Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-20

  • Frank Viola has actually been pretty good in the NESN booth. Better than I expected. #
  • BSMW Network Post: Patriots-Bengals NFL Network Replays #
  • RT @JonCouture: #RedSox Gm 119 (6-1 W) Reloaded at I'd like to thank Roy Halladay for showing New England he is human. #
  • RT @capeleaguer: will be co-hosting "Dale & Holley" Friday from 10 to 2 on WEEI. #
  • BSMW Network Post: Week Log: For Sox, Deja Vu All Over Again? #
  • BSMW Network Post: Here Are the Thursday Links #
  • BSMW Network Post: Patriots Set To Take on Bengals Tonight #
  • BSMW Network Post: Buchholz, Sox Dispatch Halladay, Jays #
  • BSMW Network Post: Trading Places – Chatting with a Bengals Blogger #
  • BSMW Network Post: Tuesday’s Viewing Picks #
  • RT @romenesko: Fear is what stops publishers from charging for online news, says Alan Mutter. #