To start things off this Tuesday morning, David Scott is calling it quits over at Scott’s Shots. I’d like to thank David, who has been here at BSMW almost from the beginning, and who certainly brought a lot of eyeballs over to the site with some of his posts and commentary on the local media happenings. He’s fleshing out details of a new gig, which he’s not ready to fully announce just yet, but he’s going to be missed here.

Bob Ryan says that we should all agree that Daisuke Matsuzaka has not been worth $102 million. He will not argue this. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox need Dice-K to get on a shoulder program. Ron Chimelis says that Matsuzaka is willing to listen to the Red Sox for advice on his shoulder.

Amalie Benjamin looks at John Smoltz set to enter a Brave new world with the Red Sox. Dom Amore says that a competitive spirit has kept Smoltz going. Lenny Megliola says that Smoltz’s debut on Thursday will be must-see TV.

Bill Burt thinks that Brad Penny has found a home in Boston, and rather than looking to trade him, perhaps Theo Epstein should be offering him an extension. Daniel Barbarisi looks at several promising catchers in the Red Sox organization. Mike Fine says that Jason Bay has been easy to manage for Terry Francona. Adam Smartschan looks at whether Nick Green’s homer on Sunday was the best of the year for the Red Sox.

Adam Kilgore has a look at the next team up on the Red Sox schedule, the hapless Washington Nationals, who are flirting with the 1962 New York Mets modern day record for worst record. Brian MacPherson has a great opportunity facing the Red Sox as they prepare to face three teams with losing records on this trip.

Nick Cafardo has Donald Fehr retiring as executive director of the baseball players union. Steve Buckley says that Fehr’s legacy will face scrutiny. Bob Halloran is tired of people avoiding the phrase “no-hitter” while one is in progress.

Benjamin’s notebook has David Ortiz finally starting to look like his old self. Silverman’s notebook says that Dice-K’s star hasn’t dimmed in Japan, where they view the WBC as more important that MLB and the Red Sox.

U.S. Open

Michael Whitmer has Lucas Glover taking home the U.S. Open title. Ron Borges has Phil Mickelson coming up short, but aware of what truly matters. Whitmer says that Mickelson will now shift focus to his wife and her cancer treatment. Borges has David Duval getting back into the game.

Whitmer’s notebook has Duval feeling like he belongs among the best. Borges’ notebook has a poor start and putting woes doing in Tiger Woods.


Mike Reiss has Tedy Bruschi leaving his options open beyond this season. Christopher Price has Joe Theismann talking about Tom Brady’s recovery.

Jim Fenton says that the Rajon Rondo trade rumors are absurd.

Mark Murphy has UConn’s Jeff Adrien working out for the Celtics. Dan Duggan has BC’s Tyrese Rice hoping that the NBA recognizes the sacrifices he made in putting his team first in his senior season.

Jeff Howe reports that it appears that Boston College will play in the winter classic at Fenway Park as part of a doubleheader with the Bruins.

Michael Felger has five assorted thoughts on the Boston sports scene.

Um, I don’t have the words.

9 thoughts on “More Off Day Musings

  1. “I don’t have the words” Me neither- I’m disappointed that the Herald even finds this noteworthy. Anything for a buck.


  2. Fred and Steve? Biased much Bruce? When I think diet chocolate salesman I think Joe Haggerty. But you leave him out of the discussion.


    1. How many free steaks have you been comp’ed at TR? No one on the level sticks up for these two buffoons. Haggs at least works for a living.


  3. Hard hitting Bobo Halloran probably has a well reasoned and well written analysis of the important topic of talking about no-hitters. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to read it because I have to do anything else before I ever read the scribblings of Bobo.


  4. rumor has it that Pete Sheppard is their biggest customer and has already ordered 5 sacks of those, “bite-size chocolates that promise to trim your waistline.”……….


  5. Fred and Steve are despicable hucksters, but the Herald is even worse for running an ad for them. I’m assuming it was in the print edition, too.

    Besides, Joe Haggerty makes the best chocolate, but of course the Herald doesn’t care. That’s the real bias.


    1. Sheppard has fallen for it hook,line and sinker. He figures if he eats enough of those babies he’ll be down to 150lbs. by Thursday


  6. Bruce, when you say you “don’t have the words”, don’t you really mean that you’re at a “loss”?

    Ok, that attempt at humor was about as pathetic as the Blunder Twins trying to hawk diet chocolate cookies. But I guess they have to do something for income since their steakhouse is probably getting closed once Twin River’s Ch. 11 is complete.


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