Will the new WBZ-FM The SportsHub force Entercom to get themselves a WEEI presence on the FM airwaves in Boston?

To this point, there has really been no reason for Entercom/WEEI to make the move to FM in Boston, (They’ve already gone to FM in Providence) the AM signal is strong, and there hasn’t been competition on the FM airwaves to compel them to make this move.

With WBZ-FM starting up at 98.5FM next month, is now the time for WEEI to get simulcast on FM radio in the Boston area? Might they even try to beat the new station to the FM dial?

If they decided to make this move, they have a few options available.

Entercom has three FM frequencies currently in Boston, plus the 103.7 WEEI-FM in Rhode Island.

They have “Active” rock station WAAF, which is broadcast on 97.7 and 107.3 and there is WMKK “MikeFM” variety hits which is on 93.7

Here are the signal coverage maps for the three frequencies:

Coverage area for WAAF 107.3 FM

Coverage area for WKAF 97.7 FM

Coverage area for WMKK 93.7 FM

And here is WEEI – Daytime and Nighttime.

(Read their Frequently Asked Questions about these coverage maps)

Since WAAF is already broadcasting on two frequencies, if they wanted to, Entercom could simulcast WEEI on FM without taking another station off the air. They could just take either 107.3 or 97.7 and make that a WEEI simulcast.

Putting them on 97.7 would place them near to 98.5 as well as to the other FM talker on the dial, WTKK 96.9. Or do they move WMKK to one of the current WAAF frequencies and put WEEI on 93.7?

Would they take the WEEI-FM call letters away from Providence (maybe make it WWEI-FM or something) and give them to the new Boston FM station?

There’s an interesting thread on this topic at the radio-info.com website: Entercom waited too long…


13 thoughts on “Will WEEI Add FM Simulcast In Boston?

  1. Why does the WEEI antenna orientation favor an eastern bias? It’s as though its best strength is like 100 miles out to sea! Does the FCC mandate this pattern/orientation? It just seems like an awkward orientation. Oh…The Drudge Report linked to D&Cs conversation with the Cambridge police officer this morning. Their page hits will never be higher than they’ll see today.


    1. Everything about the signal is a result of the FCC, pretty much. The direction and power are dictated by a desire not to have overlapping signals. Only a handful of stations (WBZ for one) have omnidirectional signals. Also, some stations have to power down at night because signals travel farther and there would be conflicts that would not be present in the day.


  2. I beg to differ that WEEI’s AM signal is strong. I live 15 miles north of Boston, and there are many spots that ‘EEI does not come in clear.


    1. That’s strange, I live 50 miles north of Boston in southern NH, and I’ve never had an issue with WEEI’s signal, day or night.


    2. I don’t have too much trouble with EEI in Waltham, but I actually get 890 and 1510 at least as easily, if not slightly easier at night (I must be the only one).
      The AAF signal is pretty weak, they added the second station because it didn’t really reach Boston. I’m not sure how far out the new one reaches.


    3. My Dad lives up in Kennebunkport, Maine right on the ocean and the signal comes in very strong…probably right up the coast. I’m in southern NH just west of Nashua, and WEEI is awful up here during the morning and afternoon. And forget it entirely at night.


  3. On the radio-info.com board there was also mention of Entercom buying Nassau, which owns 99.5.


  4. In Marlborough, the EEI signal becomes measureably weaker during the evening. If it happens to be a Red Sox night on EEI, I’m better off picking off an FM affiliate like 103.7 or 104.9 to hear the games. While I don’t have strong radios at my home, forget about listening at home during the evening as well. I can listen to WFAN in New York better than I can hear the Boston sports stations at night. I do hope they add and FM frequency to to the Boston market.


  5. Reception varies very much with vehicle radio and antenna quality as well as location. My experience is that the WEEI signal sucks in southern NH with any car. Some are worse than others. I look forward to an FM option.


  6. I can tell you this that I live in Manchester and st sometimes you can not get a signal. WEEI said about 2 years ago that they are working on trying to get a signal up here but that has not happened and 107.7 the Pulse stinks up here and so I will listen to WBZ FM since WEEI does not care about its listeners.


  7. WEEI Has a very weak signal at dawn and dusk in the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH. You can hear a distant oldies station
    on the 850 am frequency. An FM signal up here would be welcomed.


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