Last night’s Celtics/Bulls triple overtime thriller scored a combined 13.4 rating. Comcast SportsNet scored a very impressive 8.2 rating, while TNT netted 5.2.

As the release below shows, that 8.2 is the highest Celtics rating in CSN network history, going back 28 years.


Celtics-Bulls First Round Series Up Nearly 10 percent over Celtics-Hawks of 2008

CSN Has Deciding Game 7 Saturday Night Starting at 7 p.m.

BURLINGTON, MA – The Boston Celtics are generating more interest than any time during Comcast SportsNet’s 28-year history. CSN achieved its highest rating in network history during the Celtics-Bulls Game 6 triple overtime thriller with an 8.2 rating. Game 6 reached an estimated 360,800 homes in New England.

Despite sharing each telecast in New England with a national network and the absence of Kevin Garnett, CSN is outperforming last year’s historic playoff run through five telecasts by nearly 10 percent. CSN has averaged a 6.8 hh rating (299,200), which is up 9.6 percent over CSN’s 6.2 playoff average through five Celtics-Hawks telecasts.

During the Celtics-Bulls series, CSN has outperformed the national network by 78 percent 6.8 to 3.8. In game 6, CSN averaged an 8.2 hh (360,800) rating and TNT a 5.2. In Game 5, CSN bested TNT in ratings nearly 2 to 1 with a 6.3 hh rating (277,200) and TNT a 3.3.

Tomorrow night’s deciding game seven will also be shown on Comcast SportsNet, with the schedule as follows:

7 p.m. – Celtics Pre-Game Live with Gary Tanguay and Donny Marshall

8 p.m. – Celtics vs. Bulls with Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn

10:30 p.m. – Celtics Post-Game Live


4 thoughts on “Celtics Game Six Loss is a Winner for CSN

  1. Just when you think that this series can’t get any more riveting; the boys from Chicago come from a double digit deficit late in the fourth quarter to pull a triple overtime win, and force a game seven. Clearly, both of these teams deserve major credit. Plain and simple: the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics are clutch.

    That being said, the star of last night’s game six was, hands down, Joakim Noah. How many guys are going to (in the third overtime mind you) steal the ball, drive the length of the court, hammer a dunk, get fouled (a foul that benched Paul Pierce), and turn a three point play all within four seconds? This guy was explosive last night.

    A close runner up to Noah, of course, was Brad Miller who more than made up for his bricked free throws at the end of game five. He got his payback with interest in this one.

    I think that Chicago has given Boston all they can handle in this series, and I believe that game seven belongs to the Bulls. Chicago has the drive and determination to take this series, and have clearly proven that they refuse to stay down. I predict a close Bulls win in the eighth overtime of the series.

    -Mr. Will


    1. Good job posting a three paragraph blurb about the Bulls as a comment for a post about the local ratings for the Celtics network.


  2. Will somebody please explain to Mr. Will that in no way, shape, or form did he come to the right place for his recent blog. Further more as we are on the subject, The Bulls are not going to come to Boston Saturday night and win. Boston will win by ten without another over-time. Miller in game six was lights out and frankly I don’t believe he has another one in him. It will come down to Gordon and Rose, but will eventually fail. Peirce will have a spactacular game seven as he has proven last year in each one of them. Allens confidence is at the highest point this series so good luck shutting him down. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Will, I give credit to the Bulls for all they have done to make this a great series against a beat up Boston squad.Every one is saying how great the Bulls have been against the Boston Celtics, What people need to say is how great the beat up and injured Boston Celtics are doing against the Bulls.


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