Well, maybe now NESN has a new addition to the lineup for when they need to fill space. For the last couple of years the “Mother’s Day Miracle” against the Baltimore Orioles has been played about a 100 times. After yesterday’s 6-5 victory on Father’s Day which was secured with a Nick Green walk off home run around the Pesky Pole, perhaps now the network can mix things up a little bit.

Amalie Benjamin has a somewhat confused Green enjoying his first walk-off as a member of the Red Sox. John Tomase though, notes that Green isn’t entirely without walk-off experience, having done it to the Red Sox as a member of the Braves back in ’04. Bill Ballou has the Sox taking the game and series. Dom Amore says you can’t blame Green for losing track of time and space. Harry Plumer has the quirks and irregularities of Fenway Park working in the Red Sox favor yesterday. Brian Jordan has Wakefield settling in yesterday. Daniel Barbarisi has more on the Green game winner.

Bob Ryan thinks that “The Nick Green Story” would make a great Hollywood screenplay and vehicle for Matt Damon. Mike Fine agrees that Green is a terrific story. Rob Bradford has Green adding to his remarkable story with the walk off. Barbarisi has Green showing that he’s more than a fill-in for the Red Sox. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox just seem to get all their problems solved these days.

Ben Collins has Jonathan Papelbon pushing through a tough ninth inning to preserve the tie and pick up the win on Green’s homer. Buckley has the weather making an impact on Tim Wakefield yesterday. Paul Sulzer looks at a rough patch for Dustin Pedrioa. Barbarisi notes that David Ortiz is heating up.

Brian MacPherson has the Sox starting over with Dice-K. Bill Burt says so much for the six man rotation. Steve Buckley says that it isn’t certain whether Daisuke Matsuzaka will return to the Red Sox at all this season after being placed on the DL. Glen Farley has the Sox putting Dice on ice. Barbarisi has more on Matsuzaka being placed on the DL

Benjamin’s notebook has Matsuzaka concurring with the Sox decision to pull him from the rotation and go to the DL. Tomase’s notebook has more on Dice-K, who was diagnosed with a shoulder strain. Ballou’s notebook says that it might be a long road back for Dice-K. Amore’s notebook has more on Matsuzaka. Plumer’s notebook says it could be a lengthy stay for Dice-K on the DL.

U.S. Open

Weather has pushed the final round of the U.S. Open to today, where Michael Whitmer says it still isn’t clear who is going to win this thing. Ron Borges has Phil Mickelson keeping his chances alive. He’s got Tiger Woods not ready to concede defeat yet either.

Borges’ notebook has David Duval a surprise contender, while Whitmer’s notebook has the weather delay impacting this week’s CVS Caremark Charity Classic.


Jeff Goodman says that Rajon Rondo isn’t going anywhere, and gives us 10 free agents that should be on the Celtics radar. John Connolly has a look at Sam Jones, who will be honored at The Tradition on Wednesday night.

Monique Walker has the Revolution picking up a victory in the first round of the SuperLiga Tournament. Peter Gobis has more on the win for the Revs. Connolly has the Revs netting two goals in a three minute span to post the win.

Mark Farinella is obsessed with how “Belichick’s minions” will block the view of the practice field from the top floors of the Renaissance Boston Hotel and Spa at Patriot Place.

Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins need to get bigger and better on defense this offseason.


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  1. Jeff Goodman: “No one — except for future Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin — is going to be an instant franchise-changer.”

    Yeah Jeff, Blake freakin’ Griffin is going to instantly change the Clippers. What are you smoking, crack? He couldn’t even take his team past the second round of the NCAA tournament.


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