Hard to believe that one brutal week ago tonight the Bruins and Celtics both stood on the threshold of their conference championships. But one B’s and two C’s losses later, TD Banknorth is now closed for the year. Throw in the Sox dropping four of their last five out West, the Lakers advancing to the Western finals, and the Yankees taking eight straight, and it’s been a bad stretch. With weeks like these, who needs eternity?

Allright, let’s get a few postmortems over with and return to teams of the living.


Did all those extended series of the past two years finally catch up to a depleted Green squad last weekend? Yes, according to Basketbawful, which has the C’s falling apart like Belushi & Aykroyd’s Bluesmobile. Full Court Press has crossed The Green’s arms over their chests and delivered their eulogy, but they are not about to bury them. Red’s Army says KG should have made a better attempt to get on the floor. Celtics Hub thanks the basketball gods for sparing the injured C’s from inflicting more damage upon themselves against Cleveland. Celtics 24/7 is happy for two extra weeks of a restful offseason, a draft pick two selections higher, and . . . being spared an ignominious fate against the Cavs.

Perk Is A Beast is speechless, but Magic fans aren’t; in the final Comments From The Other Side, Loy’s Place has them complaining about the officiating. Something tells me LeBron is going to give them a little more to worry about, last night’s hiccup aside.

Celtics Stuff Live may not be driving the Bill Walker bus, but they’re in the front seat. CelticsBlog has A Few Big Men on their list of offseason priorities. Thanks For Playing is floored by Big Baby’s comments as he figures prominently in next year’s solution . . . or is it problem? With free agency looming, Green Street says none of the players affected can fill the void created by the one free agent who got away last year. It’s free agency for the coaching staff too, as Boston.com’s Celtics Blog reports on more interest in Tom Thibodeau.


The housekeeping stage of the hockey season has prematurely arrived as we take inventory of our wounds and build the To Do list for next season. For Puck’s Sake goes the full gamut of emotions as she lives through the five stages of defeat. The Bruins Report is still on the ledge and thinking about ending it all . . . the blog, of course. So, if you like it, let Russ know!

Stanley Cup of Chowder looks for front office ulterior motives in the sudden deluge of injury information. Bish’s Blog‘s heartache is assuaged knowing the B’s went down swinging. Wicked Bruins Fan sees earlier surgeries for all as the silver lining in the B’s early exodus. Kathryn Tappen frets over the adverse effects carryover injuries may have on the B’s ability to quickly accumulate those all-important early season points. Big Bad Blog has GM Peter Chiarelli doing some salary skinning this summer.

When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. Kudos to the Bruins blogs that quickly redeployed some idle cyberspace and picked up the Baby B’s chase for a cup of their own. The Bear Cave has them knotted with the other Bears at a game apiece after dropping the second of two in Hershey. Kynch’s Korner! says the P-Bruins took too many and threw too few. Cornelius Hardenbergh And The Hockey Blogging Adventure eagerly awaits Tuukka Rask’s appearance in Boston next year, but right now he’s got a Calder Cup to win.

Red Sox

A quick end to winter means the Boston bisportual must be quick on his feet and no one is quicker than Hacks With Haggs, whose analysis of the Lester hangover effect shows he can play well for both teams – not that there’s anything wrong with it. The Bottom Line hopes some of the recent positive mojo will rub off on Lester starting tonight. Staying with the starters, no one talks more Tim Wakefield smack than Fenway West and now he wants to confess his idiocy. Tim is listening.

Hey, if you had Memorial Day in the Big Papi Home Run Pool . . . you lose!!!

By the time I checked in for a score last night, the Sox were up, 8-1, and my first reaction was: maybe Papi hit one. Naw, said my sons, Youk was back in the lineup. But, as Boston Dirt Dogs decrees, the Nation’s nightmare is over. Ortiz’s blast opened the floodgates, as the Sox pounded out two more right behind him and Toeing The Rubber was reduced to tears. Surviving Grady can now sleep and eat again. And to think all this could happen without the necessity of implementing Cole Wright‘s lively experiment. The Joy of Sox has Big Papi putting the crowd into a frenzy as he put one in the centerfield camera well.

NESN’s Boston Red Sox blog has Jason Veritek giving up the spotlight on a night he tatered twice himself. Despite his newfound hitting prowess, Extra Bases has the Captain insisting his importance comes in what he wears. SoxSpace has Jacoby Ellsbury’s yeoman effort with the glove, where he tied an MLB record. With all the attention paid to centerfield last night, A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Country was either a dollar late or a day short of the fame that comes with continuous NESN face time. At the close of a tough week, Fire Brand of the American League takes stock of all that’s gone right recently.

The Mighty Quinn Media Machine is happy that Fox and MLB are finally reading his blog. And from a hatred of baseball to a love of pitching, Fighting Words completes the morphing of Keith Foulke, who has reemerged in the independent Atlantic League. Newark will soon know the joy of empty antacid shelves at the corner CVS. Caught Off The Wall has Foulke dissing Johnny Burger King with his constant complaints of Atlantic League conditions.

Next week, we’ll get back into more football as we put the B’s (the Big B’s, anyway) and C’s on the back shelf. For now, Papi’s back, Beckett’s coming around – maybe Lester will to – and Tuukka is between the pipes. Teams of the living.