In a tight 3-3 battle heading into the seventh inning, the Red Sox erupted for eight runs in the final three innings, including six runs in the eighth to post an 11-3 win over the Washington Nationals.

Adam Kilgore has Jacoby Ellsbury, Jason Bay and Jason Varitek standing out as the stars of this win. John Tomase says that last night’s game actually hinged on two defensive plays. Joe McDonald has the Red Sox successful in their first visit to Nationals Park.

Michael Silverman says that the Nationals are simply a disaster. Brian MacPherson is talking hitting with Chipper Jones. Alex Speier says that Jason Bay is a run-producing monster. Joe Haggerty has Kevin Youkilis going through a bit of a rough patch at the plate. Speier also has a Day in the Life of the Red Sox Draft.

Nick Cafardo says that we just need to wait and see what kind of player Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be, rather than placing high expectations on him. Silverman has hitting coach Dave Magadan still keeping a close eye on David Ortiz at the plate. McDonald has Dusty Brown making his Major League debut. He also looks at another big night for Jason Bay.

Adam Kilgore’s notebook has Mike Lowell benefiting from his weekend rest. Tomase’s notebook has Jason Bay saying that he will not participate in the Home Run Derby. McDonald’s Red Sox journal has the team giving a thumps up to Nationals Park.


You can’t turn around these days without hearing a Rajon Rondo trade rumor. Danny Ainge has been doing his best to defuse such talk, but it persists. Frank Dell’Apa has Ainge saying that while no one is untradeable, he likes the lineup he has right now. Mark Murphy has Ainge reaffirming his love of Rondo. Scott Souza also has Ainge downplaying any trade rumors.

Jim Fenton notes that the Celtics will have a long wait before they pick in tomorrow night’s draft. Paul Flannery has five things we know about this year’s NBA draft. Kirk Minihane rates the best and worst of Celtics drafts. Murphy’s notebook has Ainge reporting that KG’s rehab is going well.

Dan Duggan and Ron Chimelis have UMass forward Tony Gaffney hoping to hear his name called on draft night.


Steve Conroy has Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins looking to make a move up in this week’s NHL draft. Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins have targeted a player and may have to move up to get him. DJ Bean has a couple of ideas as to who that player might be.

The Tradition is tonight, and there are a trio of articles in the papers this morning on the events and honorees:

Lenny Megliola has a look at the event, John Connolly has a piece on Ken Hodge getting recognized for his contributions to the Big Bad Bruins, and Dan Shaughnessy checks in with ice queen Nancy Kerrigan.


16 thoughts on “Sox Erupt Late To Take Down Nationals

  1. …ya think Shank Shaughnessy might have been a little over the top?……about Kerrigan he writes:

    “she performed under scrutiny and pressure never felt even by the likes of Mssrs. Russell, Schilling, and Belichick”…..jeesh


  2. Should be a Joe Haggerty link. He copies and pastes press releases like frigging Shakespeare.


  3. Nancy Kerrigan? Interesting choice, but when I think of women’s figure skating champions I think of Joe Haggerty. Joe always gets left out of the discussion because he was too tough to be taken out by a baton across the knee.


  4. I’m still trying to figure out who this Joe Haggerty guy is….I’m being serious….does he work for the Globe or Herald?….is he a new regular on the “Big Show’?…..I’m clueless when it comes to this guy but I see his name mentioned here almost everyday lately


    1. Joe Haggerty is more of an idea than a reality. Imagine the perfect writer. He writes prose that just talks to you. I mean I don’t have to read his great blogging on the Bruins. I hear about it from people at work that don’t even follow sports.


    2. he writes somewhere about the Bruins, and complains using
      multiple usernames when he is left out of a poll on Red Sox writers

      also, he invented the sock puppet


    3. Joe Haggerty also build a pontoon bridge across the Hellespont to help Xerxes invade ancient Greece, but when Xerxes refused to list Joe as the greatest Red Sox columnist in the Persian Empire, he helped the Spartans at Thermopolea by distracting the Immortals with Wally the Green Monster dolls that were left over from the Remdog’s yard sale. He then blogged about it, and Glenn Ordway made fun of him on the air(not that any one could hear it because Fred Smerlas was talking over him).


  5. Keaton always said “I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.” Well, I believe in God — and the only thing that scares me is not reading Joe Haggerty every morning.


  6. seems like only sports hacks use ‘messrs.’ why is that.

    shaughnessy should have thrown in a pshaw for good measure.


    1. I think Shank stole that from Ryan or vice-versa….who can keep track?….Shank steals from Ryan…Ryan steals from Shank…..Borges steals from everybody…


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