Amalie Benjamin has Jason Bay hitting his 11th straight home run with runners on base, setting a club record, and pacing the Red Sox to a 5-1 win over the Blue Jays, giving Boston a sweep over first-place Toronto. John Tomase has Jon Lester redeeming himself last night after his poor outing in Seattle. Robert Lee asserts that in this series, the Red Sox may have exposed the Blue Jays for who they really are. Ron Chimelis has Lester showing the right stuff last night. Jennifer Toland notes that Fenway Park had a definite midsummer feel last night.

Bob Ryan says that with Dice-K back, we can expect a long night of baseball. Steve Buckley looks at how everything is going Jason Bay’s way these days. Joe McDonald notes that Bay has been equally impressive with the glove this season as well. Sarah Green says that David Ortiz’s first home run should remind us of the fun times of baseball. Chaz Scoggins  says that while the Jays may have been exposed as pretenders in this series, we still don’t know if the Red Sox are real contenders.

Joe McDonald has the Sox making preparations for Interleague play. Adam Kilgore has Jon Lester bouncing back with a quality start of  6 1/3 innings giving up just one run. Rob Bradford reminds us why Lester is here and Johan Santana isn’t. Brian MacPherson looks at the case vs. the Red Sox defense, which has been one of the worst in the league. Joe Haggerty examines the nice start that Jason Varitek has gotten off to this season. Glen Farley says that there will be some new looks on display at Fenway tonight.

In Kilgore’s Minor League Notebook, he looks at Ryan Kalish, who has struggled in his call up to AA, though the outfielder is the youngest player on the team.

Sean McAdam has Jake Peavy turning down a trade from the Padres to the White Sox. Bill Burt chases down the reclusive J.P. Ricciardi for a chat about his Blue Jays and the AL East. Farley has the Sox leaving the Jays feeling blue after this series.

Benjamin’s notebook has the Sox gearing up for Interleague play, with Johan Santana and the Mets coming to town. Tomase’s notebook has David Ortiz recalling Santana’s early struggled with the Twins. In McDonald’s Red Sox journal, he has a further look at the return of Matsuzaka. Chimelis’ notebook has Justin Masterson heading to the bullpen with Dice-K’s return. Toland’s notebook has more on the return of Dice-K 


Shalise Manza Young checks in with second year cornerback Terrence Wheatley, who is determined to pick up and move forward from where he left off last season. Andy Vogt  has Wheatley itching to show what he’s learned in the time since his season ended last year because of a broken wrist. Rich Garven has the Patriots starting over completely at cornerback this season. Karen Guregian looks at linebacker/special teams ace Vinny Ciurciu, who is grateful for the chance to play football for the Patriots. Christopher Price has Tully Banta-Cain happy to be back in familiar settings. He also has a look at Kevin O’Connell. Jeff Howe has Tank Williams ready to move forward and contribute to the defense.

Ron Borges says that Michael Vick has been punished sufficiently and it’s time to let him move on with his life. Jonathan Comey feels that there should be plenty of teams interested in Vick.


Chad Finn  says that Jon Gruden is likely a short-timer on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Johnny Diaz  reports that the playoff runs by the Celtics and Bruins played a large role in the May sweeps.

Mark Murphy  has a Celtics postseason report card.

Paul Flannery  and Joe Haggerty debate whether the Celtics or Bruins had a better season.

Stephen Harris  and Fluto Shinzawa  report on Phil Kessel’s shoulder surgery.

Monique Walker  has the struggling New England Revolution looking to get back on track against Toronto.


6 thoughts on “Bay Paces Sox To Sweep

  1. ….love Jason Bay (so don’t take this the wrong way) but the other day (I’m really not trying to rhyme here) Dale “Holier than thou” Arnold says, “I know it’s not fair but the way Johnny Damon is hitting home runs I can’t help but think STEROIDS”…….gee Dale, Jason Bay is also wacking them out of the park at a hell of a clip, do you think STEROIDS when it comes to him???…….This is the same guy who gives fans crap for being “homers”


  2. Old Bastard,

    Simply don’t listen to Dale Arnold. You are keeping him in business by listening and talking about him. He is a hack, no talent, dithering idiot like everyone on that station.


    1. to tell ya the truth Classless, I don’t really listen to WEEI alot. It’s usually a “channell surf situation” when I catch this stuff.

      That being said, it’s laughable that I’m, “keeping him in business by listening and talking about him”… In case you haven’t noticed, THIS WEB SITE is about the BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA. Maybe you should tell Bruce to quit mentioning WEEI too. This web site gives EEI much more publicity than my little posts……lol


      1. WEEI is here to stay. It’s like when people say, “If all of us fans ban together and stop going to the games we can get them to lower ticket prices!!” In theory it would work, but you just can’t get that diverse a group to stick together. It’s the same thing with WEEI. You can scream DON’T LISTEN! as loud as you want. For every 10 people who STOP listening there will be 20 more who START listening.


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