After his last two starts, would anyone be shocked to see Josh Beckett take a little trip to the injured list? For the second straight start Beckett was smacked around by the opposition, and this time, no one can say it was because Jason Varitek wasn’t catching him. Beckett gave up a career-high five home runs in the 8-4 loss to the New York Yankees.

Amalie Benjamin has the Yankees leaving Beckett with little to say after the game. John Tomase has Beckett letting this one turn into just another easy Yankee victory. Daniel Barbarisi has Beckett getting pounded early and often last night, right from the first pitch, in fact. Bill Ballou notes the hard-to-believe fact that the Red Sox still lead the season series. Mike Fine has Beckett and the Red Sox once again being humbled by the Yankees.

Steve Buckley has Beckett failing to live up to his big game reputation. Jeff Jacobs says that Red Sox fans should be concerned about Beckett. Paul Jarvey says that blame for last night goes to Beckett, not his catcher or pitching coach. Alex Speier has things we learned last night while Beckett was being humbled.

Dan Shaughnessy has a number of thoughts from another weekend of Red Sox/Yankees. Michael Silverman says that it is clear that the Red Sox can only make the playoffs as the wild card.

Nick Cafardo examines Jonathan Papelbon’s outspokenness on the possibility of the Sox obtaining Billy Wagner. Silverman has Papelbon not sold on Wagner as a great pickup. Joe McDonald has Rocco Baldelli enjoying his time with the Red Sox this season. Brian MacPherson has Casey Kotchman learning to accept his backup role with the Red Sox. Joe Haggerty looks at whether the Sox will be able to add to their strong bullpen.

Adam Kilgore has Tommy Harper ready to be the first to congratulate Jacoby Ellsbury when the latter breaks the formers Red Sox stolen base record. Buckley has Tim Wakefield taking it easy before his return to the Red Sox rotation. Lenny Megliola remembers Greg Montalbano.

Adam Kilgore has Hideki Matsui wrapping up a monster weekend against the Sox, in which he hit four home runs. Ron Borges has the Yankees completely turning the tables on the Red Sox from earlier in the year. Barbarisi has more on Matsui hammering the Red Sox this season.

Benjamin’s notebook has Terry Francona choosing to go with Mike Lowell at DH last night over David Ortiz. Tomase’s notebook wonders if this is the year Derek Jeter gets the MVP nod. The ProJo Red Sox journal has Junichi Tazawa set to remain in the rotation for now, with his next start penciled for Thursday. Ballou’s notebook has Jeter’s leadoff home run a very bad sign. Jim Fenton has the Yankees widening their lead with this series.

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8 thoughts on “Beckett, Sox, Smacked Around Again

  1. Varitek catching?

    What does that matter? Didn’t you hear Felger? The guy is MENTALLY WEAK!

    Is this the kind of guy you want pitching Game 6 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium? Is this the type of guy you want pitching Game 5 of the ALCS on the road, down 3 games to 1? I don’t think so.


    One of these days this city is going to get the drive time sports radio show host it deserves.


    1. This city already has the drive time hosts it deserves. Listen to the callers and look at the ratings. If they wanted something else, the market would demand it with their listening habits.


      1. Can’t agree, Gunt. Chad Finn (and I believe Bruce too) has said that Boston’s sports-starved fans tune into EEI because they’re jonesing for an outlet to hear sportstalk, and prior to ten days really had nowhere else to turn. And remember that those callers only represent about 1-2% of the total listening audience.

        BTW 98.5 has an instant comments board at if you want to voice your pleasure or displeasure at the new station. This would be the best time to get your anti-Tanguay messages in (while he’s on the air).


      2. Fox News also has the highest ratings. Does that mean they produce a quality product?

        Jerry Springer has been on for decades. Is he appealing to the best in people with that show?

        Look, obviously you work for WEEI and wanted to come here to make the point that they must be doing something right. and they are. They appeal to the lowest common denominator and get great ratings as a result. It doesn’t mean they produce quality. I’ll bet Britney Spears sells more albums than Beethoven does in a given year.


        1. I despise WEEI with hatred equal to the pressure on Eddie’s belt buckle. But the market hasn’t demanded an alternative if you look at their success. I’m a T/R fan but realize they aren’t long for this market given their contract situation and other factors. And for the most part, the midday and afternoon are WEEI lite.


          1. Don’t agree at all. EEI gets callers who don’t have jobs and those of us who do have decent jobs want to hear intelligent sports talk. I stopped listening completely when Dale & Holley gave much air time to a bint who wanted to know about the so-called restraining order against Randy Moss.

            Listening to FM radio is so much better than AM. It’s too bad though helium head Felger found a home there. The guy isn’t very smart – he’s a media personality but he’ll always be stupid.


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