A few notes from today.

I’ve got a new column up for the Metro: Moss Speculation Means New Lows For Media.

Rodney Harrison was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show today, and as always, had some interesting things to say.

Jeremy Gottlieb goes around the league on Patriots Daily.

The Big Lead has an interesting post on Should Sports Editors Forbid Their Writers From Helping ESPN Essentially Kill Newspapers?

With the Bruins starting the regular season and the Red Sox in the playoffs once again the NESN dance is set to begin again. Like last year, when the teams happen to play on the same night, both Bruins and Red Sox games will be available in HD, with one of them being moved to a NESNplus station.

On October 3, NESN will deliver simultaneous high definition (HD) coverage of the Red Sox and Bruins when both teams play at the same time. The Red Sox and Bruins are both scheduled to play 7:00 PM regular season games on October 3 and NESN will deliver live and exclusive coverage of both games in standard and high definition. The Red Sox – Indians game will be available on NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels with coverage beginning at 6:00 PM with Olympia Sports presents The Boston Globe Red Sox Game Day Live while the Bruins – Hurricanes game will be available on NESN and NESNHD with coverage beginning at 6:30 PM with WB Mason Bruins Face-Off Live.

NESNplus and NESNplus HD are a compilation of channels that distributors provide NESN to carry simultaneous coverage of Red Sox and Bruins games.

A complete list of NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels will be available at NESN.com later today.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon Notes

  1. Bruce, terrific article on the Moss speculation. It just seems like Freeman’s article had a major agenda. I have no idea what he was watching on Sunday. Moss was outstanding. I have also listened to former players who have said no wide receiver goes full out on every play because they will wear out by the fourth. As far as Florio goes, Dale Arnold, with the best thing that has come out of his mouth in a while, said, “Florio took 2 + 2 and came up with 73.”


    1. yes, excellent article Bruce. Florio and PFT has got to be the biggest piece of garbage out there. and when anybody calls him out he always falls back on the line, “well afterall, it is called the RUMOR MILL”….The thing is, HE is the one STARTING the “rumors”……Florio would sell his soul for a “click”


      1. Yikes. What an indictment on that Freeman clowshoe. It’s such a shame writers like Bruce Allen and Mike Reiss aren’t talked about, yet this attention whore literally makes up a story (a la Borges) and probably reaps the benefits of it. Cool story, bro…


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