In last year’s BSMW Approval Ratings, Sean McAdam, then of the Providence Journal, scored one of our highest ratings, with an 87% approval.

In last week’s BSMW Opinion Poll on who is the best Red Sox writer, McAdam, now with the Boston Herald, took home top honors with 38% of the vote. Out of over 1000 respondents, 385 voted for McAdam.

He easily outdistanced the second place finisher, Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe, who got 171 votes for 17% and the third place finisher, Rob Bradford of, who got 99 votes for almost 10% of the total.

For this achievement, McAdam wins…nothing. Unless you count the ribbing he’s sure to receive in the Red Sox press box this week.


8 thoughts on “Sean McAdam Wins 2009 “Best Red Sox Writer”

  1. I want to take back my vote for McAdam last year. All that time spent in the WEEI studios is going to his head. Last year he was bashing Lugo for his offense before he got hurt, failing to note that Lugo was getting on base and wasn’t hurting the team offensively. He wasn’t worth his contract but he wasn’t the blackhole McAdam made him out to be. I pointed this fact out and he admitted that he wasn’t aware that Lugo had such a good OBP.

    He raised the issue of trading Matsuzaka and discussed the possibility at length without mentioning that Matsuzaka had full no-trade protection.

    He recently said that Brad Penny is a #2 on most contending NL teams.

    And I think he supports the Joba to the bullpen move. His insight is quickly slipping into talk radio ramblings.


  2. Sean is the new Peter Gammons. He reports all he is allowed and you know the players like him and respect him by the way they interact with him. He is trusted not to write something that is supposed to be off the record. Thank God for the internet because we can read his articles on line. The first thing I used to look for in the ProJo was his articles. Like everything good in R.I. he left who could blame him. The Providence Journal used to be one of the best newspapers not only in New England but in the nation now thru all the buyouts its a rag


  3. Media people suffer from ‘things going to their heads’ because their industry is chock-full of self-congratulatory award shows. You know, the kind of charade where ‘everyone gets an award.’ Enough of that idiocy and you quickly see why each and every one of them gets swelled heads and even bigger mouths. At least here, the award was ‘by the people and for the people.’


  4. Not surprised that McAdam won by a wide margine. The fact that Miss Benjamin finished second tells you how bad the media covering the Red Sox has slipped in recent years. As an organization, the Red Sox have done a good job in controlling the media, which has become extremely soft (except for the veteran writers like Shaughnessy and Cafardo). Francona is a good guy and very good manager, and Theo has done a great job. So it’s tough to question or second-guess their moves on or off the field.


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