Former Red Sox great Dom DiMaggio has died at the age of 92.

Manny Ramirez is still causing distractions for the Red Sox, from 3000 miles away. When news broke of Ramirez’s suspension for using a banned substance, you just knew the media would be descending upon Fenway Park to get reaction – hoping someone would say something that would advance the story and fan the flames.

The club Theo Epstein has put together is for the most part too professional to to be sucked into such tactics, however, and the desired controversial soundbites really didn’t come to fruition. The club also went out and took care of business on the field, scoring 12 runs in the sixth inning to wipe out the Cleveland Indians 13-3.

Bob Hohler has the Globe front page story on Ramirez. Michael Silverman handles the duties for the Herald. Jeff Goldberg says that the latest Manny moment has nobody laughing. Bill Simmons says this is his worst nightmare. Ron Chimelis has the Western Mass take on Manny. Bill Burt says Manny has erased his place in history. Rob Bradford is just glad it didn’t happen while Manny was here with the Red Sox. Amen to that. Nice line about “media buzzards” too, Rob. Thumbs up.

Bob Ryan warns about rushing to judgment, saying that Manny could just be telling the truth. Jim Donaldson has the same idea, noting that Manny is just as likely to fail an IQ test as a drug test. Hey, what do you know? Gerry Callahan managed to put together a few words on the topic. Jeff Jacobs says that Manny doesn’t get  – or deserve – the benefit of the doubt. Steve Krause says Manny is now the clown prince of baseball.

Nick Cafardo says that the tarnished list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Brian MacPherson says that this is just Manny being banned. Eric Avidon says that the Red Sox 2004 and 2007 titles aren’t tainted, Manny is. Jon Couture notes that Manny’s image is just further tainted now. Rich Tenorio has the author of the book on Manny talking about what this does to his legacy. Chimelis says that Manny’s apology comes too late.

Adam Kilgore shares the roundup from the Red Sox clubhouse yesterday. Silverman has Manny’s ex-teammates caught by surprise as the news. Joe McDonald also rounds up the reaction from the Red Sox. Daniel Barbarisi says that PawSox fans hate Manny. Gal Tziperman says some Sox fans weren’t surprised by this news. Adam Smartschan gives you the thumbnail version of the incident.

Adam Kilgore and John Tomase report on the actual game played at Fenway last night, which saw the Red Sox exploding in the sixth inning. Kevin McNamara says that the offensive explosion came out of nowhere. Avidon says A dozen does it for the Sox. Dave Nordman notes that the Red Sox lineup that took the field last night didn’t exactly remind anyone of murderers’ row.

Maureen Mullen has John Smoltz getting some peace of mind after a visit to the doctor. Goldberg notes that the Red Sox broke an 84-Year-Old AL Record by scoring 12 runs before an out was recorded in the 6th. Chimelis says that the inning also tied baseball’s modern, post-1900 record. In the Lowell Sun, Chaz Scoggins says that it was an inning for the books. Alex Speier checks what we learned from that record-breaking inning.

Kilgore’s Minor League notebook has Michael Bowden working on adding a slider to his already impressive repertoire of pitches.

Chad Finn says that Jerry Remy’s absence leaves a big hole in the NESN lineup.

Tomase’s notebook has the clean career of Jim Rice once again standing up. Vega’s notebook has Julio Lugo serving as DH after David Ortiz was a scratch with a stiff neck. The Red Sox journal in the ProJo has Ortiz out, but Rocco Baldelli back in. Nordman’s notebook has the Red Sox players distancing themselves from Manny.


Marc J. Spears has the story of how Doc Rivers and his family opened their doors to a teenager with nowhere else to go. If you’ve still got a bad taste in your mouth from reading the Manny coverage above, read this column.

Steve Bulpett looks at how Kendrick Perkins has played Dwight Howard to a standstill in the first two games of the series. Tim Weisberg has the Celtics big men staging a defensive clinic. Frank Dell’Apa has Paul Pierce getting a good rest in game two. Scott Souza notes that when the Celtics have been successful this season, they’ve gotten contributions from the bench.

Tim Povtak has Magic point guard Rafer Alston suspended for tonight after slapping Eddie House in the head on Wednesday night. Mark Murphy says House has a knack for annoying the competition. Dan Duggan has more on the Alston suspension. Robert Lee has House saying he was “feeling it” in game two.

Buddy Thomas says that without Kevin Garnett, the Celtics have perhaps the poorest defense in the entire NBA.

Lynn Worthy has Stan Van Gundy remembering his time at UMass-Lowell.

Murphy’s notebook has Rivers saying that Alston shouldn’t have been suspended for this series. The Projo Celtics journal has Rajon Rondo matching Larry Bird’s postseason triple-double mark.


Mick Colageo has the Bruins coaching staff working on adjustments to avoid being upset in the second round. Fluto Shinzawa has the team getting the day off to regroup. Stephen Harris says that we should’ve seen this coming.

Bob Ryan says that losing in the second round is not an option for these Bruins. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that the Hurricanes are picking up steam. Mike Loftus has the Bruins looking to get back the momentum. Steve Conroy has the Bruins regrouping to try and find their game. Harris has Peter Chiarelli saying that his club isn’t in desperate straits just yet.

Shinzawa’s notebook has Marc Savard putting blame on himself. Conroy’s notebook says that the Bruins have been dumping the puck too quickly.


Shalise Manza Young says that the signs point to Jason Taylor landing with the Patriots, and some feel there is already a handshake agreement in place. Michael Felger tries to make sense of the Patriots linebackers. Jonathan Comey has Sebastian Vollmer getting with the program.


11 thoughts on “Red Sox Back on Track Against Tribe

  1. I wonder if Buddy Thomas has watched a single playoff game? Because their D has kept them alive through this playoff run. Team D, the kind not centered around one player. The type they’ve been playing for two years with or without KG.


    1. yeah, not sure what he was talking about. For anyone who watches the NBA, the worst defense belongs to whoever Don Nelson and Mike D’antoni coach, which happen to be NY and Golden State.


      1. you ain’t kidding….it’s not that I approve of roids but, it is what it is….. just can’t stand when the media gets up on it’s moral high horse, acts like the world is coming to an end ie. “HOW WILL BASEBALL EVER OVERCOME THIS!!!???”…..then after the shelf life of the latest steroid story ends (usually 2 to 4 weeks) acting like it never happened.


  2. By the way, is it possible for Bill Simmons to be more of a drama queen?

    That article he wrote about Manny and taking his son to a Red Sox game in 2014 and having to explain about their “cheating” in 2004 is pure over-the-top melodrama.

    The entire game was dirty then. The Sox juicers beat the Yankees and Cardinals juicers on a level playing field, and if Simmons actually bought into the notion, prior to Thursday’s Manny news, that the Red Sox were clean when every other team wasn’t, then he really should just stick to writing about the NBA, since that’s the only sport he seems to have any real knowledge about.


    1. could not agree more, Tony……..Simmons sounds like a 8 year old boy….*sniff*….*sob*….*cry*….”say it ain’t so Manny!”….”I thought all the Red Sox were church going Superheros who would NEVER do Steroids”…..

      jeeze Simmons…..grow up


    2. Probably won’t read it, but the article sounds like some hack piece Simmons would have mocked in the pre-ESPN days.


      1. Don’t read it if you’re diabetic, or pre-diabetic. It’s pure syrupy, emotional slop. Your blood sugar level will spike to dangerous highs.

        Pure melodrama, and nothing more.


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