If part of your life is defined by the Boston sports experience as is mine, then any year involving both a Lakers and Yankees championship can’t be completely good. Sure, if the other guy wins, that means our guy doesn’t, but it’s also very much about who that other guy is. It took a summer for me to deal with the Lakers’ title, and I’ll get over the Yankees’ too, but in the meantime I need some Yankee hating to get me through.

Surviving Grady absolutely hits this thing right on the head in assessing the indignation of a Yankees championship. Boston Dirt Dogs says the Steinbrenners got what they paid for, as does Toeing The Rubber, who is thankful not to be in any physical pain over this one. The Bottom Line has this title strictly a monetary transaction. And The House That Dewey Built marvels at the Celtics and Patriots, who have had long-term success while contending with a salary cap.

Red Sox Monster says the Sox front office now has some catching up to do, but The Mighty Quinn Media Machine is prouder than ever of the two championships Theo & The Trio have brought us this millenium. A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Country thanks the 2004 Sox for helping him to cope with a Yankees title.


The C’s have their first six of a planned six dozen wins after back-to-back victories in Philly on Tuesday and Minnesota last night. Boston Celtics has Rasheed Wallace reaffirming his 72-win prediction, which is looking like a self-fulfilling prophesy. Celtics Hub appeals to our sense of self-worth to end the 72-win talk but, hey, we’re 1/12th of the way there. CelticsBlog ascribes the team’s success to the return of Ubuntu.

Red’s Army says the C’s had no business winning last night in Minnesota. Loy’s Place is incredulous that KG couldn’t contain no-name Oleksiy Pecherov. Tossing Batting Practice is alarmed at the rate in which C’s are jacking treys.

We’re already six games into the season, so it must be time to talk about next year as ESPN’s Boston Celtics Blog looks at 2010’s free agents. Mike Gorman has Rondo both rich and smart with his recent contract signing, but thinks his new deal will be a real deal for the C’s when a successor CBA takes effect.

After six games, Lex Nihil Novi is already hanging the Beast from the rafters, so can Springfield be far behind? Green Street finds a Ph.D. who proves KG is the NBA’s best and whose numbers make intuitive sense.


It’s been quite the up-and-down season to date. Caveman Strong was frustrated when the B’s win-one, lose-one pattern was preserved with a loss at MSG on Sunday, while Wicked Bruins Fan was distressed to see the pattern broken in Detroit with a loss on Tuesday night. Chronicles From The Garden says the B’s picked the wrong night to end their win-one, lose-one rut.

The Canadiens come to town tonight and New England Hockey Journal says the Habs roster has a New England flavor to it. Something’s Bruin prescribes some crowd noise – and maybe a few goals – to help the B’s get by the Habs. Good news from Bruins Blog, which points out the B’s have only been shut out three consecutive times once in their illustrious history.

Kathryn Tappen has found the silver lining in the B’s goal drought. In his latest Pucks With Haggs incarnation, Joe Haggerty says the reality is that the B’s no longer have the “It” vibe. Naoko Funayama thinks it could take a hard shake to wake these scoring lines from their deep sleep. I’m Just Sayin’ wants to know GM Peter Chiarelli’s plans after trading all his goal-scoring to Toronto.

Bruins 2010 Draft Watch fears the Maple Leafs won’t stay tied for last very long now that Phil Kessel has made his long-awaited debut. And here’s Haggs back again on Big Bad Blog, having Kessel generating more offense in his first game than four lines of B’s can muster. If Exposure Bucks were negotiable, Haggs should be able to buy himself a couple of islands by now.


With the bye behind us, it is the Patriots’ time now says Jeff Howe, as the Pats are 70-17 after Halloween since 2001. The Pats didn’t quite reach the first-half expectations of Steve DeOssie, who is concerned the two losses could prove costly. Pats Chowder finds ten things to be worried over, not the least of which is Tom Brady’s knee. Nevertheless, Mike Reiss has Brady feeling the best he has in ten years. Blaug considers some D-line options in the aftermath of Jarvis Green’s knee surgery.

The de facto second half starts off this Sunday against the Dolphins, and Extra Points has Vince Wilfork liking that the Dolphins want to hit him in the mouth, even as Tom E. Curran has Joey Porter hating the Patriots, ostensibly for kicking his ass. It Is What It Is brings us Bill Belicheck’s assessment of Bill Parcells’ influence on the Dolphins.

Lastly, I go out of my way to avoid these things during football games, but NE Patriots Draft brings us Visa’s new Patriots commercial that’s worth a view.


Never mind not traveling well, as Eagle in Atlanta says BC fans don’t even show up to home games. BC Heights tells us why the marching band hasn’t been traveling well this season. BC Draft is shopping for the best bowl destinations, and Yankee Stadium is on their list. Hmmmm, could be just the thing to erase those images of leaping pinstripes for the rest of the wintah! College Sports Blog has former RB Josh Haden making some travel plans of his own, but he’s still not sure where. BC Interruption nominates BC freshman LB Luke Kuechly as ACC Defensive Player of the Year after his play last week against Central Michigan.

The UConn Blog annoints last Saturday’s loss to Rutgers as the school’s worst ever, coming on a day of tributes to slain CB Jasper Howard. Sox & Dawgs thinks a prime time date with No. 4 Cincinnati this Saturday is already a tough rebound, but Kevin Youkilis might also be in the house. UConn Sports puts Coach Randy Edsall on the conservative charts somewhere between Rush Limbaugh and George Bush.

UMass Football Blog is trying to fend off negative attacks after the Maine Black Bears sunk their playoff hopes for a second consecutive year. And The Harvard Crimson hopes the Crimson got those special teams miscues out of their system last week against the Big Green.

Just think: only 101 more days until pitchers and catchers report! I’m not ready to go there yet. Let’s take it a week at a time. See you next Thursday.

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  1. Here’s Where the Story Ends….Celts will redeem us.

    Love the alternative links. I can hear all the CW I want by turning on sports radio in Boston.


  2. Here we go again. Another Boston team is dominating and bloggers/writers are trying to find something to whine about.


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