It’s been 21 years since the Bruins and Celtics reached their conference finals in the same spring. Both are one win away from making that a reality, and each looks to close the deal tonight.

Before we go there, Tuesday night was the Academy Awards of Boston sports blogging, so we give today’s first link to Surviving Grady, which took Best Overall Sports Blog at the first annual New England Sports Blog Awards organized by TruFan.

Now, let’s get to the most urgent matter . . .

. . . The Bruins

A decisive game didn’t appear in the cards back on Friday night after the B’s fell behind Carolina, three games to one. Yet, here we are. This year’s Best Bruins Blog winner Hub Hockey will be sure to DVR tonight’s game so as not to miss any more Edwardisms. Stanley Cup of Chowder waxes poetic on the eve of Game Seven. SportsCenter 5 Overtime likes the home team’s momentum . . . and knowledge?

Tom Caron points to Milan Lucic’s hit as the series’ turning point but says it will still come down to the guys between the pipes. Blogmate Kathryn Tappen isn’t sure which teams will show tonight.

Kynch’s Korner! has a rant about Scott “Sucker Punch” Walker that is sure to get you fired up for tonight. Power Play would like to thank Walker for jump-starting a new Bruins rivalry.

Bish’s Blog has coach Claude Julien having no reason to think Marc Savard won’t play tonight, but Big Bad Blog remains skeptical he’ll be anything close to 100%. Inside The Den reports on another ‘Canes home ice advantage that kept Savard from getting immediate treatment on Tuesday.

Now that we’re done with North Carolina, Here Come The Bruins! reflects on a positive experience down at the RBC Center.

In other Bruins action, The Bear Cave has the Baby B’s advancing to a conference final of their own after another brilliant series by Tuukka Rask.


It’s been a tale of two teams for the split squad C’s, who have amazed at every turn of the corner. Best Celtics Blog winning Real Boston Sports Fans marvels at the difference four days can make. For Celtics Central, the turn was more dramatic as he didn’t even catch the Star Spangled Banner that marked the start of the second C’s game during Tuesday’s fourth quarter. Celtics Stuff Live quantifies the heart of a champion that beats within the C’s when the game is on the line.

Even though WFAN’s Mike Francesa ripped Doc for it, In The Paint loved the flawless execution of two intentional fouls in the waning seconds of Game Five. NESN’s Boston Celtics blog says the C’s will need some new ways to get past the Magic tonight.

Big Baby’s Kid-pushing-gate scandal got far more legs than it ever should, as Ball Don’t Lie took it – and the kid’s Look-At-Me dad – national. Open Mike has Glen Davis capitulating with an apology, while Celtics Blog has dad staying in the spotlight with an apology of his own. Damn good thing for the Magic that this story swept the country lest someone digs around and discovers Orlando’s proclivity for caving down the stretch. Red’s Army reminds everyone they told us so when it comes to the Magic in the playoffs.

The Carbs Dribble says it’s time to rename Big Baby. Green Street has Davis teaming up with childhood hero Stephon Marbury to take control on Tuesday night. Celtics 17 hopes that Starbury’s critics will be silenced after his 12-point fourth quarter.

Red Sox

Best Red Sox Blog winner SoxSpace News thinks that, although it’s good to live in Boston these days, our Nation is blinded by the Sox’ success.

Fighting Words has Daniel Bard the apple of the Sox farm’s eye. Toeing The Rubber reports that Bard was throwing some easy cheese in his Major League debut last night in Anaheim.

Move over, Big Papi, as The Bottom Line wants to drop you down the batting order. Hey, fifth ain’t ninth, but if it gets that far we may resort to having the pitcher hit for himself. In Ortiz’s season of distress, NESN’s Boston Red Sox blog has him seeking the counsel of friends. Fire Brand of the American League speculates that our DH is heading for the DL. With grumblings for a new DH heard throughout Red Sox Nation, Full Count has found a team willing to take Big Papi off our hands. Gordon Edes has a Full Count of his own, which puts Ortiz’s power outage in rarified air.

On the Merloni vs. Duquette undercard, Boston Dirt Dogs has Lou with total recall of GM Dan’s steroids tutorials . . . excepting one minor detail. On his The Back Office, Duquette says Merloni misremembered.

Finally, WGS Red Sox Blog is happy to see this Sox killer moving to Milwaukee.


With all the winter sports spillover, I’ve been light on the Pats the last few weeks, but that will soon change. Let me regroup and try to make sense out of this offseason but, in the meantime, a shout out to Best Patriots Blog winner Patriots Daily, where our own Scott and Bruce go all Sally Field on us. Nice job, guys!

Again, congrats to each of the New England Sports Blog Award winners and the very best of luck to the teams they follow . . . especially tonight! Go get ’em, B’s and C’s!


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