You know, it’s hard to put together morning links when I have absolutely no interest in reading anything written about yesterday’s Patriots loss to the New York Jets. I have no interest in revisiting that game.

I know some of you do, though.  

Chris Warner has the Gut Check on Patriots Daily, while Jeremy Gottlieb already has the report card posted.

Ian R. Rapoport has the Patriots unable to slow down the all-out attack put on by the Jets. Christopher L. Gasper has the Jets backing up all their talk from earlier in the week. Andy Vogt has the Patriots happy to bid farewell to Giants Stadium after a horrible second half. Dom Amore has the Jets making good on all their talk. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots offense sputtering for the second straight week. Mark Farinella has the Patriots unable to get anything working yesterday.

Ron Borges is troubled by what he sees from the Patriots. (Who are we kidding…he’s thrilled!) Dan Shaughnessy is elated that he can take a whack at the “Kool Aid crowd” today. Jim Donaldson has the Jets making a statement with all their talk. Bill Burt talks to former Patriots Larry Izzo and Damien Woody, who enjoyed all the talk and the win yesterday.

Mike Reiss says Tom Brady was uncomfortable and inaccurate all afternoon. Karen Guregian says that the Jets could see that Brady was completely confused by their defense. Chris Forsberg has Brady unable to lead the comeback in the end this week. Hector Longo says that the Patriots lack playmakers on offense right now. Farinella says that the timing was off for Brady all day. He also has the tight ends trying to find their niche in this offense.

Monique Walker has the Patriots defense OK, but not good enough. Donaldson says that Bill Belichick had no answers after the game. Christopher Price examines the 10 Things We Learned yesterday. Rapoport has Julian Edelman filling in for Wes Welker.Young has Edelman catching on on Welker’s fill in yesterday. Guregian has Randy Moss being shut down by the Jets.

Mark Lelinwalla has the Jets getting the last laugh. Farinella has Mark Sanchez earning the Patriots respect. Ben Seal has Sanchez looking good in the second half yesterday. Brian MacPherson says that the Jets defense is relentless. Farinella has the Patriots Feeling swamped in the Meadowlands.

Borges gives us the Best and worst from yesterday. Lelinwalla has the Play of the game. Young gives us some Analysis of the game. Longo gives us his Two-Minute Drill.

Rapoport’s notebook says that delay of game penalties were costly to the Patriots. Gasper’s notebook has Moss refuting Revis’ claims on shutting down the Patriots star by himself. Young’s Patriots journal has more on Revis and Moss. Vogt’s notebook looks at Edelman’s impressive debut.

The Red Sox continue their late-season roll to the playoffs. Check all the details of their 9-3 win in Baltimore over at Red Sox Links.


19 thoughts on “Jets Can Walk The Talk, Too

  1. During the 2006 season, when the agenda-driven hacks in the New England media tried to make it sound as if a football team that finished 12-4 in the regular season was not very good, and took unbridled delight in “reporting” the grisly details every time the team lost, I finally stopped reading the papers and Internet after each Patriots defeat. That tradition continues. I wasn’t going near any of the late-night TV shows last night, nor was I going near any “news” articles today. Too many of these guys take way too much joy out of each Patriots’ loss. I feel bad for the few fair and legitimate scribes out there in this market, because BB-hating hacks like Borges, Shaughnessy and others are also sullying the good name of the few good writers out there.

    Sad state of affairs…it truly is.


  2. Sports media cretins like Shaughnessy, Borges et al were most assuredly dancing with some measure of glee at 4:15pm yesterday afternoon…until someone reminded them that Patriots fans are likely in no mood to read newspapers or listen to talk radio this week. File under, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’


  3. I’ve said this before about Shaughnessey but it bears repeating – at least Joe Fitzgerald could admit that he was sick of covering sports and switched to a general news column. With Shank it is so obvious where he feels the need to do a rip job in every column, especially when he takes it out on the fans of the very teams he covers.


    1. The fact that he’s always been an elitist jackass with a healthy dose of contempt for the benighted masses who read his drivel doesn’t help either. His “I’m sure you’re at the top of your profession” slams in response to any kind of criticism from readers have been going on for more than a decade now. Back in his sports radio days, first as a guest on Eddie Andelman’s old afternoon show on (I think) WHDH, and then later as a regular on “The Big Show” in the 90s, he always had a nice snide comment ready for any member of the great unwashed masses who dared call in to complain about something he said or wrote.

      He’s an elitist jackass; always has been and always will be.

      I don’t think his being sick of covering sports has much to do with the kind of person he is….an arrogant douche.


  4. “Monique Walker has the Patriots defense OK, but not good enough.”

    Monique, get back in the kitchen and make me some bacon and eggs.

    The defense has allowed a total of 30 points in two games. The defense is good enough. The special teams are good enough. The problem that should be obvious to anyone with 5 freakin’ brain cells is that Brady sucks right now.


    1. Come on Dan. You can’t honestly believe the defense has been good enough. Getting little to no pressure on the QB and allowing long third down conversions is not good enough.


      1. The Jets were 3 for 11 in third down conversions. The longest, a 13 yard gain to Washington took the ball from the Jets 12 to their 25. Not sure what long third down completions were talking about.


        1. sorry for the late reply. was referring to the
          washington play Sunday, which I thought was a
          killer and also a couple of long third down
          conversions against Buffalo.

          Just not sure how anyone can think the defense
          has been good so far.


  5. you hit the nail on the head with your first line…

    “I have absolutely no interest in reading anything written about yesterday’s Patriots loss to the New York Jets. I have no interest in revisiting that game.”

    ditto….I don’t even read hacks like Shaugnessy and Borges after a win, I’ll be damned if I’ll read them after a loss. I’ve been following this new routine for about a year now when it comes to sports and it works for me. It goes like this: Watch game, when game is over wait for next game and avoid all media blowhards with their “opinions” and over-analyzing panic mongering hysterics. …..I stop by here because it’s a great site and it keeps me up to date with what’s going on in the sports media WITHOUT HAVING TO READ these clowns. I don’t seem to be missing much by not reading them. Nothing ever changes, that’s about the 10th time this year I’ve seen the words, “Shaugnessy takes a whack at the Fans”…..I won’t give them the satisfaction of a “click”


  6. In no other region does the local sportswriters want to tear down their team like the hacks do to the Patriots. I fear the day when Brady/Belichick are gone and this team is truly bad.

    As for now, it’s only Week 2, people. All 3 Super Bowl seasons had some sort of adversity in them. You didn’t think it would be a cakewalk, did you? The Offense will be fine, it’s the limp d*ck defense I keep seeing week after week that scares me. Yes, they’ve only given up 30 points in 2 games, but would anyone compare this Defense to Baltimore, NYJ, NYG, Pitt? Nope…


    1. Actually I think their lust for tearing down the Pats will subside when Belichick is gone. The next coach could suck as far as the media is concerned. The local media wants a warm and fuzzy coach who kisses their ass, tells them all the nitty-gritty details about injuries, and gives them good soundbites. If the next guy does that he can go 1-15 and they won’t say a discouraging word. ok..ok…that last line was a little over the top but you get my drift.


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