Amalie Benjamin has the Sox dropping a 2-1 rain-shortened game to the Marlins last night at Fenway Park. Michael Silverman says that last night left the Red Sox grumpy. Daniel Barbarisi has the Sox feeling cheated at the rain-shortened night. Dom Amore agrees that the Red Sox felt robbed. Ron Chimelis has the Marlins getting a jump on the Sox in the rain. Bill Ballou has the Sox losing in “undertime.”

Rob Bradford has the Sox left steaming after last night’s loss. Sean McAdam has the Red Sox players upset at management for insisting on going through with the game last night. Mike McMahon says that the Red Sox and MLB took advantage of the fans last night. Lenny Megliola offers up a few rain-soaked thoughts on the Red Sox pitching. Jon Couture says that the rain shortened loss can’t damper our enthusiasm for the potential of this Red Sox team. Mike Fine has the Sox wishing they could give back a lousy night.

Ben Collins has Jon Lester thrown off by the rain and lack of a proper warm-up last night. Barbarisi says that Lester wasn’t perfect and that wasn’t good enough for last night.  Brian MacPherson says that the six-man rotation doesn’t mean that the Red Sox aren’t still looking at trade possibilities. Barbarisi has George Kottaras taking a  new approach to hitting with good results. Chimelis says that Brad Penny’s success is forcing the Red Sox to make tough decisions. Paul Sulzer says that it appears that Nick Green has claimed a hold on the shortstop position for the moment.

Tony Massarotti examines how the Red Sox have dominated interleague play in recent years. Nick Cafardo looks at why many feel the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. With father’s day approaching Sean McAdam and Ron Borges have a mini-feature on David Ortiz, whose father is battling a serious illness. Chimelis has Smoltz heading to Boston while Clay Buchholz also awaits his call. Glen Farley says that the Sox will keep a close eye on Smoltz.

Adam Kilgore has a Minor League notebook and checks out a deadly pickoff move possessed by Single A pitcher Derrick Loop.

The Globe’s Los Angeles correspondent, Dan Shaughnessy, out to make more appearances on the Jim Rome show, checks in on how Manny Ramirez will be received by Dodger fans when he returns from his suspension.

Benjamin’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka getting one more chance to turn his season around before John Smoltz jumps into the rotation. Silverman’s notebook has Jonathan Papelbon telling Sirius XM radio that he’ll be looking to sign anywhere – including  with the Yankees – when his contract with the Red Sox is up in 2011. He says he’ll go where the most money is. (Mike Petraglia has Papelbon saying his preference is to stay with the Red Sox.) Barbarisi’s Red Sox journal says that David Ortiz has earned another shot at the 5th spot in the batting order. Amore’s notebook has Ortiz comfortable at fifth. McMahon’s notebook has more on Lester getting thrown out of his routine. Ballou’s notebook looks at whether a power surge might be in store for Dustin Pedroia.


The Bruins cleaned up at the annual NHL Awards last night. Zdeno Chara won the Norris Trophy as top defenseman, Tim Thomas took home the Vezina Award (and with Manny Fernandez took home the  Jennings Trophy as the top goalie tandem.) Claude Julien won the Adams Award as coach of the year.  Kevin Paul Dupont has the honorees humbled by the awards. Stephen Harris has more on the monster night for the Bruins. Mike Loftus also reports on the impressive haul of hardware for the Bruins.

Bill Burt  has Ken Hodge getting some long-overdue recognition at The Tradition.


Michael Whitmer has opening day at the US Open getting washed out. Ron Borges says that the day may have washed out, but Jeff Brehaut isn’t. Whitmer says Rain was the story of day one.

Whitmer’s notebook has Quincy native Michael Welch still waiting to make his Open debut. Borges’ notebook checks in with Boo Weekley.

Bill Doyle looks at the media coverage of the Open.

Chad Finn says that despite a dreadful record with the Lions, Matt Millen is still in high demand as a broadcaster.

Christopher Price shares a few specific observations he made during Patriots mini-camp.

Jim Donaldson wants you to know he thinks Twitter is stupid.


10 thoughts on “Sox, Fans Not Singing In The Rain

  1. Baseball’s interleague series keep the game fresh, how about those Red Sox taking on the Braves…With last nights loss only counting as 2/3, that gives the Sox a crucial 3 1/3 game lead…Less noisy lawnmowers, more sheep I say…Year One is the one picture you must see this Year, BlackJack proves it’s so simple a gecko can do it and hits a 21…Block your ears shock jock radio’s Callahan – everyone else happy Juneteenth…
    Movie rentals at the grocer? Whats next canned hams at a cinema…Turtle wax…Lost in the Palin v Letterman claptrap has been A-Rod again getting off scot free…B I Bicki Bi B O Bo…Now that Dominique Davis has left, Boston College must be kicking themselves for forcing Chris Crane out of town…18 holes on a golf course, 24 beers in a case COINCIDENCE…Reports from the minor leagues are John Smoltz and Clay Bucholz make quite the pitching team, each going for a few innings in their last game, why mess with success, bring ’em both up to pitch every 6th day…I don’t understand Twix, how do they bake the cookie without melting the chocolate and
    caramel…An amazing 1300 votes separate baseball’s Kevin Youkilis and Mike Teizeria in all star voting, even more amazing they were almost traded for each other in the offseason
    …Come down to Lars Anderson Park this weekend for the 12th Annual King Larry Soapbox racer derby and you could win a years supply of rice-a-roni…Which local newsgal got her
    arms insured for 1 million? One hint, they’re so hot they should be called Bingo Buffalo Wings…King Larry Out!


  2. For all the good the new ownership has done since taking over (ballpark renovations, consistent product on the field, two WS championships, strong farm system, etc.), they have a HUGE blind$pot/i$$ue when it come$ to rain.

    They have no problem with inconveniencing their fan$ with lengthy delay$ and/or playing the game$ under deplorable condition$. They make a big deal how their own, private weather foreca$ter$ (John Henry, Tom Werner, and Lucky) alway$ predict that there i$ a “narrow window of opportunity” to squeeze a game in, de$pite every other foreca$ter predicting mon$oon$. $hameful.


  3. Wasn’t it just last year (I think it was the final game of a series against the Yanks) when, after dropping the first two, Sox players insisted on getting the game in, going against management’s inclination to re-schedule?

    Can’t have it both ways, boys.

    And I love Mike Lowell, but suspect he’s a little embarassed this morning.


  4. Somewhere, Teddy Sirandis cries out: “they should have listened to me and built a retractable domed stadium!”


      1. I may be pilloried for this, but I miss Ted Nation…. Mike Adams is a train wreck with maybe a thimbleful of sports talk per hour. At least Ted tried to talk sports.


        1. I agree with you. Ted Serandis had terrific guests and conducted outstanding interviews. I miss Ted and his show.


  5. Jim Donaldson wrote the same exact article about the Internet, TV, radio, morse code and painting on cave walls.

    It’s time.


    1. Baffled, awesome response. I loved some of the comments in the article including “before you tell me to get off your lawn”. Donaldson is a horrible columnist.


  6. What a surprise: Dan Shaughnessy trying to weasel his way into TV appearances. Clearly, money must be changing hands there in the same way it is with the media down at Gillette Stadium. What a stupid idiot for Shaughnessy to suggest ‘payola’ when he’s guilty of the exact same thing.


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