albert_breerWhen The Boston Globe lost Mike Reiss to the new a few weeks ago, it was a huge blow to the football coverage in the paper and especially on

Multiple sources have told BSMW that The Globe has made a strong move towards filling that hole by hiring Albert Breer away from The Sporting News, where he was a national NFL writer for them. At this point I’ve been unable to get a confirmation from Breer, but the sources I’m using have been impeccable in the past for these sorts of things.

This actually isn’t the first time Breer has followed Reiss into a role. When Reiss left the Metrowest Daily News to go to the Globe, Breer was the one who took his place, and made a name for himself with his analytical style of reporting. During the time the MWDN and the Boston Herald were sharing content and the-then Point After blog, Breer was quite prominent in that space.

Before the 2007 season, Breer was hired by the Dallas Morning News to work the Cowboys beat, and after a season there, moved to the national beat with The Sporting News before the 2008 season.

Though he has been a national guy for the last year plus, Breer has stayed local, living in the area, and appearing on local media outlets regularly.

Though I haven’t been able to confirm just yet, the lineup I’m hearing the Globe will trot out for the Patriots will have Adam Kilgore moving over from the Red Sox  to serve as the Patriots beat reporter, Breer as the NFL columnist, and Chris Gasper will move to the role of online columnist…similar to what Tony Massarotti has been doing.

Update: Adam Reilly has a copy of an email that Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan sent this morning, which confirms all my information above, plus welcomes Gary Washburn and Peter Abraham to the paper, and notes that Monique Walker will be working with Breer and Kilgore on the Patriots beat and Julian Benbow will be working with Washburn and Frank Dell’Apa on the Celtics beat.


8 thoughts on “Globe Fills Reiss Hole By Hiring Albert Breer

  1. How many different jobs can Bert Breer bounce around to in 3 years? No recession for him! I can’t understand why he’d go to a sinking ship like the Globe. Considering the salary cuts they made to keep the paper alive, I can’t see how he gets top dollar there.


  2. That’s what cracks me up about these papers that are losing “so” much money. They cry for help and scream woe is me, but they still can go out there and hire all these new people. believe me, breer was making big cash at tsn, so the globe didn’t throw chump change at him. and they also hired an NBA and Red Sox writer within the last two months. sure, positions needed to be filled, but come on: you really need three full-time pats writers, along with whatever columnist and sidebar writers that are there for gameday. gimme a break. Hey, it’s great they can do it, but next time you hear a globe is in such bad shape story or a globe staff upset with union over cuts story, take it with a grain of salt.


  3. “Big cash at TSN”?? Wouldn’t seem possible. Maybe he sees it as a better opportunity to set up shop like Mazz or Felger with multiple “full time” jobs.


  4. Mazz better hope the 985 thing doesn’t fall through. His boston .com gig won’t be available when it does.


  5. The biggest thing out of this was they offered the job to Karen Guregian and she turned them down. I mean, all those years the Globe wouldn’t even look at Herald writers … and now Karen Guregian is telling them “no thanks.”


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