Week Log is back in its regular time slot to drop in on our blogging friends once again. Thanks for all your patience over the last couple of weeks.

We’re going to lead off with football for a change, as the NFL season opens tonight. And what better place to start than with the defending champs, as the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Tennessee Titans to kick it off. The irreverent Deadspin lists many – but by no means all – of the reasons the Steelers suck. It’s all about Roethlisberger at NFL Nation, which isn’t sure the Steelers could survive a Brady-like disaster the way New England did last year. And speaking of Ben, Pro Football Talk says his black book is in demand.

It Is What It Is puts the Steelers just ahead of the Pats in their Week 1 power rankings, as does NE Patriots Draft, which isn’t quite ready to place the Pats on the top of the NFL’s elite list . . . yet. Tom E. Curran is, as he warns the legion of Patriots haters to brace themselves for a return of the Lombardi Trophy to New England. Michael Felger also loves that Pats’ chances to win it all, but no earlier than 2011. The Crowe’s Nest has the Patriots taking the AFC East this season.

First And Ten From Foxborough has Tom Brady being reminded that the last game he finished was in defeat. The Rap Sheet tells us to expect a full heaping of trash talk from No. 12 come Monday night. Blogging Fearlessly has old friend Pat Patriot back for the season opener and he’s larger than ever. Pats Pulpit let T.O.’s spygate snipes get under his skin.

In the aftermath (?) of the Richard Seymour apparent trade, PatsFans wonders if there will be more bombshells coming from Coach Belichick without the counterweight that was Scott Pioli. Wicked Good Sports has Belichick following his own set of rules. Kathryn Tappen still trusts in Bill. Thanks For Playing says neither Seymour nor the Pats ever intended to discuss a new contract after this season.

National Football Post dismisses the idea that Seymour’s absence has anything to do with contract extension talks; he’s just plain pissed off. Patriots Daily says Foxborough owes Seymour nothing except respect and gratitude. Touching All The Bases says liking this trade and missing Seymour can peacefully co-exist. Shutdown Corner sees a silver lining in this deal for the Raiders as it will stop Al Davis from making another draft mistake come 2011.

Fighting Words brings you the third installment of his missing chapter on the relationship between the media and the Patriots. Awful Announcing thinks the Tedy Bruschi signing may have been a bad move for ESPN. And if you didn’t know there was a Red Bull station in the Pats’ locker room, Reiss’s Pieces is here to set you straight.

Red Sox

The week saw the Sox drop three of four in Chicago, but rebound with a mini-sweep of Baltimore, who had taken two of three from the Texas Rangers last weekend. While Mazz is indebted to the O’s (2-12 against Boston this year), he calls these victories a smokescreen hiding a very mediocre team. Toeing The Rubber doesn’t care what you call them; it makes her happy to be piling on these wins.

Don Orsillo hopes Josh Beckett’s finish in Chicago on Monday will carry over to his next start. Sweet Spot says Beckett and Jon Lester are as good as any top-of-the-rotation combo in baseball, but there’s a precipitous drop-off after that. Hit And Run With Dan Roche agrees there are still questions at Number 3. Rich Levine thinks it’s time the Nation started trusting in Clay Buchholz after his gem to open the Orioles series on Tuesday night. Hacks With Haggs agrees Buchholz has come a long way since not being able to hold a 7-0 lead against the O’s in early August. Circling The Bases calls it unsporting to pitch Dice-K in a minor league playoff game.

Full Count proclaims Victor Martinez, last night’s hero, Mr. Everything – even on a mandated day off – while Boston Dirt Dogs crowns him King. Fire Brand of the American League may win his bet that David Ortiz reaches 30 HR, but he’s worried about the prognosis for Big Papi in 2010. The Bottom Line is worried about the prognosis for Jason Bay in 2010. UmpBump goes all geeky to determine the A.L. MVP and has Bay finishing second, but you’re not gonna like who he is runner-up to. Eric Ortiz reminisces about the days when his own swing could be likened to any – make that every – Major League hitter.

C’s and B’s

CelticsBlog wonders if the 2008-2009 C’s didn’t peak too early. You mean the season doesn’t end on Christmas Day? Red’s Army can’t find a bigger Tiger fan than Ray Allen. Basketbawful ranks the all-time great Larry Bird commercials. ESPN’s CelticsHub wants to hear you hate on the Lakers.

As the NBA considers replacement refs if a new contract can’t be worked out, Green Street says that not just anyone can come in off the street and officiate a game. Maybe not, but I have to believe they can keep the Trailblazers from putting six guys on the court.

The Bear Cave labels an OT victory in the B’s rookie game on Monday the first chapter in an exciting season. Kynch’s Corner! feels like a kid waiting for Santa to bring him his new B’s season tickets. Think these guys are primed for hockey?

Rink Rap says Toronto GM Brian Burke is not contemplating an offer sheet for Phil Kessel. Wicked Bruins Fan is bothered by the undisclosed terms of Coach Claude Julien’s new contract. Stanley Cup of Chowder calls yesterday’s signing of defenseman Andy Wozniewski nothing more than a depth signing for the Baby B’s.

Come on, Pats bloggers. This is your time to shine, but if your latest post is breaking news that Seymour got traded, that won’t cut it here. Kickoff is tonight, so let’s kick it in!

Enjoy the game if football is where your heart is. Even if it’s not, the Sox have an off-day so tune in anyway.


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