Jonathan Papelbon got the win last night, as the American League defeated the National League 4-3 in the All Star Game.

John Tomase has Papelbon getting the win, and Mariano Rivera the save for the AL. Amalie Benjamin has the AL using a late rally to beat the NL once again.

Jason Bay, writing for tells of his experience becoming an American citizen and going to the All Star game.  Steve Buckley has Tim Wakefield not getting a chance to play last night, but still having the opportunity to talk to President Obama about the knuckleball. Tony Massarotti examines what has gone right and what has gone for the Red Sox thus far in 2009. Chaz Scoggins reports on Jed Lowrie’s night with the Lowell Spinners.

Buckley has Victor Martinez, who has been mentioned in Red Sox fan’s wishlists, hoping that he gets to play his entire career in Cleveland. Nick Cafardo has Carl Crawford stealing the show at the game’s MVP. Rob Bradford has Papelbon talking Hall of Fame. Bob Halloran would like to think that Manny Ramirez didn’t take PEDS while playing for the Red Sox. Cafardo also has Commissioner Bud Selig speaking strongly on topics such as steroids and collusion in his address yesterday.

Buckley has former Herald writer Joe Giuliotti being named a finalist for the J.G. Taylor Spink Award.

Mark A. Perigard reviews the HBO Ted Williams documentary for the Herald.

Tomase’s notebook has Ichiro Suzuki defending countryman Daisuke Matsuzaka and saying that the WBC is not to blame for Dice-K’s issues this season.


James Reed and Erin Ailworth in the Globe report on CBS pulling the plug on rock legend WBCN. Jessica Heslam looks at the change to an Sports Talk format, and has a few smug quotes from Gerry Callahan. Don Aucoin says that WEEI might finally have some real competition.

George Scione hopes WBZ-FM doesn’t try to copy WEEI’s bombastic style. Heslam notes that the switch to sports is symbolic of talk ‘invasion’ on the FM dial. Mick Colageo looks at how the change to FM could impact exposure to the Bruins broadcasts.

I’ll have more on the new station later this morning…


Marc J. Spears goes over the options for the Celtics right now as they look to get even deeper for next season. Paul Flannery looks at what the future might hold for Big Baby Davis.

Frank Dell’Apa and the Inside Track has Antoine Walker in trouble with several Las Vegas casinos.

Christopher L. Gasper and Mike Reiss have Matt Cassel cashing in to the tune of $28 million guaranteed from the Kansas City Chiefs. They also have a few other Patriots notes.

7 thoughts on “AL Keeps All Star Streak Alive

  1. “Who? Never heard of them,” said Callahan of the “Toucher and Rich” duo.

    “I am speaking to you from under my desk right now because I am so scared. I’m afraid to come out,” the Herald columnist quipped.

    “They all start on my show. We send off the spin-offs,” said Ordway, noting Felger started doing radio on “The Big Show.”

    Well at least they’re not being pricks about it. I’d love to see these smug bastards go down in flames.


  2. Live talk radio is one thing that, for the time being, the ipod can’t replace (though I wouldn’t be suprised if it does within 7 years).

    I’m looking forward to this station, I htink a more sports-centric T&R could be a home run, and I am on the side of the camp that likes Felger. Get decent midday and evening personnel and you have a home run on your hands.


    1. the herald article relied on quotes from callahan, how did the reporter garner these quotes? did she phone him up? knock on his door in west andover? or are we to assume callahan has a herald email adress he refuses to let be printed in his byline?


  3. Is anyone better at being a complete turd than Gerry Callahan? That is, anyone other than John Dennis?


    1. Yes, there is. D&C’s paid sycophant, Meter, the Flash-middle aged man. (I stole that from WEEI’s intro yesterday. I think it is from when Grande left.)

      It’s one thing to be a turd on your own, you are who you are. It’s another to be a turd to make your a##hole bosses like you.

      Isn’t flashboy something you graduate from? Pete cannot run a show to save his life and Meter only recently became a fillin host.


  4. Although Callahan’s quotes are his typical D-Bag self he does bring up a good point. I have never heard of Toucher and Rich either until this morning. I did listen to them and if they decide that playing the role of “wacky FM DJs” is going to work then they are sadly mistaken. One of the big turnoffs of D&C is when they go off on their political rants T&R better be sports oriented.

    Another issue is Gary Tanguay will need a regular co-host or Dale and Holley will destroy him.

    Felger will do significant damage to Ordway which should take some of the wind out of his sail.

    I would imagine just about anyone could go against Adams.

    What Callahan has failed to figure is threefold.

    1) Deep Pockets – CBS has much more money than Entercom.
    2) Much Better Signal – I live in Hillsborough County, NH and could never get AM 1510 or 890.
    3) Don’t think for a second CBS will not do what Entercom did and buy up other New England stations. They will in a heartbeat.


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