo being Theo around Thanksgiving.

The Bottom Line looks for a suitable home for Mike Lowell. Fire Brand Of The American League says replacing Lowell with free agent Adrian Beltre is an interesting avenue, but one that will block Adrian Gonzalez from coming to Fenway. One If By Land likes Beltre for his glove and his bat on the road. Anybody at third but Miguel Cabrera, says Extra Bases.

And with Thanksgiving a day away, Red Sox Monster finds five things Sox fans have to be thankful for.

I’m going to leave you with my best wishes for a good feast and these tips on surviving the day, courtesy of Thanks For Playing. A shout to Bruce for letting me out a day early, but I’ll be back in my appointed slot again next Thursday. Until then, follow me on my new Twitter account at @BobEks for posting schedules.

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