From Fang’s Bites:

Due to Jerry Remy being out with pneumonia, NESN has to tap relief announcers to pitch in during the Remdawg’s absence. In the spring, Jerry contracted pneumonia and according to his Twitter page, Remy did not fully recover and went back to work too early.

This past weekend, Jerry missed the entire Red Sox-Tampa series. From Thursday-Saturday, NESN was able to bring in Buck Martinez from TBS and MASN to fill in.

I e-mailed NESN’s spokesman Gary Roy about the two game Yankees series and he told me that Dennis Eckersley will be working Don Orsillo with a special appearance by new NESN analyst Dave Roberts for a couple of innings today and tomorrow.

Eck in the Booth on NESN (Fang’s Bites)


5 thoughts on “Eckersley To Fill In For Remy on NESN Tonight

  1. Thank goodness because I was getting ready to kill Massarotti. That guys voice is annoying. I hope to never see him on TV again.


  2. yeah, but Eck sort of sucks too….he’s great in the studio but in the broadcast booth, not very good so far.


  3. Dennis Eckersley is awful on NESN. Listening to his voice is painful, it’s somehow both forced and boring. I can’t watch the Sox now because of that dork. His commentary provides no insight. ‘Okay, Dice is a gonna be looking for a strike with this pitch, we’re gonna see what he throws…slider…a little outside, he wanted the strike with that.’ SHUT UP DENNIS.


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