Daisuke Matsuzaka struggled once again yesterday, but in a somewhat different manner as the Sox fell to the Rangers, 6-3 at Fenway Park. Matsuzaka walked none, 70% of his pitches were strikes, and he struck out 8 in 5 2/3 innings.

Eric Avidon observes that Matsuzaka is often to efficient pitching what Britney Spears is to good parenting. Efficient though Matsuzaka was yesterday, Adam Kilgore notes that it might have actually been his downfall. Robert Lee has Matsuzaka once again unable to put together a solid start. Adam Smartschan notes that even with control, Dice-K couldn’t win. Jennifer Toland has Dice-K describing his performance as “very plain.”

Bob Ryan also says that Dice-K’s new approach didn’t ease the pain of the results. Sean McAdam has more on the continued struggles of Matsuzaka since the World Baseball Classic. Ron Borges notes that despite all their injuries and struggles, the Red Sox are in pretty good shape as the first-place Yankees come to town tomorrow night. Alex Speier delves into the topic of whether David Ortiz is really just 33 years old.

John Tomase looks at the puzzle the Red Sox face in trying to put together their rotation once John Smoltz is ready to join the club next week. Mike Fine has Jacoby Ellsbury getting banged up in the outfield making a catch yesterday. Larry Fleisher says that the Rangers are finally getting the pitching they’ve needed for so long. McAdam shoots down a Orlando Cabrera rumor.

Brian MacPherson says that Mark Kotsay and Rocco Baldelli are going to give the Red Sox quite a bench. Ben Collins has more on the self-named “Rescue Squad.”  Borges has more on Mark Kotsay and what he can bring to the Red Sox. Joe McDonald also examines the Red Sox success in bring in character guys like Kotsay and Baldelli to play big roles off the bench.

Kilgore’s notebook says that Ellsbury’s shoulder might keep him out of the lineup. Tomase’s notebook has more on the injury to the Red Sox centerfielder. The Projo Red Sox journal notes that David Ortiz has put together a six-game hitting streak. Toland’s notebook has more on Ellsbury getting hurt on a hustle play.


Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots hoping the Leigh Bodden can be the answer at cornerback as the successor to Asante Samuel. Christopher Price has a look at the work the Patriots need to get in this week before they can head out to their last vacations prior to training camp next month. Mark Farinella has Greg Lewis among the new Patriots learning the system. Michael Felger says that the Patriots clearly haven’t learned from the past as they refuse to budge with Vince Wilfork.

Marc J. Spears has the Lakers taking game two of the NBA finals in OT to take a 2-0 series lead. Spears’ notebook says that we shouldn’t really hold out hope for the NBA All Star game coming to Boston. Unless global warming really kicks in, that is.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the Red Wings hoping to close things out on the Penguins.

Monique Walker and Kyle McCarthy have Taylor Twellman becoming only the 5th player in MLS history to score 100 goals. Walker’s notebook has Jay Heaps playing in the 300th match of his career.


6 thoughts on “Dice-K Doesn’t Have It

  1. Rod Bradford:

    “Matsuzaka displayed what was undoubtedly his best fastball of the season, but it didn’t quite translate like the Red Sox had hoped.”

    No shit.

    We hear a variation of this theme all the time from baseball players, managers and reporters.

    “His swing looked great” (But he went 0-5 with a strikeout)

    “It was only two bad pitches” (Two three run bombs)

    But not with the other sports.

    “His shot looked great” (But he was 3-13 from the field)


    “The QB’s motion was perfect and he got a nice rotation on the ball” (But most of the passes were off-target and he finished with a 52% completion % on the day)

    Has anyone ever heard that about a pro QB? Maybe on the amateur levels you would.


    1. “Has anyone ever heard that about a pro QB?”

      I have. Everyone used to say that about Brett Favre. LOL.


        1. Actually Dan it’s not. Know of any criticisms of Joe Namath or Joe Montana? It’s very common in each generation of football QB’s.


          1. How many bad games did Joe Montana have?

            I’ve heard plenty of criticism of Joe Namath. Everyone that knows anything about the NFL, knows that he threw way more INTs than TDs.


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