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Lots of stuff to go over, let’s do the story that broke around 8 last night first and then to the Sox.


The Celtics got a verbal commitment from Rasheed Wallace for 2 years and he’ll receive the mid-level exemption.

Marc J. Spears & Frank Dell’Apa combine for a story on the Celtics receiving word that Wallace wanted to come to Boston after meeting with the Celtics.

Mark Murphy says Wallace canceled meetings with other teams after the Celtics pulled out all of the stops.

Jessica Camerato says the C’s made an aggressive bid to sign Wallace.

Gary Tanguay adds to his post from last night saying that he believes that Grant Hill is coming to Boston as well. Go with that golden gut, Gary.

Red Sox

Moving onto the Red Sox, they avoid the sweep in a come-from-behind win over the Mariners yesterday. Also Tim Wakefield is among six Red Sox heading to St. Louis for the All-Star Game next week.

Adam Kilgore says it took a full effort to avoid the M’s sweep.

In his notebook, Adam says it appears Dustin Pedroia might be getting his groove back.

John Tomase says the Sox turned the power switch on.

In his notebook, Tomase writes about John Smoltz’s Fenway debut against the A’s tonight.

Bill Ballou says Jon Lester had to be the stopper yesterday.

Bill says Tim Wakefield finally realized his All-Star dream.

Kevin McNamara writes that it was time for the Mariners bullpen to implode after the Sox had theirs on Friday and Saturday.

Joe McDonald & Kevin McNamara say Lester kept the Sox close until the bats warmed up.

Sean McAdam says the Red Sox are sending the most representatives to the All-Star of any team.

Julian Benbow looks at the half-dozen Red Sox heading to St. Louis.

Bob Ryan writes that Wake is a deserving All-Star.

Ron Borges has Tim Wakefield beaming over his All-Star selection.

Joe McDonald says Wakefield’s selection is welcomed by his teammates.

Back to Sean McAdam, he writes that Mark Kotsay is getting more comfortable at the plate as he gets more playing time.

Bill Burt talks with Lou Merloni about his friend, Nomar Garciaparra.

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Bud Collins writes about Roger Federer’s win over Andy Roddick at Wimbledon.

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