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The Red Sox have now won seven straight games against the New York Yankees this season, but still sit just one game ahead of them in the standings. That one game means first place in the AL East, a spot the Red Sox have all to themselves this morning after a 6-5 win over the Yankees at Fenway Park last night.

Michael Silverman has the Red Sox wearing down another Yankees starting pitcher. Amalie Benjamin has the Sox happy with the win, knowing that the tide will change at some point. Joe McDonald says that the Red Sox own the Yankees thus far in 2009. Dom Amore has Jonathan Papelbon saying that the Sox are doing the little things to beat the Yankees. Eric Avidon has the Sox storming into first place with the win. Ron Chimelis says that until Yankee starters can figure out how to get that ninth out, New York is going to have a hard time beating the Red Sox. Bill Ballou credits defensive plays in the middle of the infield for this win.

Bob Ryan has the Red Sox enjoying this streak while it lasts. Sean McAdam says that the Yankees simply have had no answer for the Red Sox this season. Lenny Megliola notes that the Yankees weren’t able to feast on Tim Wakefield in this outing. Steve Buckley says that this hasn’t been an easy seven straight games for Boston. Bill Burt says that the Red Sox are now the Yankees’ daddies. Chaz Scoggins says that we shouldn’t be writing off the Yankees just yet. (Who is?)

Nick Cafardo thinks Tim Wakefield is worthy of All Star consideration. Daniel Barbarisi says that J.D. Drew has been a perfect fit in the second spot in the lineup. Rob Bradford has Paul Byrd waiting for his phone to ring. Joe Haggerty says that the Sox have ruled this so-called rivalry this year. Cafardo says that the Red Sox rotation decisions all center around Daisuke Matsuzaka and whether he can turn things around. McAdam says that Jed Lowrie is on track to rejoin the Red Sox later this month. The T&G has Tim Wakefield giving the Sox just what they needed last night.

Adam Kilgore has Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon slamming the door on the Yankees in the late innings. McDonald has Papelbon calling  Okajima the star of the game last night. Alex Speier says that Okajima had reason to be excited last night. Barbarisi looks at a defensive gem from Nick Green last night. Paul Doyle has various notes and observations from a night at Fenway. Jon Couture says that the price has been right on Nick Green this season.

Buckley has the Red Sox drafting right-hander Luke Bard, the younger brother of Sox rookie Daniel Bard. The ProJo has a look at Daniel Bard and his first appearance against the Yankees at Fenway Park. Brian MacPherson says that the Red Sox are taking the long view with regards to the draft. Paul Jarvey has Sturbridge’s Dan Kemp getting the call from the Sox in the 24th round.

Bob Ryan examines the individual achievements that have been wasted in the Yankees pursuit of championship No. 27 since 2000. Jeff Jacobs says that Joe Girardi isn’t ready to remove Chien-Ming Wang from the rotation yet. Paul Doyle has Mark Teixeira explaining why he hits righthanded against Wakefield. Mike Petraglia has Teixeira speaking out after the game. Dan Lamothe says that with how bad Wang has been this season, its like the Yankees gave this one to the Red Sox.

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Jerry Beach wonders if John Henry buying the Globe might just be the best thing.

Benjamin’s notebook has John Smoltz ready for his final rehab tuneup before getting set to join the Sox. Silverman’s notebook has a look at Okajima’s huge relief outing last night. The Projo Red Sox journal has the club focusing on pitching on the second day of the draft. Amore’s notebook has Wang not able to get the job done again. Avidon’s notebook says that Josh Beckett didn’t mind handing the game over to the bullpen after the sixth inning Tuesday night. Burt’s notebook says Wakefield could be an All Star. Ballou’s notebook has more on Okajima bailing out the Sox.

Jim Donaldson says that both Terry Francona and Bill Belichick have proved the doubters wrong in Boston.


Christopher L. Gasper has Vince Wilfork showing up for mandatory minicamp. John Tomase says that since Wilfork is playing fair, the Patriots should too. Shalise Manza Young has teammates exciting to see Wilfork. Rich Garven has Wilfork meeting his obligations by showing up. Mark Farinella looks at a show of good faith by the nose tackle.

The Globe notebook has Bill Belichick refusing to get into a battle of words with Rex Ryan. Guregian’s notebook has Adalius Thomas happy to be back out on the field. The ProJo Patriots journal has Jim Nance being elected to the Patriots Hall of Fame. Farinella’s notebook has Belichick amused by Ryan’s bluster.

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7 thoughts on “Red Sox Hold Off Yankees Again

  1. For my money if Jon Couture isn’t available then Sox writing doesn’t get better than Amalie Benjamin, she’s a modern day Brenda Starr, happy 27th AB…I’m looking to buy an elevator, is there a store…There is no season like festival season…You will believe Christian Bale is the Terminator…Is TV’s Burn Notice giving away secrets to our enemies…Do you suppose a whole house could be made from Legos…What a set of knockers on that Land o’ Lakes gal…Ballpark Pretzels…50 degrees in June in NYC how about that Global Warming former Vice President Al Gore…For all this concern about the government buying car companies, we forget they did a good job making cars in WW2, where would our boys in uniform be without a Jeep…Up! is going up up up at the box office…For soda there is none finer than Polar Orange Dry, just ask Broadway’s Yvonne DeCarlo mi amore…I still prefer Lincoln Logs to Weblogs…School buses shouldn’t have flashing lights, our cars should and kids can watch for us…Welcome back to camp Vince Wilfork, you still got it kid


  2. So Tomasen thinks the Pats should play fair, huh? He should have thought about that before printing a bogus story about the Pats before SB42.

    I’m still boycotting Tomase…Only in MA can a guy like that still have a job not only as a writer but at the same newspaper. Thank goodness they’re going away.


    1. Good point about “playing fair” Paul.

      Tomase has a hell of a nerve to say that, since he certainly didn’t play fair, or their FANS, on Super Bowl weekend two years ago. I know that my day was ruined by that story, even before the Pats went out and lost the game. It was all the media wanted to talk about for the 7 hours worth of pre-game shows that day…totally ruined the Super Bowl experience for me (like I said, even before the Pats lost). Who knows if they’ll ever get back to another one? That could have been their last appearance for a long, long time, and Tomase went ahead and ruined it for a lot of people with a bogus, basically unsourced story. Now he wants the Pats to play fair.


      God, I hate the media!!!


      1. Sorry, that’s supposed to say, “since he certainly didn’t play fair with the PATRIOTS, or their fans…”

        Bad typo there on my part.


        1. How do you extrapolate that sentiment from what I wrote? I said Tomase ruined that day for a lot of fans, myself included, and who knows how long it will be before the Pats make it back there? Nothing is guaranteed afterall, so it’s nice to be able to savor those moments when they do arrive, free from the interference of agenda-driven, hack, “reporters” throwing around baseless, irresponsible stories that make national headlines on the even of the game–all for what he (the “reporter”) hoped would be the advancement of his career and future enrichment; it certainly had nothing to do with him performing his journalistic duty.


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