After losing the first two games of their four game set with the Kansas City Royals, the Red Sox got on back last night, with a 9-3 win.

Amalie Benjamin has the Red Sox shaving another game off their magic number for clinching a postseason spot. The number now sits at five. Michael Silverman has Josh Beckett battling through a season high 12 hits to get the win. Daniel Barbarisi says that Beckett and the Sox weren’t about to lose three straight to the bottom-feeding Royals. Alex Speier says that last night we saw once again that Beckett is a workhorse.

Adam Kilgore has David Ortiz hitting the 25 home run mark for the season, a number few though was possible after his horrible start to the season. McAdam has more on Ortiz’s return to power this season. Barbarisi has Ortiz finding satisfaction in reaching 25 homers.

Sean McAdam says that having Victor Martinez catch Josh Beckett last night was a postseason preview. Rob Bradford says that last night’s lineup means that October is right around the corner. Barbarisi says that the second Beckett-Martinez partnership certainly went better than the first.

Kilgore says that the decision to start Tim Wakefield next Tuesday is all about postseason flexibility. Joe Haggerty says that the Red Sox pitchers are coming up aces in September. Barbarisi says that a few Red Sox are nearing performance bonuses.

The Globe notebook has more on Victor Martinez getting the call to catch Josh Beckett last night. Silverman’s notebook has a look at the decision to start Wakefield on Tuesday. The ProJo Red Sox journal has Hunter Jones getting brought back to serve as a long man out of the bullpen.


Greg Doyle gives us some First Impressions of the Atlanta Falcons. We’re also Chatting With The Falcoholic on Patriots Daily today.

Christopher L. Gasper has Tom Brady struggling with his mechanics and working to find answers. Mike Reiss has Brady expecting more blitzing this Sunday.  Karen Guregian looks at how the blitz has suddenly become a mystery to Brady. She also says Brady is still firing away despite the issues. Shalise Manza Young has Brady saying that his problems are all mechanical. Rich Garven has more on Brady’s mechanics and problems handling pressure. Christopher Price has Brady knowing full well that teams are going to continue to rush him until he proves he can handle it.  

Ian R. Rapoport has former Boston College QB Matt Ryan viewing this return to New England as nothing more than a business trip. Mark Farinella has “Matty Ice” breezing back into town.  Jim Donaldson says that Ryan has come a long way in a short time. Andy Vogt says that Ryan will present a big challenge for the Patriots. Farley says that it has been a smooth transition for Ryan from BC to the NFL.

Julian Benbow has Prescott Burgess trying to get his bearings after a whirlwind coast-to-coast three day stretch. Glen Farley has Burgess just rolling with the moves.Rapoport has a Matthew Slater update. Price talks to special teams captain Sam Aiken about his unit’s lackluster play on Sunday.

The Globe notebook has ex-teammates Matt Ryan and Ron Brace reuniting this Sunday. Rapoport’s notebook has Burgess set to add depth at linebacker for the Patriots. Young’s Patriots journal has more on Burgess. Vogt’s notebook also looks at Burgess’ first day as a Patriot. Garven’s notebook looks at whether the Patriots will look to get Chris Baker more involved.


I’ve come to realize that there is No such thing as objectivity in sports.

Kevin Paul Dupont has Bruins legend Brad Park leveling some criticism at Andrew Ferrence for his role in the firing of NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly.

Fluto Shinzawa has coach Claude Julien doing some split squad work yesterday. Stephen Harris has 41-year-old Mark Recchi back for another run with the Bruins. Joe Haggerty says that the trade of Phil Kessel could open the door for the Bruins to pursue Ilya Kovalchuk. Mike Loftus has the “real” Bruins finally getting to work together. Harris’ notebook  has the regulars getting to work as a unit yesterday.

Eric Avidon has a look at BC linebacker Mike McLaughlin coming back after tearing his achilles tendon last spring. Mark Blaudschun says that McLaughlin’s return will be a boost to BC. Steve Conroy has McLaughlin eager to get on the field Sunday. Blaudschun’s notebook has 25-year-old first year QB Dave Shinskie looking to improve his game.

2 thoughts on “Sox Straighten Up

    1. I agree. Good column Bruce.

      Of course, the most aggravating part for fans like me is when agenda-driven hacks like Shank and the Notorious Ronnie B. insist that they ARE being objective when they rip into certain coaches that they don’t like, and when they rip into us dumb “fanboys” who root for the teams. Borges, in particular, has played the martyr role far too often during his 9-year campaign to destroy Bill Belichick. “You try to tell the truth and THEY say that you’ve got an agenda.”

      Oh please spare me, Notorious Ronnie B. You hate Belichick. You’re a hack. You have an agenda. Why not just admit it?

      Shank is just an elitist tool who truly believes that he’s superior in every way to the drooling benighted masses who watch sports for an entertaining break from the stresses of life. I wish that he, too, would at least come out and admit that.

      I mean, he writes for the Globe, a paper that pretty much defines elitism anyway, so it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise of the CHB came out and told us EXACTLY what he thinks of us.


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